Great Lawyering From Fox News

Gotta hand it to these pros. They let the suit fester for months. All the dirt was in the news.

Everybody hear how Rupert ordered them to support Trump at all times. No commentator’s beliefs were kept private. The “damage” to Fox News was significant, as if MORE proof of their twisted agenda was needed.

Fox wasted the court’s time, pretending to mount a defence when none was possible. Right up to the day the trial testimony as to begin, and only THEN did they block.

$787,500,000 USA dollars. $1,057,927,500.00 Canadian bucks. Pretty close to one half of the plaintiffs claim.

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Lies have consequences!

Dominion Voting Machines’ Owner

Professional lawyering 101… do not make the first offer, wait for the trial to start to exert maximum pain on the plaintiff’s wallets.

Gotta love it.

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