At my only trial June 2019, Greg Elder decided to get in the record with a lie.

The “falsehood” he claims of me is that I stated that the court under J. Harper REFUSED me my Defence Counsel. He simply refused to let her speak for me. There were a couple of Crown ruses:

They insisted I NOT be allowed to question Helen or Jaclyn directly. Said I might upset them.

So, they insisted on what is called a “s.486 Counsel”, two counsel hired to ask my questions.

Crown Greg Elder then decided that he had hired them ONLY because I fired my paralegal, I had not.

Crown Elder lied to the court about the reason HE hired 2 s.486 counsel.

Again, I had told J. Harpur I wanted her to defend me and he refused.

I went the rest of the trial WITHOUT a defence counsel.

This is Supreme Court Material because the Ontario Appeal Court refused me leave to appeal. The fix was in, If they allowed my appeal to happen, O would have told 3 Appeals Justices how Crown Greg Elder denied me defence counsel. So, the Crown in Newmarket lied to the “Appeals Crown” in downtown Toronto. And the appeal never got off the ground.

I did nNOT lose the appeal, it simple never happened since the first step is to obtain “Leave to appeal”. I was told “to LEAVE”.

When you consider the gross abuses of my rights before J. Harpur and after being put in the cardio ward, and Jaclyn undercover, and Det. Ward tampering… 7 arrests in a perfect life, 6 completely false… well the matter screams for Supreme Court of Canada once I win my suit.

Abuse after abuse piled up to the point I could not keep up on my own, but I tried.

When I came across a ground of appeal was that a gross inequity occurred in a seemingly fair set of 7 arrests,

He told J. Harper:

MR. ELDER: Your Honour, I just – I have

to make the record clear because I think

what Mr. Lepp is saying is simply false.

I have a transcript here on April 3rd,

2019 where Ms. Rivet made an application

to get off the record in front of Justice

Kenkel. Thereafter, I paid a 486.3

application and I was unaware of her

application until that morning.

MR. LEPP: What’s the date on that?

MR. ELDER: August 3rd, 2019.


MR. LEPP: August 3rd, 2019?

THE COURT: Mr. Lepp? We’re through for

this afternoon.

MR. ELDER: Thank you, Your Honour.

MR. LEPP: Thank you.

CLERK REGISTRAR: Just a question, Your

Honour? You want all four Informations

going to those —

MR. ELDER: That would be my request,

Your Honour, yes.