Daria/Mandie Morgendorffer Chronicles

Following are straight unedited quotations from Daria Morgendorffer or whoever she is.

8:49 am March 8, 2021 Mandie commented again. No ortehr person wa son my blog except the one having an iPhone with a screen 320 X 568 pixels… an iPhone 4″ model 5 or SE…

During March 5, 2021 appeal of J. Harpur’s decision… at 3:12 pm as I was saying….

Well ladies – after you sign a contract – changing your mind is not an option.

* ‘When the going gets tough – the tough support each other!

When times are tough, police officers back each other up. “There was no room for self-preservation thinking – we were all in it together.”

“When times get tough in business, she says, “we need to take time to support one another. This is not a time for gathering everything you have a little closer. This is a time when paying it forward and supporting others really pays off.”

Those who gave up did not last long in the community of brothers and sisters.”

* “Never quit.”
“This was key to everything we did in policing,” says Daria. “We all wanted to go home safely at the end of the day. Giving up or quitting was never an option. Those who gave up did not last long in the community of brothers and sisters.”

And we wonder why we have no credibility?

It’s not just me! I have recently spoken with many other SERIOUS business women who are becoming more and more dis-illusioned with how women conduct themselves in the business arena. I have been quite disgusted with Belinda Stronach and her actions over the last several years – displaying no loyalty and in fact behaving in ways we criticize men for! Where is the integrity? Recently, I ran a women’s business meeting where I openly promoted a female politician – and in fact congratulated her for stepping up to the plate to run for a leadership position. At the end of the meeting I asked other women to support her by purchasing a membership through her. The next morning I awoke to news reports indicating she had pulled from the race. Now I can assure you she did not decide this in 8 shourt hours. In fact it was reported everywhere that she had made the decision a week before. She sat through the entire meeting – letting me promote her – not once letting me know quietly that she was not going continue in the leadership race – knowing full well that people would be buying memberships to support her efforts. Now that lacks integrity. I would have expected her to tell me privately before the meeting and ask that I keep the information to myself. Instead I encouraged people to support her. Further to that I recently offered a premium service to a woman in the financial services industry. She wanted to sign a contract for advertising – and I asked her to wait a few days and ensure that it was what she really wanted. She called back several times indicating she wanted her ‘spot’ reserved and faxed a signed contract to me as well as a promise to courier a cheque to me. To save her the cost of the courier – I knew I would be seeing her in several days – I offered to get the cheque when I saw her. In the meantime I advised all other competitors the spot she took was taken. Well you guessed it. She sent a brief email a week later saying the advertising would not be permitted by head office. So, yes, I checked. They had approved the advertising. After confronting her with this she admitted she had changed her mind. 

Well ladies – after you sign a contract – changing your mind is not an option. 

These behaviours are becoming more and more prevalent within the business world – but I certainly did not expect to see women – who claim they bring their morals to work with them – display this type of behaviour. Add to these actions – women saying they will do something – and not doing it. Or not finishing what they start. Or arriving late with no regard for others. Or expecting priviledges because they are a woman. No wonder we have no credibility!

Here is how the best get better – and keep their integrtiy:

  • 1) Be on time
  • 2) Do what you say you will do 3)
  • 3) Finish what you start

4) Tell the truth

5) Say please and thank you.

If we did these few things – imagine it – people might believe us when we say something. Hey and maybe we would even gain a few more friends and customers who respect us.