Det. Ward. Admits He Wants Silence, NO EMAILS…. From Me

Something nagged at us when we considered how a man, straight up for 7 decades, suddenly gets arrested 7 times. Then, Angela tripped on the obvious question. For a first time criminal complaint for something as innocuous as emailing Town Council, why did police not just go for a Peace Bond to not email then anymore. Why? Because they wanted me to be hurt, to spend money, to be controlled.

July 22, 2019 was Day 6 of my trial:

ROBERT LEPP: Q. Detective Ward, since May 17th when you first got involved in the case, have you met Angela Rivet, the paralegal to my left? 

James Ward is A. Yes, a few times. 

Q. Did you – do you remember talking to her in the hallway about the case with Lesley Pasquino? 

A. Yes. 

Q. October 15th, perhaps? 

A. Yes, probably. 

Q. Okay. And Ms. Rivet asked you a question and you answered it freely in front of Ms. Pasquino. Do you recall… 

A. Yes. 

Q. …that? Now, the question she asked was why would a person like myself who has no criminal record, who’s never done anything, is only trying to get along, why you didn’t offer me a peace bond instead of 16 charges. And you answered her, do you remember what your answer was? 

A. I just want him to stop communicating with these women. 

Q. Did you say these women, or emailing the town? 

A. No. 

Q. The women? 

A. The women. 

Q. Okay. And you had a reason for saying that to her? 

A. Yes. Because… 

Q. Okay. 

A. …I want you to stop emailing these women. 

Q. All right. There are three, correct? Ms. Clarke, Ms. Solomon? 

A. Correct. 

Q. All right. If we just go through them very briefly.

MR. ELDER: Your Honour, I don’t see the relevance of this line of questioning.