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BL20-🎄CLXX🎄 – Un-De-Leaf-able – Even The Neighbour’s Leaves Have Been Caught Piling On

Aurora has made it certain that everyone knows I am disgraced by being arrested by their ex-cop. Then by their dog park contractor. Then by HER paralegal and by her old school principal. And the ex-cop’s lawyer, of course, same one as the spite fence specialist.

Once she made that first arrest July 13, 2017 she and Aurora encouraged everyone to take a piece of me… to pile on complaints about me while the cops were hot to keep me under bail conditions to shut up about her. So she assaults me, cops whitewash it and then it has been classic Thin Blue Line payback every since. 6 MORE arrests and 19 MORE charges because I just did not take the hint and shut up about her. She even faked changing her name.

Today, I stand accused of killing dogs with antifreeze and “serial harassment” of multiple women. Luckily I ended 16 charges outright, never went past the first justice who read the allegations.

Cops were so anxious for more charges after I recorded them February 27, 2020 admitting the collusion they convinced 3 lawyers to lie about something they never saw, never heard and definitely never happened. But all 3 swore to testify against me March 6, 2020. And if they do, they lose their licences for lying and public mischief. No one can lie to police JUST to get a person arrested. No one. In this case all 3 witnesses are licensed by the Law Society of Ontario with their myriad regulations and ethics standards and complaint mechanisms. When my charges are prosecuted, they lose their incomes. And to them it is a risk worth taking. After all, I am defeating them in court. Charles Painter was beat twice. Gwendolyn Adrian has to answer to a justice why she took $18,000 illegally in costs for a motion NOT EVEN HEARD. And an appeal.

Her response has been to publish hundreds of pages to support her 18 page claim against me. Just 6 sentences I spoke are in contention. Ms. Buckles was accused of 9 slanderous sentences, 509% MORE than me.

But now, even my west side neighbour knows he can treat me like shit now, and Bylaws will support him.

Lasy year, his retaining wall collapsed onto my land and much of his dirt washed out through it onto and under my interlocking stones. So I shovelled some of it back into the washed-out holes on his side, lest he think I threw it out. He came screaming to my door in the middle of a dinner party accusing me of putting his soil back on his land. I called police and trespassed him. I am a quick study. I threw out his dirt as my contractor had a dumper on site. 229 had the dumpster at the curb ticketed that day, but I got it rescinded like the off leash dogs tickjet for $1.

Parents can park INSIDE a bus stop at 3:00 pm daily, but I cannot park a dumpster at the curb to take away my neighbours washed out soil.

This week, his campaign is leaves. Or more accurately, ME and MY leaves. I noticed that he has been studying me, taking videos of my blowing style. I hoped it was to learn, but I think he was fixing to report me. Now he stands on his side deck and screams something at me. I think he has determined how I get rid of my back yard leaves… he thinks I blow them all under the fence into his yard. He thinks this because I pile them in my southwest corner and my son eventually bags them up. Or used to.

I finally figured out that he must jealous of our team, me and the 3 eastern neighbours, and our system. They work days, I do not. I like BLOWING leaves, not gift wraapping them. So, they bag what I pile up. And the whole street in front of our 4 homes. I even do the far side curbs.


  1. I blow all 4 houses down to the curb mid-day.
  2. They come home from work and bag em up.
  3. Weekends we work together. Like today. I blew. They bagged

So, I can see my western neighbour at 229 figures to take a photo between 1 and 2 and send it to Bylaws or the cops, your guess is as good as mine.

Anyway, our Assuredly De-leaf-able Club at 221-227 Orchard Hts. Blvd. keeps the entire width of street clean and the folks from 229 and west just leaf them at the curb in huge piles to blow back east at us in the prevailing winds.

Revenge. Seems to be a bit kindergartenish, but what do I know?

So, 229 + west Orchard Hts… stop piling at the curb! Pick ’em up!

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BL20-🎄CLXX👁👁 – Vic Priestly’s lawyer piles on

I can get into hot water even when helping a stranger… and I know I swore off EVER helping anyone again, I kind of liked his TV show Salvage Kings. I thought I would visit it an dI had an idea for a virtual tour to show off what he tries to sell there, so looked it up in Google Maps.

It was in the wrong place and empty of any useful data about National Building Supply

I set out to make Vic aware his marketing people had not done their jobs, nor had Corus Entertainment NOR had the History Channel.

This is what happened.

I got this letter today:


Turns out – It Is Closed up!


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BL20-🎄CLXX👁 – Papal lawyers help Catholic District School Board.

Coverup under way

My Small Claims suit for having a false 500 meter radius trespass notice created had a settlement conference today. Someone ordered up some backup for the Board Lawyer. An HR guy determined to take responsibility for her. Unless the person who wrote the “facts” and the trespass notice to police apologizes, we go to trial.

I dropped my demand from $35,000 to $1,000 and an apology letter of the Principal’s choice. She declined to agree. She wanted to hide behind the Board’s skirts. She seemingly did not want her name in the apology at all.

Now, the Catholic School Board wants to take on all responsibility for my illegal trespass notice last winter. It got me arrested March 4, 2020.

Thursday, February 27, 2020 I was ordered by my Probation Officer that I had to meet with Det. Sgt. Bentham in her offices. She assured me in no uncertain terms that on that day, she had no one investigating me.

By Monday, March 2, 2020 she had already assigned 4 detectives to go dig up and document some dirt on me.

On March 3, 2020 she called to tell me to come in 7 am next day to be arrested. No, she did not want to interview me or get my reactions. Straight to jail, do not pass GO. I then spent 3 days in Lindsay Prison with no hand soap. COVID-19 was raging and while true criminals were being released to avoid getting ill, I was placed in confined quarters with many prisoners and not one of us was permitted to have hand soap.

March 6, 2020 I was back in court to be put on full house arrest and a whole list of people and one company name were typed in a “Not to mention” recognizance J. Edwards later found illegal and he struck it in its entirety.

So, had the principal NOT falsely accused me I would NOT have been arrested.

This is how The Pope covered up those pervert priests all these centuries.

And now the Pope approves of same sex marriages, hoping to deflect criticism of priests marrying each other and adopting altar boys.

Religion, politics and courts should not intermix.

“Arkers”, those believing two of EVERY species fit on a boat, should not be asked to swear on a Bible. Ever. Everyone should affirm, it has more meaning.

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BL20-🎄CLX – Finally …the Press is on my story!

Not in a good way… but they are on it and they must now tell the truth.

Dispute over a property line fence stirs up a costly battle at the Superior Court of Justice

Bob Aaron

By Bob AaronContributing Columnist

Click HERE ==>

Now, before Ms Adrian accuses me of publishing more slander of her client… that link is the Toronto Star and they never lie.

the first sentence is a lie: it was Toronto court, NOT Newmarket. How could a lawyer make that “mistake”… by simply taking the email sent to him and publish it as his own work.
No, someone in Aurora wrote that for him. Someone with so little respect for the law she did not even know what court the matter was in.

certainly Mr. Aaoron did not research it, the location of the court is on every piece of paper in the file. One might ASSUME an Aurora battle between two or three people in Aurora would be heard in Newmarket. But if you’re rich and easily embarrassed then you go far from home to litigate your lies.

One of the four women wrote this story and Bob Aaron copy pasted it into an email to his editors and they published it verbatim. So, if you don’t like what it says, go contact the Editor like I did.

“judgment against an online activist who interfered in the dispute.”

bob Aaron

How is blogging considered to be “interfering”?

how is my exercise of my Charter right to my opinions suddenly viewed as interfering by a lawyer like Aaron? Is it proper for a lawyer to dissuade people from expressing their opinions?

Are lawyers not to be “models” for the peasants to emulate? Is suppressing public opinion something a lawyer should be doing as a reporter?

Could anyone read that article and come away educated on how to be a good Canadian? Is this attitude prevalent in the Law Society? Do they want us to stop standing up for ourselves and hire lawyers instead.

is this lawyer really suggesting no one be their own person? Does he really want to jam up the courts with FENCES?

does the Superior Court have to intervene when a landowner disrespects her neighbour’s? Can we mere mortals not pay Bylaws Officers to enforce fence bylaws?

After xxx purchased her house in 2017, she constructed a wooden fence on the property line.

Bob Aaron

NO. She FIRST constructed a pair of huge black steel gates hung on a wooden gate post 100% on Buckles’ land and she was embarrassed to be told to remove it. THEN, she constructed a spite fence.

“Xxx reduced the height of the fence.”

Bob Aaoron

NO! When I was hired January the fence had been too high for five months. Only when I blogged and emailed and photographed the height beside a two meter long stick and threatened to buy a chainsaw did Aurora order it shortened.

“Buckles then went public with her complaints to the local media,”

Bob Aaron

NO! She went to The Star, and a reporter called the neighbour to fact check. The reporter was threatened with defamation if she published so she dropped the story. Now, The Star FAILS to fact check so Aaron could defame me. Irony.

On Mon, Sep 25, 2017 at 4:46 PM,  <> wrote:

“He was able to get a measurement. The top rail of the fence is in compliance a few inches under the maximum height, the top of the posts are 2 to 3 inches over maximum. If they cut the posts it will not change the outcome for you. Your view from your windows will be the same unfortunately.”

Director of Legal Aurora Techa van Leeuwenhoek to Buckles

that was months BEFORE I got the posts shortened. I had to get “interfering” and Techa had to order AGAIN.

“He (Lepp) also launched an online petition signed by at least 300 people.”

Bob Aaron

NO! We got over 1,200:signatures.

”Lepp did not defend the action,”

Bob Aaron

NO! I filed my defense in 21 days because I had a vacation in Mexico. I beat Buckles filing by a week. Hers was accepted. Mine was rejected for being one day late and she put me in default and let Buckles defend.

”After a delay, Lepp applied to Superior Court to allow him to file a defence to the lawsuit, but he was turned down and ordered to pay $18,000 in costs.”

Bob Aaron

NO! I filed one day late due to vacation. The Judge, J. Schabas erred and awarded $18,000 for a SLAPP 137.1 challenge which was required to be heard August 26, 2019:but he refused to hear it, he forgot, and then awarded costs for it illegally.

“She found that Lepp accused xxx of deliberately acting illegally, that his statements suggested she received preferential treatment from the town because of political connections, and that she was a liar”

Bob Aaron

NO! Not “accused”. He meant “documented with her own sworn testimony before a judge”. I merely pointed out to the judge she had admitted knowing she drilled into Buckles foundation stones, removed them with the dirt and replace that with a post an concrete. Twice she admitted she built out of spite for having her gates rejected from being bolted to a post on Buckles’ land.

“Lepp has appealed the decision.”

Bob Aaron

NO! I TRIED to appeal. Instead of waiting for me to do that, she garnished our pensions illegally. I then spent a lot of time trying to reverse the illegal garnishment but the court told me I had to sue her. So I sued her boss Michael Simaan for failing to teach her the law. Then she did it again to my brand new CIBC account in less than 24 hours of opening it. So I sued her boss again. Now she refuses to garnish RBC Aurora branch YONGE and Aurora Heights.

today, it is over 7 weeks from telling her I am now at RBC Aurora branch, but she refuses to garnish it.

strange, she illegally garnished two banks but faced with a legal garnishment target she declines. Almost as if she thinks she would be embarrassed to have RBC learn what she has been doing all this time with banks.

Toronto police are investigating Adrian for theft of my CIBC data when no one knew I opened that account.

The timing is interesting. Did Ms Adrian plan it for the SAME day she planned my double contempt motion? Was it her plan next day to offer up I was now even deeper in?

Or, was it some other legal officer of the court? Someone on the periphery who had failed at every other attack on me?

Maybe… it is such a collection of lies that no reporter could have come up them with alone… just statistically, a reporter would have at least come up with ONE truthful sentence. But this time, nothing written is true.

The photo is the funniest part. A guy building a fence. Narrow boards, gaps, low height.

No one who investigated the fence would have chosen that photo. No one who has seen the fence would have chosen that stock photo.

here is Bob Aaron’s Law website tightly integrated with the Star.

So, Mr Aaron uses “articles” he “authors”, presumably for money, which he then uses to promote his law firm.

That’s not typically viewed as proper by the Law Society. Their rules are that any other profession practiced by a lawyer must …


2.1-1 A lawyer has a duty to carry on the practice of law and discharge all responsibilities to clients, tribunals, the public and other members of the profession honourably and with integrity.


[1] Integrity is the fundamental quality of any person who seeks to practise as a member of the legal profession. If a client has any doubt about their lawyer’s trustworthiness, the essential element in the true lawyer-client relationship will be missing. If integrity i s lacking, the lawyer’s usefulness to the client and reputation within the profession will be destroyed, regardless of how competent the lawyer may be.

[2] Public confidence in the administration of justice and in the legal profession may be eroded by a lawyer’s irresponsible conduct. Accordingly, a lawyer’s conduct should reflect favourably on the legal profession, inspire the confidence, respect and trust of clients and of the community, and avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

[3] Dishonourable or questionable conduct on the part of a lawyer in either private life or professional practice will reflect adversely upon the integrity of the profession and the administration of justice. Whether within or outside the professional sphere, if the conduct is such that knowledge of it would be likely to impair a client’s trust in the lawyer, the Law Society may be justified in taking disciplinary action.

[4] Generally, however, the Law Society will not be concerned with the purely private or extra-professional activities of a lawyer that do not bring into question the lawyer’s professional integrity.

[4.1] A lawyer has special responsibilities by virtue of the privileges afforded the legal profession and the important role it plays in a free and democratic society and in the administration of justice, including a special responsibility to recognize the diversity of the Ontario community, to protect the dignity of individuals, and to respect human rights laws in force in Ontario.

Well, by publishing this drivel without one single question to me to verify his claims is a sure sign of dishonorable conduct.

Real reporters MUST fact check.
Lawyers who are also reporters should be very accurate in their claims because they cannot argue they lack the mens rea to defame. He is a professional at knowing the law and whether his actions would break the law.

So he cannot defend his actions by claiming he made a minor mistake.

isn’t it ironic though his title suggests people just shut up about being wronged. That they should hire lawyers instead. He seems to misunderstand the charter and our rights to our opinions.

I’ll let you know what the law society says. This is blatant advertising.

And it is NOT “REPORTING” as the Toronto Star defines it.

I bet Aaoron pays The Star to publish his “contributions“. That would make more sense.

What are the bets The Star calls Bob Aron’s “articles” Infomercials, or “Advertorials”… anything other than reporting.

Stand down and stand back…. it could get noisy!

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BL20-🎄CLnein – The Ultimate Solution

This post exists solely to display Snoopy’s ultimate decision.

Words to live by! Here they are… write them down!

My wife’s dog does this to me all the time.

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BL20-🎄CL8 – Gwendolyn Adrian (Kramer Simaan Dhillon LLP) Forgot To Wear The Flameproof Pantsuit.

Instead of getting scheduling approval for dates for two contempt motions for her two clients, she got handed a new one.

Adrian moves on me for CONTEMPT X 2 for each of her clients.

Her argument to Justice Myers for WHY she wanted a pair of contempt hearings is… wait for it!… “Lepp refused to provide an affidavit of documents... twice!”

The justice reacted “You want TWO contempt hearings for (a failure to provide ) an affidavit of documents?”

“That is the worst (“thing you can move for”) of the worst! CONTEMPT? For (refusing) an affidavit of documents?”

Paraphrasing J. Myers now….”I am ordering a case conference. It is obvious there is a lot more going on here.”

“Mr. Lepp, are you planning or offering to provide evidence? You know you can provide, in addition, oral evidence and you can examine the plaintiff and ask her questions, did you know that?”

Justice Myers paraphrased

I do NOW, I said quietly to myself.

“Yes, your honour I sent you 70 pages for today and I have bails more!”

So…Stand back! and stand by! for his order. He may add in something about how much time and how much exchange of evidence there will be.

Or maybe that is TO MUCH to ask for.

Lastly, he ended with…

“It does not make sense to waste a lot of time on SOMETHING WHICH IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!”

J. Myers paraphrased from memory

In the end, judges “get it”… been there, done that!

They see through the bullshit and act.

Thanks to the Toronto Superior Court!

Until now the Newmarket crowd has not been so helpful. Maybe I should be GLAD she filed in the wrong court!

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BL20-🎄CLViaye- Steganographically speaking…

That is an oxymoron. Steganography is the act of hiding things in plain sight and speaking about it, by definition, is improper and unnecessary because it’s all there in plain sight for everyone to see.

Here is a person who uses Steganography to hide another COMPLETE person…

He was there all the time right in front of you. Did you not see him?

So, do not tell people “Open your eyes!”… say “Look around you!”

Plane’s sight

Plains sight

Play in sight

Playin’ site

Play’n inside

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BL20-🎄CLVaye- New Movie: Contemptible Me™©️ aka “Lying To Make Money”

Today, as always, a lawyer for an Aurora employee has me up before a judge to be given 30 days in prison and pay a $10,000 fine.

Lawyer Gwendolyn Adrian, (Kramer Simaan Dhillon LLP) claims my 600 answers to her questions about my financial history were inadequate. She says she MUST know the serial number of my lawn mower.

Subliminal Suggestion – Can you find it?

And of course, it is once again the Bible’s fault. I swore at it and look what happened? I mean…. I swore ON it and look…..

Lawyers do not ever swear on the Bible. But we peasants MUST swear on something. And that day, I was asked to swear on a “religious document”. But. it was on Zoom. So I grabbed the closest Torah to me and swore to tell the truth.

From that moment. Ms Adrian did not believe a word I said, and so, she set out to trick me into lying. Cuz that’s what the really good lawyers do. The good lawyers do not need bank account numbers to garnish , they need LIES to make REAL money, because “big money” is made in the game they call “COST-a-Rama”.

At the end of every case each lawyer gets a spin on the giant COSTS-WHEEL. Wherever it stops, that lawyer gets that much from that accused.

It all adds up.

If instead I had NOT sworn on a religious document, no one would trust me of course.

So, a suggestion when asked…. just “attest” to anything you like… they ain’t gonna believe you anyway. And it saves time.

And time is money to any lawyer. It is in their blood. A soaring “Lies per minute” is what they live for. Unless they come from their clients.

In which case, lies ARE money!

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BL20-🎄CLV- Herd Immunity “Trump-Style”

The NY Times is reporting the best news ever!

unnamed White House staffers who say that the new “line” to be spun is that the USA should develop herd immunity…. let millions get COVID-19 and then everyone will be safe from it.

Close your eyes, relax, think about that for 30 seconds….

So, Democrats called for the herd of people who work in the White House to bring every living relative to work on Friday to be injected with the “finest, purest, best ever” strain and get the herd started.

Being Republicans with average IQ’s, White House staffers then resigned and went home to hunker down.

Donald and his entire bloodline came to work Friday and they were injected with DOUBLE doses distilled from pedigreed Wuhan bats in a room filled with actual Wuhan bats, and told to go far and wide and hold indoor rallies. Donald Junior shot a bat to mount on his wall.

…we interrupt this dream

It is good to dream, because only then will we learn what we are capable of.

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BL20-🎄CL 👁V- Thanks J. Dow for the inspiration!

Today, Superior Court J. Dow in Toronto cleared it all up for me SLAPP-wise.

Spite fence lawsuits can be APPEALED and he says mine sounds like a SLAM DUNK to him if I told the truth. Of course, Ms Adrian THEN closed off and told him I lied to him so there’s that.

Selfreps are NEVER believed. Lawyers are ALWAYS believed. It’s a neat gig. Keep paying dues and the Law Society of Ontario sells you a franchise worth millions.

He also pointed out the public can get all the dirt on The full details of this SLAPP suit are there. You can get all the dirt legally.

So is where you go.

Here is me beating Charles Painter and Lloyd’s of London.

Here is my winning appeal over Charles Painter and Lloyd’s of London, I beat him before J. Edwards, Painter appealed J. Edwards fine decision and lost again.

Here is J. Kenkel telling you how good a job he did in case management. He only ignored my warning May 2, 2019 and set up an indictable charge meant for a jury in a “judge only” Summary charge trial and the charge was dismissed as wrongfully heard. He did not supply the 486 counsel as he ordered and promised. But he did a great job he says. Trump-like in its greatness.

Then you can look up Lepp 2019 ONSC 6946, or Lepp 2020 ONSC 5430.

OR, get them all in one list if you filter correctly.

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BL20-🎄CL 👁-👁-👁- Now THIS is a dog park.. artificial turf!

Det/Sgt. Heather Bentham Public Service Announcement Uncategorized

BL20-🎄CL 👁-👁- Canadian Record Flight – 2 seat glider to 31,700 feet

It is my opinion no one will believe this. So few people understand clouds at all. They really don’t know clouds at all.

Rows and floes of angel hair
And ice cream castles in the air
And feather canyons everywhere
I’ve looked at clouds that way

But now they only block the sun
They rain and snow on everyone
So many things I would have done
But clouds got in my way

I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now
From up and down, and still somehow
It’s cloud illusions I recall
I really don’t know clouds at all

I’ve looked at life from both sides now 
From up and down and still somehow
It’s life’s illusions I recall
I really don’t know life at all

Tuesday Oct. 6, 2020 2 Canadians flew a motorless 2 seat glider to an altitude of 31,700 feet over the Rockies south of Calgary.

This is a new record for height gain and absolute altitude for multi-seat gliders in Canada/

The ex-RCAF pilot then realized he was hypoxic ands started down… QUICKLY to 25,000 feet where his brain regained enough oxygen to feel normal.

read about it here:

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BL20-🎄CL4dviii – Covid-19 History was made today, but Melania was uncovoidable!

Trump gets a Hicks-ee

A great day to be Melania, the only person in the world guaranteed not to have touched him.

Det/Sgt. Heather Bentham Police Region Public Service Announcement York Regional Police

BL20-🎄CL4dvii – Police wanted me silenced, not the Crown or courts

Perfecting my appeal of J. Harpur clarifies who wanted me silent and why

I have been reading the trial transcripts. Not one word describes any effects of my blog on anyone.

Yet, from the arrest May 30, 2018 to today the court has silenced me in my blogging, a Charter Right of every Canadian.

But not one word was said to the court that indicated the effect of my blog on anyone. Yet, the justices all picked the same 195 word “Term #6” to shut me up.

Why is that even possible?

Police. It is possible because police tell the Crown what to do. And if they do not do it, then, implicitly, police will not protect the Crowns from all those bad mafia guys they put in prison.

Anyone who does not believe police use a threatened withdrawal of protection to sway the courts is naiive. Of course they do.

Would you be a justice of you knew police would refuse to protect you and your family? No, you would not.

How do we stop that?

By tasking the RCMP to be the protectors of the justices. Without such protection they cannot be expected to order cops guilty or find them guilty of witness tampering, breach of trust or any number of charges only police can accumulate.

Business Communicating To Counsel CV-18-00138394-0000 Aurora/YRP Suit Det/Sgt. Heather Bentham Public Service Announcement The Story - 6/3/17 to now Web Site Development 101

BL20-🎄C🍀🏌️‍♀️7 – Bradford’s “Hay! Caramba!” as it joins my extensive Google Maps portfolio of 360 degree visual tours

Business Communicating To Counsel CV-18-00138394-0000 Aurora/YRP Suit Det/Sgt. Heather Bentham Public Service Announcement The Story - 6/3/17 to now Web Site Development 101

BL20-🎄C🍀🏌️‍♀️6 – The “Bought ’em” Line

Gwendolyn CANNOT have BOTH served a legal garnishment notice AND served it legally

Toronto PoliceX

The choices above do NOT result in a possible solution.


  • She served a legal garnishment using my stolen bank identity, and
  • The CIBC PERMITTED it to happen


  • She served an illegal garnishment WITHOUT my account number AND
  • The CIBC PERMITTED it to happen



CIBC is responsible for BOTH choices police make

  1. leaking my personal data AND
  2. acting on an illegally served garnishment.

Ms. Adrian REQUIRED my account number on the order which HAD or be served “personally” at my branch, not faxed to EITHER the branch OR head office


My CIBC ***BRANCH*** could MATCH it to their signature card.

So, now the OBSI will do its thing and recommend CIBC pay me money to stay silent about their illegal mistakes,

Oopsie… TOO LATE!

They missed their chance to avoid “Death by BLOGGER BOB”.

Can you say “Catch 22”?

Catch-22 (logic)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to navigationJump to searchA flowchart showing how Catch-22 works

catch-22 is a paradoxical situation from which an individual cannot escape because of contradictory rules or limitations.[1] The term was coined by Joseph Heller, who used it in his 1961 novel Catch-22.

An example is:In needing experience to get a job…”How can I get any experience until I get a job that gives me experience?” – Brantley Foster in The Secret of My Success.

Catch-22s often result from rules, regulations, or procedures that an individual is subject to, but has no control over, because to fight the rule is to accept it. Another example is a situation in which someone is in need of something that can only be had by not being in need of it (e.g.: the only way to qualify for a loan is to prove to the bank that you don’t need a loan). One connotation of the term is that the creators of the “catch-22” situation have created arbitrary rules in order to justify and conceal their own abuse of power.


to justify and conceal their own abuse of power.

THAT sums up the Newmarket version of justice.

Newmarket Crowns make up arbitrary rules all the time.

  • NO Crown Pre-Trial (CPT) meetings, the time to exchange evidence and discuss options to a trial, despite the Attorney General mandating Self reps should get MOPRE CPT’s than a represented accused so teycna be given some training in court room procedures. Crown Moull WANTS want EVERY self rep to look like a RUDE RUBE to a justice. He wants mistakes made, rudeness, anger fro the self rep FLOUDERING in a strange land
  • (Note: Over 50% of cases now self represent due only to HIGH COSTS of lawyer.)
  • NO Consent for obvious motions…Like: Suspend sentence for a first time criminal who appealed the DECISION…. should be automatically consented to.
  • NO Consent for obvious motions… Consent to Strike “term 6” as J. Dawe ordered in every OTHER active order, release order, probation order, conditional release order… WITHOUT FORCING AN EXPENSIVE MOTION.
  • NO paper given to the accused facing a trial on 8 Summary charges and a Preliminary Inquiry 3 Indictable charges within a week of each other June 11 to 18, 2019 so he cannot know WHEN to hire a paralegal
  • MIX an Indicatable charge in with 7 summary charges in a SUMMARY trial to bias the justice to evidence unrelated to the Summary charges
  • PRESENT to J.P. Premji March 6, 2020 for a REVERSE ONUS bail release …a list of DISPOSED CHARGES ALREADY WITHDRAWN OR DISMISSED, JUST to BIAS JP Premji to think I had all of those as CONVICTIONS.
  • Accuse me of “filing too many motions on the wrong day” and THEN order that I NOT FILE ANYTHING AT ALL.

Until last week, I could NOT have won for trying.

Today, I CANNOT POSSIBLY LOSE even if I tried.

Watch THEM lose ME now! They have it ALL figured out, I only have half.

The fact they will now screw me again is an:

Immutable truth

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In philosophy and logic, an immutable truth is:

an unchanging universal fact

or reality

that is NOT influenced by human opinion.

(According to positivismobservation and experience are the only ways for immutable truths to become fully realized or understood.)

Business Communicating To Counsel CV-18-00138394-0000 Aurora/YRP Suit Det/Sgt. Heather Bentham Public Service Announcement The Story - 6/3/17 to now Web Site Development 101 Whither goest Gwendolyn Adrian?

BL20-🎄C🍀🏌️‍♀️5 – CIBC/Garnishment… an arrestingly simple decision chart

Do we arrest Gwendolyn Adrian for stealing my banking data from CIBC in less than one day?… or do we forgive her?

There are now THREE entities examining their options. Each has just two options, YES (Arrested, Adrian erred) or NO (No arrest, Adrian did everything correctly)

So, in the end, we will have 4 YES/NO’s

ALL WILL most likely say NO!

Toronto PoliceX

Depending on the mix of answers, I will take the next actions. I will do what every organization I asked said to do: “Sue ’em!” is all you CAN do.

Then, Charles Painter will have FRESH evidence of my vexatious tendencies.

See how they all work together? “They” force me to sue, so Aurora can defeat my $7 million suit claiming I overuse and abuse the courts.

“…🎶 and the painted ponies go round and round..♬”

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BL20-🎄C🍀🏌️‍♀️4 – Road Trip!

You may “proceed directly to any medical…approved in advance by the Conditional Sentence Supervisor”

Signed july 18, 2020 by D Whitman for J. Harpur

I have a lab test requisition, which I believe is “any medical” in nature.

I must get approval from my CSS to go a lab test. He will ask where, I will say “Lifelabs Aurora, or an alternate if it is closed.”

He will say yes.

I will go to Lifelabs Aurora.

If it is closed, I will got to another Lifelabs at: 1040 Oliver Rd #101

If you Google that, it is in Thunder Bay.

I’ll be back Sunday morning Sept. 6. I have surgery, a secondary repeat of last time next week and according to probation I will get advanced approval.

Lord Tunderin’ Jeezuz... he’s going to go to Tunder Bay, by Jeezuz... how clever is that b’y?

I’m jest about gutfounded.

I’ll put da ol’ slut on and have me a yarn.

When the lab returns results showing I had ingested 4 beers and a martini minutes before the Dracula’s me.. I wil be asked to go to any Lifelab for a repeat.

That’s where St. John’s comes in.

I love the idea of “Lacey’s Blood Work”… I found no Lifelabs there so I substituted…

Driving just 10 hours a day, I can be back by the end of my sentence.

I booked the Ferry in case there is a Labour Day rush.

For those a little bit short of any such sense, this is called humour.

I have a permit for a “concealed carry LOADED” at all times. Fully Automatic, the large clip, no silencer, water cooled (well iced Martini-cooled, belt loaded (one belt 🍸 per load), 10X scope, crosshairs, laser pointed, accepts bayonet, integrated brass knuckles for larynx-to-ear combat, body camera Bluetooth linked while firing.

Virtual Reality playback enabled. Real time publishing on YouTube.

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BL20-🎄C🍀🏌️‍♀️3 – Here, My Crystal Ball Tells How The OBSI Will Whitewash CIBC

The OBSI exists to mediate to pay off people to NOT tell the public when banks break the law. Period.

They “Spoke and offered to think about ” paying me $1,000 to NOT talk more about how CIBC accepted and implemented an illegal garnishment in less than 24 hours of a brand new account.

CIBC pays OBSI to pay people off when its member has paid the current year dues, and broke a law

OBSI exists to negotiate to buy its members silence from those it abuses.
OBSI exists to subvert the law behind closed doors in silence so the Federal government does not cancel its charter

The dues CIBC paid for 2020 is “hush money” so no one knows they illegally removed my new bank account from my use, froze it March 4 without waiting 2 days, kept it frozen as I write September 2 four months later even though not one penny was deposited or garnished.

Are You A Logical Thinker?

Follow this closely and tell me why I am wrong.

The Bank Act is the law banks must follow.

s. 462 defines to the bank when and how to Legally garnish an account.

If a bank claims it acted legally, it can display the evidence of EACH and EVERY one ofthose actions.

Because, s. 462 says the entire process must be Properly documented documented.

CIBC, therefore, can show me NOW, TODAY these proofs

  • The carrier or postal registered mail receipt showing the exact branch address matching mine
  • A log or register from the branch
  • The paper letter from Gwendolyn Adrian being received AT MY BRANCH.
  • The name and account account number Ms Adrian specified to garnish
  • An image of the signature card used to verify that the correct account number matched what Ms Adrian wrote
  • The affidavit of service proving I was served the NEW garnishment order for the new account
  • The date of the request, the total to be garnished, and the date AFTER waiting 2 days to take money.
  • Proof that the account was left in a status which does NOT prevent me from using it to receive my CPP and OAS direct deposits
  • Proof I can still deposit online or accept transfers of money INTO my account
  • Proof that my CPP and OAS deposits will NOT BE GARNISHED
  • Proof that EVERY garnishment they acted on is now properly documented showing compliance with s. 462

It is designed only to satisfy the Bank Act.

CIBC will stick to its position they did nothing wrong despite the fact they have none of the documented evidence

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BL20-🎄C🍀🏌️‍♀️2 – OBSI Provincial Ombudsman is run by the banks.

OBSI is a structure mandated by the law. It is just a necessary “last chance” when the bank says no.

OBSI is NOT on the side of the bank customer, nor is it biased to the bank. But, it IS funded by the banks and that answers the question. The Bank Act says they need to fund the OBSI, so they do, but it is NOT designed to help customers.

It is designed to be impartial enough tp satisfy the Bank Act.

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BL20-241 – There IS a doG!

Attributed to The Rev. Bob Dod, aka: “The Deacon of Dyslexia”

My dog, Scheibe was killed as a direct effect of Det. Sgt. Bentham’s push to punish me for blogging about her. By banning me from the dog park, she forced me to the forest where she impaled herself, March 2019.

So, she’s in heaven. Yup, there is one. It is populated ONLY with our dead dogs. They are the only creatures deserving of heaven. No cats, except to lick up after serving the meals.

Anyway I ask her to do stuff for me. She does them, and I give my wife’s dog, Coco, extra treats.

Seems Coco has a lot of sway with heaven too. She asked Scheibe for our back yard to be filled with rabbits, tender ones, for her to chase.

Poof! Rabbits are nesting in a large flower pot.
So, Darwin had to know this strain of rabbit had to be removed from the gene pool and a Scheibe gave him a paw.

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BL20-🎄C🍀🏌️‍♀️ – “Branching Out” for LEGAL Garnishment

It’s Time to Amend the Bank Act So Clients Can Collect on Judgments

Ontario utilizes a “loser pays” legal system in which the losing party is usually ordered by the court to pay a portion of the successful party’s legal fees. As a result, regardless of who wins, someone ends up with a piece of paper requiring the other party to pay money.

Assuming that the losing party does not voluntarily cut a cheque, a bank garnishment oughtto be the most straightforward and direct means to collect. I emphasize the word “ought”.

Put simply, once a bank is served with a Notice of Garnishment it is required to seize any funds the debtor holds at the bank and pay those funds (up to the amount owed to the creditor) to the sheriff. Ultimately the sheriff hands the money over to the creditor.

The catch is that in order to garnish the account, the creditor must serve the Notice of Garnishment at

the branch where the debt is payable.

If the creditor does not know the branch location then they are out of luck.

For example, the debtor may have $1 million dollars in a savings account at TD Canada Trust. However, if the creditor serves the Notice of Garnishment at the main branch, and the debtor’s “branch of account” is actually a different branch just around the corner from the main branch,

then the bank is not required to garnish and pay the funds over to the sheriff.

From a practical perspective, this means that if the creditor does not have any banking information for the debtor they have limited options.

The creditor can require the debtor to attend an examination and disclose his/her banking information. However, debtors often fail to show at these examinations and when they do they are often not very forthcoming. The result is more time and money wasted while the creditor returns to court to compel proper answers.

The creditor could also take a shot-gun approach and try to garnish different branches. While this may work in small rural areas, in larger urban centers there can be hundreds of bank branches which makes this approach cost prohibitive.

All of this got me to thinking, why on earth is it necessary to locate a specific bank branch.

The answer, it seems, was that this was initially required to make lives easier on the banks!

This case from 1981 discusses why the Bank Act created this requirement. At paragraph 32 the court states

“The subsection was necessary to protect the bank against garnishing orders issued, say, in Victoria when there was an account, say, in Halifax. The bank would be bound, upon receiving each garnishing order, to search the records of every branch in Canada and probably out of Canada, a quite impractical proposition. What need be done now is to search only the branch at which the garnishing order is served. If there is found to be neither property in the possession of the bank belonging to the person garnisheed nor moneys to the credit of that person, the bank need not search further.”

I agree that in 1981 having a bank search the records of every branch in Canada was likely “a quite impractical proposition”. However, over 30 years later one has to think that banks could, from a central location (or any location for that matter), easily search all of their records to see if the debtor has any accounts at any branch across the Province or Canada.

A simple amendment to s. 462 of the Bank Act could radically improve the way that litigants are able to recover sums of money that the courts have awarded to them. Instead of hunting for specific branches, litigants could easily take a shot-gun approach and serve all of the major banks.

Recovery prospects would increase dramatically. Enforcement costs would be reduced drastically given that litigants would only be paying fees associated with issuing 5 Notices of Garnishment as opposed to 500.

s. 462 of the Bank Act

Branch of account with respect to deposits

  • 461 (1) For the purposes of this Act, the branch of account with respect to a deposit account is
    • (a) the branch the address or name of which appears on the specimen signature card or other signing authority signed by a depositor with respect to the deposit account or that is designated by agreement between the bank and the depositor at the time of opening of the deposit account; or
    • (b) if no branch has been identified or agreed on as provided in paragraph (a), the branch that is designated as the branch of account with respect thereto by the bank by notice in writing to the depositor.
  • Where debt payable(2) The amount of any debt owing by a bank by reason of a deposit in a deposit account in the bank is payable to the person entitled thereto only at the branch of account and the person entitled thereto is not entitled to demand payment or to be paid at any other branch of the bank.
  • Idem(3) Notwithstanding subsection (2), a bank may permit either occasionally or as a regular practice, the person to whom the bank is indebted by reason of a deposit in a deposit account in the bank to withdraw moneys owing by reason of that deposit at a branch of the bank other than the branch of account or to draw cheques or other orders for the payment of such moneys at a branch other than the branch of account.
  • Situs of indebtedness

Situs of indebtedness

  • (4) The indebtedness of a bank by reason of a deposit in a deposit account in the bank shall be deemed for all purposes to be situated at the place where the branch of account is situated.

the place where the branch of account is situated.

Effect of writ, etc.

  • 462 (1) Subject to subsections (3) and (4), the following documents are binding on property belonging to a person and in the possession of a bank, or on money owing to a person by reason of a deposit account in a bank, only if the document or a notice of it is served at the branch of the bank that has possession of the property or that is the branch of account in respect of the deposit account, as the case may be:
    • (a) a writ or process originating a legal proceeding or issued in or pursuant to a legal proceeding;
    • (b) an order or injunction made by a court;
    • (c) an instrument purporting to assign, perfect or otherwise dispose of an interest in the property or the deposit account; or
    • (d) an enforcement notice in respect of a support order or support provision.
  • Notices(2) Any notification sent to a bank with respect to a customer of the bank, other than a document referred to in subsection (1) or (3), constitutes notice to the bank and fixes the bank with knowledge of its contents only if sent to and received at the branch of the bank that is the branch of account of an account held in the name of that customer.

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BL20-🎄C💩enein – And the winner is “Toronto Police Services”

It saddens me to say I snitched. I have a report number # is 2020-1645xxx

I snitched on CIBC and Kramer Dhillon Simaan. It took at least one from each company to collude and breach the trust of clients.

I think they all have reasonably good connections to various police forces, they are “in the biz” and nothing much will happen.

CIBC will now have to be sued since I did not get a final payoff amount from them. We verbally discussed $1,000 – 10,000 as a range of payoff, but I heard nothing from either CIBC or the OBSI today.

No one got back to me.

If no charges are laid, it seems easiest to just add Ms. Adrian and both her clients to my suit if they are not there already.. They are ALL working in concert, And Ms Adrian bridges the Civil-Criminal gap nicely, interfacing with Charles Painter and the Crown.

How Could She Legally Know of My New Bank Account – a theory

There is ONE possible way she got the data WITHOUT breach of trust and theft. A “system” all banks set up quietly in back rooms.

Banks lose money to deadbeats, as do lawyers.

If the majors wanted to collect MORE money MORE often, they need to know what deadbeat MOVED around. All Banks would ALL contribute THEIR deadbeats to a common, shared database of “Known DeadBeats”.

So every bank puts in their new garnishments. And every bank can inquire when they need to see who has failed t okay… A credit check maybe…..

Then, all the banks ALSO would share “new accounts” with each other, and then, daily, someone would “run” the new accounts names against the database of “Known DeadBeats”, and spit out matches back to every bank.

When they match on name, address, or SIN, or Driver’s Licence… they know someone skipped out at one bank and JUST that day went to another. BANG! GARNISH!… they get that account frozen again instantly.

That would do what happened to me.

It also smacks of illegal use of personal data.

So, if the major banks are “sharing deadbeats” like that, she did not steal my data.. Maybe CIBC just GAVE it to her.

But, that illegal system would need to keep a whole LOT of people silent about its existence, like covering up failed moon landings or Trade Center collapses.

Maybe some clever nerd figured out how to get “deadbeats; from some OTHER legal source, and maybe banks only submit NEW accounts.. .under the guise of making sure …like a credit check… to a Credit Rating Company.

Maybe the banks got one of them to write a new system.

Maybe “Return of the DeadBeats”.. or “UndeadBeats”, or “DeadBeats Arose”.

That is all its takes. A third party willing to get each bank to feed it garnishments and new accounts and it just innocently says…”Hey, DeadBeat Lepp at TD Aurora just opened a new account at CIBC Aurora.” And maybe banks PAY an amount per “hit”.

Maybe Equifax is tracking them. After all, Equifax tracks EVERYONE and maybe banks feed Equifax new accounts and maybe Equifax does the matching so it looks to be at “arms length.”

The banks will never tell us.

But it may be proven anecdotally. If a LOT of garnished people report their second attempt at a new bank account ALSO froze next day… we are onto something.

A rainy day project.

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BL20-🎄C💩e8 – 3 lawyers arrested me for speaking to them in court, I attempt to arrest 1 lawyer for speaking to me OUT of court

OK, this is a fun thought for ME to start the day, Monday, August 31, 2020

I bet, that while 3 of “them” with no evidence of any illegal act on my part, were able to put me in Lindsay for 2 nights IN THE MIDDLE OF COVID-19… I will NOT be able to arrest ONE lawyer for ADMITTING she stole my identity under the guise of an “examination for discovery”.

I contend that this time Tuesday, she will still not be arrested.

Within a few hours of being asked by Det. Sgt. Bentham March 2, 3, 4 …THEY successfully arrested me and put me in prison for 2 nights and had me under house arrest and a $15,000 bond

March 2 thru 4, 2020 … Within just hours of starting out, YRP Lawyer Barry Stork, and Aurora Lawyer Charles Painter, and a 3rd ringleader, SIGNED (or WOULDN’T SIGN) affidavit(s) and were ABLE to arrest me on JUST the CROWN’s trust of their friend’s words, telling police I merely spoke to the ringleader in a court room, precisely where J. Dawe ordered me to talk to her.

August 31, I WILL ATTEMPT to arrest just ONE of “them” for ADMITTING to stealing my personal banking data ON VIDEO with a court reporter as witness

August 31, 2020 I ask to arrest Lawyer Gwendolyn Adrian for SPEAKING to me in a COURT ordered Zoom meeting, and saying she got and garnished my brand new banking data from CIBC in less than 24 hours … and then she asked me for EVERY answer for EVERY question one must use to secure a bank account for online access. She had everything needed to directly take my money with even needing a garnishment order.

What are the bets police WILL REFUSE?

“FILM at 11:00” as they once said, today it is “Check your Twitter feed”

I will bet you they will claim (all of):

  • The Zoom meeting was implicitly “without prejudice”
  • There was only one eye and ear witness
  • The video quality is 540P and not 720P for courtroom use
  • I had caught her in a tired and confused state after being exposed to MY VOICE from 10:00 to 2:07 without earmuffs
  • I cheated her into admitting it by asking her outright if she had done it
  • I’ve been harassing Gwendolyn Adrian since December 1, 2016
  • Ms Adrian does NOT have an ethics contract as an LOS licensee, it is merely a “memorandum of understanding” to be trustworthy and honourable
  • It was a on a day with a “Y” in it and there is a Y in “lawyer” specifically for that matching purpose. Because, if a man who farms is a farmer, why is a man who practices law not a LAWER? Why did they get the “privilege” of an EXTRA letter?
  • I was involved in a “matter” against her in court
  • That would be a collateral attack. (I say it is a colawyeral attack)
  • It’s a P.D. day. Not a Professional Development day, Police Domination day.
  • And the ever popular… “NO, just no.”

A real gnu it all Business Communicating To Counsel Criminal Code 101 Det/Sgt. Heather Bentham Public Service Announcement York Regional Police

BL20-tu-🌲sex – First, errr, *SECOND* Canadian Criminal Sentencing *AT* The Scene of The Alleged Crime

I have no idea how to confirm this, but I cannot imagine it has ever happened.

I WAS WRONG! I am second at BEST… as usual.

March 18, 1982: Kuldip Singh Samra fatally shot two people and paralyzed one man in Toronto’s Osgoode Hall law courts after losing a voter-registration related legal battle. Samra testified that he sensed he was losing his legal case and left court to retrieve a loaded .357 Magnumhandgun from his car. He then shot Amarjit Singh Tatla in the head, before killing Tatla’s friend, Bhupinder Singh Pannu, and his lawyer, Oscar Fonseca.

At Osgoode Hall a man was was sentenced for shooting 2 religious opponents in that very court room. And *THAT*( is why we have security at every court now.

But, here WAS my boast, as wrong as it was..

Friday July 17 at noon I will be sentenced on 3 criminal charges while I attend FROM the scene of the alleged crimes.

Not like these two reprobates!

I am being allowed to teleconference due to my age and susceptibility to COVID-19.

I promise to wear pants.

A real gnu it all Business Communicating To Counsel Criminal Code 101 Det/Sgt. Heather Bentham Public Service Announcement York Regional Police

BL20-tu-🌲🃕 – OIPRD Complaint filed File number E-202007160844301689, Heather Bentham, Paulo Da Silva, Andre Crawford

I know it will be deep-six’d BUT it feels good to do.

A real gnu it all Business Public Service Announcement

BL20-tu-🌲🏌️‍♀️ – Dep. Chief Crawford replaced by Supt. Paulo Da Silva who was Heather Bentham’s boss… DESERVED? or a REWARD? Data for 711,00 police website users stolen

We will never know… as per the Thin Blue Line rulebook

Back when I was young and stupid, I submitted my evidence of my innocence t Supt. Da Silva. But one day he told me to stop.

First ,he confirmed the 100% ban on contact to ANYONE at Aurora.

A real gnu it all Business Public Service Announcement

BL20-tutree-🌲? – OK, Everyone Knows Now

Counsel for all seven defendants, J. Harpur, Crown

Everyone EXCEPT J. Edwards knows about the existence of Dep. Chief Andre Crawford, but I have no confirmation of any, IF any… previous marriages. There may be none and I will soon look like an idiot, but right now I’ve told ten people and none have disputed it. Maybe everyone is on vacation.

Or, maybe I’m right. Gotta get back to Google.

A real gnu it all Business Public Service Announcement

BL20-tutree-Thieu? – There *WAS* A Need For Arrest #8, after all!

DANG! And it was the first time I got asked a question, too!

I am teasing of course.

The officer could NOT have done his job better. He was polite, he asked questions, he cut one charge because I am old and feeble…

The only thing he messed up on, and it was a MANAGEMENT issue… is he did not yet know that back March 2, Ontario waived all renewals… off everything…. my driver’s licence too.

Oops! My Driver’s Licence was expired too!

A real gnu it all Business Public Service Announcement

BL20-tututree – Arrest #8! Today July 13, 2020!

BUT! I was finally asked a couple of questions on MY Side BEFORE I was entered into the system

Charges # 28 and 29, I was doing so well, too. But, of course, not perfect as always, and they nailed me.

I was just going to Costco for Seniors’ hours too. I never got there in time.

Instead, police once again opened up their computers and logged me in. Nothing I said could convince them otherwise.

I would give you now the details of why and where, but suffice to say that the people who need to know will be called and warned. People are tired of my constant disregard for the laws. I get that.

I CAN say it was the 38th YR police officer, a charming young man…perhaps so young he has a different style and method of approaching to make an arrest. He was strongly motivated. Once he spotted me he Neve rtook this eyes off me. Now, he did come up behind me VERY quickly when he needed to.

BUT, he did not make contact with any part of my body, no armpit jams here, no, he stopped well short, and, in fact I was in and out faster than a drive through McDonald’s. Not even senior Det. Ward had me processed so quickly. Of course, again I was not offered to make a video statement for court. I will have to make do with my cell phone recordings and my friend acting as a witness.

I tried to explain it away as a misinterpretation of the facts, I told him about J. Dawe’s decision, I tried everything to talk him out of the arrest, but he was on a mission, that was obvious. I could not sway him from his mission. Whether DS Bentham sent him or not, the effect on my private life and on my bank account is significant.

So, her we go again…..

Stand by for details as the courts respond to my various emailed motions. Actually e-motions because I will send them the usual all online.

A real gnu it all Business Public Service Announcement

BL20-tutuToo – A Public Service Announcement

COSTCO Is open for SENIORS ONLY 8:00 to 9:00 am DAILY!

’nuff said. Pitter-patter!

Business Communicating To Counsel Public Service Announcement Web Site Development 101

Bl20-215 – Calcu-Carcerate… KNOW your jail time in advance

WEBDEV101: – ALWAYS make it easy for your readers to click once and get your new app.

So, you face sentencing, you wonder what you’ll get.

Bekah D’Aoust’s sleepwalking rapist got 12 months, and it took 8 years to litigate.

Crown Giordana asked I be given 4-6 months… a SHORT SHARP jail sentence…. so, in his mind, my email is still half as offensive as anal rape while the victim slept.

This is simply not a rational term to ask for.

Women, your anal safety is only worth twice that of words in an email to Mr. Giordano. Not very nice.

I wonder how many months vaginal rape gets in his mind? More or less than 12 months?

Ms. D’aoust’s rapist got 1 year of the 10 year maximum, 10%…. he must have had a lot of pre-sentencing incarceration. AND a 3 MONTH probation… I got 3 YEARS! Well, I guess it takes less time to reform a dick than it does a dickhead.

CrimeMaximum Sentence
sexual assault with a weapon, threats to a third party or bodily harm14 years in prison
sexual assault tried as an indictable offence10 years in prison
sexual assault tried as a summary conviction offence*6 months in jail and a $2,000 fine

Calcu-Carcerate™ is for you! Get the app today!

How does it work?

Well, all the sentencing in Canada since confederation has been digitized. You need only find your EXACT crime and method of execution (pun intended) and it tells you how many months, years and decades you will get.

Take “ASSAULT”…. no, get up! That was NOT an order.

You have Male/Female perp, male or female victim, weapon used, orifice violated….. etc etc

All we need is YOUR answers to those questions, and we can find the jail term for that EXACT crime

Sex (NOT Y/N!)

M ✔️ F OtherM F ✔️ Other
Specifying Sex of both parties
Hand Foot Penis/Vagina ✔️ POA Ticket
Email. Text
Mouth Armpit Vagina Anus. ✔️
Who hit who with what?
State of Mind – PerpState of Mind – Victim
Awake Asleep ✔️ Drunk ????Awake Asleep ✔️ Drunk ✔️
What was the mental state in place?
Your Jail term
1 year
How long to pack for

SO, now you try!

A real gnu it all Business Public Service Announcement

BL20-214 – A Public Service Announcement

Here’s a chance for payback BY cell carriers Bell, Rogers, TELUS…

Any old cell phone today , even WITHOUT buying a plan, can be used to place 911 calls. The idea is to let you keep using an obsolete cell phone and SIM card just to call 911 in an emergency. Don’t toss it out, toss it in the glove box.

So, today any old phone should be able to track every citizen especially in major areas

For example, GPS-enabled smartphones are typically accurate to within a 4.9 m (16 ft.) radius under open sky (view source at However, their accuracyworsens near buildings, bridges, and trees. High-end users boost GPS accuracy with dual-frequency receivers and/or augmentation systems.Apr 22, 2020

GPS Accuracy –

SO, every person without a phone today would be given a used cell phone and it would be able to:

  • call 911, or
  • call 611 customer service to update the owner name
  • free low speed Internet browsing…free.

The next part you need to know is that the carriers are talking to your phone all day. And they can triangulate your position using signals strength data from at last three towers. So the carrier has the phone”s location available on each phone all day long.
so if someone tests positive we can contact trace back to other phones which once cam VERY near you

You report positive… and everyone who ever got near you gets a message to go get tested.


So we divert huge numbers of used phones from dumps and limit spread and Bells pays for it…