Daria Morgendorffer Chronicles

Two women testified in such a way as to admit being the owner/operators of the pseudonym Daria Morgendorffer at my trial. One was a paralegal. The other her client. They each testified they gave to police screen captures of the Daria profile as I responded to a Google Business review, so both of them must have concurrently logged in as Daria that night. That took coordination. No other person could have been Daria, but because each of them captured the screen and gave it to police, I was arrested.

Now, did they tell the truth when each of them proved they had to be Daria? The jury will decide I guess.

I DID get harassed by them though, they made fun of the impacts of their actions on my life.

Daria even emailed my wife TWO THREATS after her email address was put on a court form. Only people with access to the court form could have sent it.



They called me names (see below), “lying liar”, Dumbass, and they had Det. Ward giving them inside information about me.

The way Google Business Reviews work is that ONLY a person having access to Daria’s emails would have seen an email saying I typed a reply to the 1 star insulting post. No other person in the world would know I typed a reply in time to see a word which was there for less than a minute.

So Crown Elder used 2 witnesses who testified they were both at least signed on as Daria at the instant I typed and entered my reply. Did he know for sure they had both signed on as Daria that night? He must have because the Crown certainly understands how Google reviews work.

The $300 ticket was paid in court with $1.00. The justice can tell you why. Or Crown Bendick.

Following are straight unedited quotations from pseudonym Daria Morgendorffer, controlled by a paralegal and her client, DIRECTLY to my inbox. Both women knew how to format a gmail address with periods wherever they wanted. So “bo.blepp@gmail.com is the same as without the period, Gmail ignores periods. I cannot say why they wanted my name with a period in it.

During March 5, 2021 appeal of J. Harpur’s decision… at 3:12 pm as I was saying….

Some may say ladies – when you signed contracts – changing a mind isn’t something you can do easily without a lawyer.