3/29 Helen Clarke – testifies in court June 13, 2019

Helen testified for a second day. Sh head great support from Irwin Greg Elder and J. Harpur.

It fascinates me how a justice on the first or second day has ALREADY decided something and would NOT entertain any discussion on it, and can then simply tell me to stop defending myself.

J, Harpur decided on day ONE that the contarct Helen signed had n bearing whatsoever with my guilt. He got that from Crown Greg Elder who bro doubt told him I was nuts and I had an obsession with a contract. In fact, the contract stated that the Committee was required to manage every aspect of the dog park on its own. It would raise all of its own money and do all of its own work.

Aurora contributed NOTHING, not even land. Allan Downey built the dog park, or had it built, on the Lake Simcoe Regional Conservation Authority flood plains just south of the JPC lands at 229 Industrial Parkway. Downey has never told anyone the park is OWNED by the LSRCA. He got n permits top buildit and he got no permits to DUMP hundreds of tons of scrap tree branches on it after the ice storm of December 23, 20113.

Downey gas also built many bal l parks and other facilities ON the flood plain. He has hundreds of square feet of chainlink fencing on every ball park. Chainlink fencing is illegal on LSRCA lands but he has lots of it.

IN a master stroke, Downey EXTENDED a lot at 229 Industrial Parkway by dumping hundred or thousands of tons of fill from the street east almost to the river. This moved the “high water mark from Hurricane Hazel” out and around the new land he had created. Or maybe he bought some land from the LSRCA.

Mayor Geoffrey Dawe helped him because he was for 8 years the Chairman of the LSRCA. Any improper use of LSRCA lands, including in or around the dog park, were undertaken on his watch. When Downey bulldozed down the original dog park, Geoffrey Dawe approved. When he built a brand new park in its place, Geoffrey Dawe approved tech SECOND illegal dog park on the wetlands.

The facts are simple. Helen has signed SEVERAL contracts designed by Allan Downey when Council ordered him to do so. From day one of the dog park in 2004, he had a verbal contract with the first volunteers. They agreed to run every aspect of the dog park and he agreed to not get in their way.

The only time there has been a REAL Canine Commons Committee with MORE than one member was in 2004.

Afte r2007, Helen Clarke lied ot Aurora tha tse had a team of volunteers. But under questioning by Det, James Ward on May 25, 2018, Helen ad items she just got some friends ot sub because that is what Downey demanded. She needed a dog park to make a living and Downey had no use for dogs. So he let Helen run her commercial dog walking business in the park since 2007 in exchange for picking up poop FROM HER OWN CLIENTS,

Helen will telll anyone who asks that she cleans up “other people’s dogs’ poop”, but in reality, every OTHER dog has an owner watching it and peer pressure to make him clean up.

But when Helen comes in with as many as 50+ dogs her website claims, she cannot possibly seal of them and where they poop so she MUST weak around and around to find it. The alternative is simple. Bylaws attends daily for one month and tickets EVERY violation. After that, they drop in once a week for a day and write tickets again. Eventually the violators will run out of money. By then, a lot of cash is raised to build a second dog park.

By 2006 or 2007, all of the original volunteers had left or quit. The park went without any sort of management be cause ONLY the volunteers did any work.Allan Downey and the entire Parks Department did nothing. So people hung their poop bags on the fence and the smell became quit ebad. Despite ether smell, Allan Downey never once installed a trash container.

Yes, the dog park had no trash container as every OTHER park has and so the smell was bad. Council was besieged with complaints, so it ordered Allan Downey to fix it. He had a contract written up, once which bound Helen to make rules print rules, distribute rules to EVERYpark user and to deal with ALL USERS on any issue in the park. So when I emailed her that a child was bit and that commercial dog walkers were truing th4e njpyment of the park… she had me arrested. Not because SHE wanted to bu because Allan Downey wanted me arrested.

I had blown the whistle on financial irregularities by Downey, He got private business man Terry Redvers sweetheart deal in his for-profit Aurora Sports Dome. Aurora paid his taxes of 40-50,000 annually and then Allan had Clerk Mike De Ronde lie to the Ontario Finance Minister that Aurora Sports Dome was NOT a private firm but was INSTEAD being run EXLCUSIVELY for taxpayers leek a fire hall or police station,

So, Allan wants me silenced and he know Helen needs a free dog park so she gave her free use of the dog park if she lied to get me arrested. Which she did after 13 calls to police to come investigate me for a multitude of made up sins she described.

Helen Claims I killed her paralegal’s dog.

The most laughable call for my arrest came in November 2018 when her daughter ALISHA forgot to take care of Jaclyn Solomon’s dogs when she left for Florida. One dog had barfed its breakfast in front of Jaclyn, and was dying due to old age and cancer. Jaclyn left for Florida after breakfast. When Alisha finally came to care for it at 9 pm after dinner rout with her boyfriend, the dog was almost dead and she had it finished off at 404 Veterinary Hospital.

The three women then decided that it died because I had killed it.

They told police I had broken in to the home noiselessly where 3 yappy dogs lived, I then filled a bowl with car antifreeze, let them enjoy it, rinsed and dried the bowl, cleaned up the break in damage, and once again evaded the professional security system cameras and all the neighbours to go home. Jaclyn did all this from the road. Helen and Alisha backed her up because they felt bad they let a dog die due to neglect all day.

When I sued Jaclyn for Public Mischief, she refused to list or produce all “relevant documents” which either proved me wrong or defended her. The s “null Affidavit of Documents:: means she is giving up her right to a defense and the jury will simply be told she makes no defense and they can find her guilty. Two other defendants also declared NULL AOD’s, being York Region and York Region Police Services Board. So. out o f7 defendants, 3 of them have already decided they have NO DEFENSE to offer

You are not believing me right now. Here, read the while thing yourself. I did not know of their Public Mischief for MONTHS later as police did not even call me, they found it that absurd. Helen and Jaclyn together called police 13 different times to come investigate me. None of the complaints resulted in seeing inside a court room. All were false.