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BL20-🎄CLXX👁 – Papal lawyers help Catholic District School Board.

Coverup under way

My Small Claims suit for having a false 500 meter radius trespass notice created had a settlement conference today. Someone ordered up some backup for the Board Lawyer. An HR guy determined to take responsibility for her. Unless the person who wrote the “facts” and the trespass notice to police apologizes, we go to trial.

I dropped my demand from $35,000 to $1,000 and an apology letter of the Principal’s choice. She declined to agree. She wanted to hide behind the Board’s skirts. She seemingly did not want her name in the apology at all.

Now, the Catholic School Board wants to take on all responsibility for my illegal trespass notice last winter. It got me arrested March 4, 2020.

Thursday, February 27, 2020 I was ordered by my Probation Officer that I had to meet with Det. Sgt. Bentham in her offices. She assured me in no uncertain terms that on that day, she had no one investigating me.

By Monday, March 2, 2020 she had already assigned 4 detectives to go dig up and document some dirt on me.

On March 3, 2020 she called to tell me to come in 7 am next day to be arrested. No, she did not want to interview me or get my reactions. Straight to jail, do not pass GO. I then spent 3 days in Lindsay Prison with no hand soap. COVID-19 was raging and while true criminals were being released to avoid getting ill, I was placed in confined quarters with many prisoners and not one of us was permitted to have hand soap.

March 6, 2020 I was back in court to be put on full house arrest and a whole list of people and one company name were typed in a “Not to mention” recognizance J. Edwards later found illegal and he struck it in its entirety.

So, had the principal NOT falsely accused me I would NOT have been arrested.

This is how The Pope covered up those pervert priests all these centuries.

And now the Pope approves of same sex marriages, hoping to deflect criticism of priests marrying each other and adopting altar boys.

Religion, politics and courts should not intermix.

“Arkers”, those believing two of EVERY species fit on a boat, should not be asked to swear on a Bible. Ever. Everyone should affirm, it has more meaning.

Law Without Remorse - a book Whither goest Gwendolyn Adrian?

BL20-🎄CLXt4 waiting

I think the day is near that the only solution to a spite fence is removal.

Especially if it is on someone else’s land. IF that ever happens in the future.

It is just a matter of time.

Law Without Remorse - a book Whither goest Gwendolyn Adrian?

BL20-🎄CLX🎄 – Zoom in on the Ontario Court of Appeal with Gwendolyn Adrian

I like the remote court appearances by Zoom software. They are much less stressful. It is impossible to feel stressed sitting in pyjama bottoms with a shirt, tie and jacket.

I filed a single judge motion to extend my time to perfect my appeal of Gwendolyn Adrian’s client refusing to wait for the SLAPP s.137.1 motion to be heard. I filed May 2019 and it has not yet been heard.

Despite that shortcoming, Ms. Adrian was able to convince several judges to award her massive unearned costs and a default judgement. NOTHING was to happen after May 2019 but so many justices just (pun intended) do not understand SLAPP s. 137.1 and its goal of eliminating EXACTLY this kind of assault on my bank balance.

When I get the extension, my appeal perfection will take maybe a week to finish off. So much happened I can now use as evidence of SLAPP.

Over the weekend I read the Plaintiff’s claim again. The suit was so poorly written. By law, it was to have included EVERY alleged slanderous thing she says I wrote. Instead, it had just 15 quotes, 9 for Buckles in Facebook and 6 for me from my blog and petition and 1100 signatures.

Not one of the 15 alleged quotes is in any way slanderous.

And, more importantly, lawyer Brad T. Cran had no idea how to claim libel. He wrote that I had just made too MANY libellous posts to include and he would reveal them at trial.

Well, it turns out he did not know the law. By failing to cite EVERY alleged statement… he made the suit useless. Because the 15 he picked are simply innocuous. Both Marnee and I simply stated the facts and the history without making any personal comments or casting any aspersions. We both just stated what Adrian’s client had done and had said, and we left it to the reader to make up their minds.

Soon, I will be allowed to post them all here for you to read. Until then, come see me for a hard copy. You will laugh at what they claim was libellous.

Until then, as expected, Ms Adrian served 273 MORE pages in a NEGATIVE response of my motion late Friday for motion to be heard 10:00 am Monday. She expected the justice to read it over the weekend I guess.

Her entire law suit is just 18 pages, and YET, she came up with 255 MORE than that JUST to say NO! to the justice.

if your suit is just 18 pages, and you think it can succeed… why would you need 273 pages to explain how good the 18 were?

So she can claim costs! and sure enough, as I told the justice she would, she asked for $2,000 for the LATE 273 soft copy pages. No photocopying, no couriers, no binding… just a bag of bits and bytes sent with NOT enough time to be read. A waste of data.

I asked for $18,000 if I get the extension. I theorized that if Adrian got $18,000 for NOT arguing SLAPP s. 137.1 then I should get $18,000 for WINNING something.

But the justice knows self reps do not get costs compensation as we do not EXPEND any costs…. we magically beat lawyers on a regular basis without having to spend ANYTHING… not one penny….. so we get no costs and the lawyers just laugh at us for working hard enough t beat them and then NOT get paid a penny.

Such is the mystery of Ontario’s legal systems.

The big bucks in law can be made on “costs” alone since they are not audited. And with COVID, Zoom and soft copy everything, the profit on the costs gets better each month.

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BL20-🎄CL 👁- Welcome back for the names…. finally

Well, as the masks go ON every day.some are REMOVED forever.

Justice Dawe has called for a retrial of J. Rose’s decision and probation order of December 4, 2019,

Since the “not to mention: clause is also GONE from my Release Order in March, I can mention anyone I want here again. Just like 2017, up until July 14 anyway.

I tend to state facts and not get caught up in emotions. And now there are so many court transcripts to paraphrase so everyone can see the evidence and testimony themselves.

Publication bans have ended. They never did get a ban on the victim impact statements. That would have been too funny. Your honour, our next victim really wants to pass along how she feels about Mr. Lepp. But she asks that no one outside this room listen in.

All 3 women were permitted to trash me December 4, 2019 and now that conviction has been quashed. And the Crown must now, with everyone watching, decide to re-try it. But they have a problem, J Dawe was quite clear the Crown NEVERE EVEN TRIED to prove the mens rea, my state of mind, and THEN the Crown argued they did not have to do that at all. J, Dawe has now written out what they have to do to convict. And THEN he told why no one could prove my mens rea was reckless.

That charge, one of two… the other was “not guilty”… was for an iPhone post of a photo of two stacks of paper from a distance. Get out a huge TV set and a microscope and you may see some words. But no one saw them before posting it.

So, look for there victim impacts… one blames me for her mother dying confused about my motivations.

One says she barfed every time I emailed her about how much more money I got her at Council.

One is an ex-cop telling the court how she feared my name on an email asking for help. A big, bad cop is afraid of the written word.

I had to get ALL my transcripts, so I only need to publish facts with no spin at all to get my point across. All these people made up alternate facts for everything they told police. Now I just get to post them here.

Stand back and stand by.

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BL20-🎄CLXX❻ – The Best Fun in The J. Rose Appeal are the 3 Victim Impact Statements

J. Rose was SUPPOSED to be shown ONLY the blog page alleged to have breached my bail.

This one:

Imagine it on a small iPhone screen.. could YOU read anything? No, of course not.

On a tiny iPhone where it was created not ONE WORD can be read. Only the microscope Greg Elder constructed revealed it, And NONE of the 3 women desired using a microscope to read it

Sad note: The 4 inch stack of paper is Aurora’s argument that I’, vexatious and I talk too much in my blog..

Instead J. Rose was shown my ENTIRE blog the night before he read his draft decision from the Crown. And he asked me questions about posts not introduced into evidence. This is illegal. Judges CANNOT look outside the evidence presented for their decision.

So, it was not surprising he asked for all 3 victim impact statements. As if all 3 of them could read their names in the photo above.

One complained her mother could read her name in that post on her deathbed and she asked her daughter when I was going to stop terrorizing her daughter by writing her name on counter suits.

Did the main complainant of the May 30, 208 arrest truthfully describe how reading her own name affected her?

No, she related that she got ill to the stomach every time I showed up in her inbox, I have published EVERY email I sent her. Not one response from her indicated her stomach condition. EVERY one thanked me for getting her $70,000 for HER business to use free daily.

Did that retching happen in person? Like the day she invited me ALONE to her home when she was considering quitting her volunteering after Jim Tree bribed her to disparage me in writing?

No, I witnessed no retching as I sat at her dining room table. And she happily played along as Mayor Tom Mrakas repeated the EXACT same bribe offer for free wood chips next day on her cell as I watched.

Did the ex-cop try to cover up her past career as Det Sgt Bentham claimed she had done onFebruary 27, 2020? No, she OPENED with her “first responder” career. This trained street cop then swore to the trauma of seeing her name on my $1 million counter suit of HER $1 million suit. She told J. Rose that seeing her name on a counter suit brought back horrible memories. I guess her lawyer had not told her one day she may read her name on a countersuit.

Why did J. Rose permit such wide ranging statements not limited to the charges?

Because he was reading the script prepared by Crown Greg Elder. And that “draft” order led him to say everything at sentencing.

Luckily for me, it is illegal for a justice to rubber stamp the words of the Crown given to him on paper. He could NOT have written 185 IDENtICAL words and commas to those of Greg Elder,

Proof? Simple… J. Rose read into the record his recognizance of bail… exactly 185 words, punctuated IDENTICALLY to the one J. Dawe ordered eliminated December 11, 2019. And it was IDENTICAL to the one J. Fuerst ordered hm to delete November 16, 2019.

By keeping that set of 185 words and getting J. Rose to read it into the record AGAIN in ANOTHER charge is all the evidence required to prove SEVERAL breaches of trust by J. Rose.

And the double contempt of Greg Elder would go on into TWO MORE courts, J. Henschel Dec. 6, 2019 and JP Premji March 6, 2020 where the same 185 words were AGAIN imposed.

So, Crown Elder had confidence. His contempt before J. Fuerst November 16, 2019 did not slow him down. Contempt before J Dawe December 11, 2019 did not slow him down, and on March 6, 2020 Greg Elder AGAIN [\passed the 185 words to JP Premji for his rubber stamped release order.

What else could possibly be needed to prove J. Rose erred in his December 4, 2019 decision in my charges?

  • A copy of the draft order from Crown Greg Elder to J. Rose December 4, 2019
  • A copy of J. Rose’s reasons for sentencing where he quotes Greg Elder’s illegal terms,
  • Transcripts showing J, Rose admitting MULTIPLE TIMES that he read my entire blog when he went outside the evidence to conduct his own private investigation.
  • The questions J. Rose asked me about my BLOG, something NOT in evidence.

What was fun was listening as J. Rose read Greg Elder’s “draft” admonishment to the three that they should not stray beyond the charge at hand in their statements.

Snoopy’s Victim Impact Statement

Then, read the transcript as he ordered me to NOT even glance or look on my accusers as they recited their life stories. I was to turn away, shut up and listen he said.

When the appeal Friday is successful, the 3 victim impacts will be published here in their entirety, and you can judge fairness for yourself.

42 Lies Business Law Without Remorse - a book The Story - 6/3/17 to now York Regional Police

Protected: BL20-🎄CLXXV – 2 Appeals (Rose/Henschel) To Be Heard September 18, 2020

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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BL20-🎄CLXX🏌️‍♀️ – 911

A date? or an emergency phone number?

Both, and that is called irony. because calling 911 did not stop 911.

Nor is calling 911 even a guarantee of being left alive. Just ask any of the U.S. blacks murdered by police in theist year,

At least for me, they planned only humiliation and impoverishment.

June 4, 2017 and May 30, 2017 I made the normal, safe, recommended SIMPLE of writing to the police and asking for help.

2017-06-03 0 I was assaulted by an Aurora employee June 3, 2017 at her own promotional event to woo dog owownhers ;ole me into not calling the mayor so often about her/

2017-06-04 – I wrote up the assault and handed it to PC Gaudet. He got me arrested by July 14, just 40 days to create a crime for me.

2017-07-14 – Employee makes 2 complaints

2018-05-10 – I was attacked by a dog in Aurora’s dog park. I wrote it up and emailed Council and Bylaw and all the volunteers at the park. It only took one of the volunteers who me back I was harassing her, top have me arrested by…

2018-05-30 – I am arrested on 2 counts of for harassing all the volunteers

2018-08-23 – The volunteers got a paralegal and she wrote up 4 new charges, the Aurora employee kicked in one more and Det. James Ward rubber stamped them all..

2018-08-31 – The same paralegal wrote up 5 breaches and Det Ward stamped this as well.

Score Employee 3, Paralegal 9

“MENTIONING in my law suit first page

2017-12-04 – Paralegal steals, in the my pre enquet against her, an email O sent ONLY to the Crown about her lies, and she has Det. John Loughry write up 5 more breaches based on the information I gave ONLY TO CROWN ELIZABETH BARNIER only,

Paralegal Total 14,,, Crown Moull regains his sanity and refuses to prosecute these 5

April 2, 2019 – paralegal added 2 more for 16….

2019-12-04 – paralegal added 2 more for 18….

2019-12-06 – paralegal added 2 more for 20….

2020-03–04 paralegal added 3 more for 23…. minus 5 of Dec/18 = 18

And throughout, Det Sgt Bentham assigned 37 different officers to rubber stamp what the paralegal wrote up.

She just “wound up” the paralegal and pointed her at me to make stuff up.

So my call to 911 backfired a bit

But it hit me like 911 did to the USA… changed it for the better

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BL20-🎄CLXX🎄🎄🎄 – I have to contact Kramer Simaan Dhillon and Jody Johns, Lloyd’s of London adjuster, for the new lawyers’ names

I told the lawyers they gad a conflict of interest one they had me arrested. It is hardly fair that they can BOTH represent Lloyds of London against my suit AND arrest me. It took Charles Painter two police reports to get me arrested. I forgave him that one false attempt when he claimed I had “gotten close: to his client… in fact, my son did that.

So, I have waited for new names and none are forthcoming, despite J. Edwards ordering Mr Painter to use only email with me.

So, I will email Jody Johns and ask.

I will ask Michael Simaan who will litigate for her two ladies acting to sue me, I called for the arrest of Ms Adrian when she admitted stealing my CIBC bank account number,

Some fresh faces may be more willing to settle.

Business Law Without Remorse - a book Whither goest Gwendolyn Adrian? York Regional Police

BL20-🎄CLXX🎄i – Open Letter to Justice Favreau and Justice Schabas

You have both acted to enable Gwendolyn Adrian to seize my pension. Then, you ordered I answer her questions to collect that $18,000 despite her not giving me one day to pay it.

She asked for my answers to all the online banking security checks, SIN, birther date, wife’s full maiden name, mothers full name and age. All of the extra password protection we set up.

I refused.

Then, she admitted how she had stolen my CIBC banking data to garnish it legally. She admitted she did not use her client’s 40 years’ of banking career in Aurora, but stopped short of naming the person. She then admitted “None of your business” stole it.

Toronto police are being offered a far bigger raise than other city workers
By Jennifer PagliaroCity Hall Bureau
Wendy GillisCrime ReporterAccording to the police association, the Toronto police board was unable to extract any major concessions during negotiations.

So I reported her to Nicole Ozretic, Toronto police detective, but her FIRST question to me was “Why not report in Aurora to YRP” and then “What is your bank account number?”. When I refused because it had no value to her investigation, she refused to investigate at all. So I emailed Mayor Tory and he advised some senior police official. Dead end.

Today, I told the Canada Pension folks to direct deposit at RBC Aurora. I opened it so I could get cash nmonethly so Ms Adrian could not take it again.

I sued CIBC and Ms Afrian’s biss Michael Simaan for failing to train her.

I will ask YRP to investigate instead. They will decline, and wil claim it is a Toronto crime.

Then I wil try the OPP and RCMP. Then I will fond someone else.

Justices, you created and enabled this mess and I ask you to fix it,

Thanks if you can.


A real gnu it all Business Communicating To Counsel Law Without Remorse - a book The Story - 6/3/17 to now Web Site Development 101

BL2O-212 – Sentencing Tomorrow – My Guess At My Jail Term + SafeZoom™©️®

WEBDEV101: Some issues you deal with in any blog or web site are difficult, and you will want your readers to properly appreciate the nuances. So, help them with a technique called “Test The Extremes”. Show them the “edges” of the issue, how far up or down, left and right, in or out the facts can go or take you. How high will it raise its ugly head?

When you can describe the edges, a reader can make up their own mind where they stand “in” the issue.

My Sentencing On The May 30, 2018 Charges Is Tomorrow

What amount of jail time can I expect? I have no idea, but I know where to Google that.

So, I am convicted of harassing a Town sub-contractor running both the volunteers AND her own business in a town park. In getting her $70,000 for a new park to work in, I assaulted her eyeballs with copies of emails ranting about our ineffective Bylaws/Parks Director couple. It took a couple of months, but they broke down under my “assault” and gave my accuser $70,000. She got to pick out the carpet AND the drapes… beautiful shag depth wood chips and fencing almost small enough to keep in the dogs. She FORGOT it was her choice to accept my emails, to encourage more of them, and to beg me to help her “former” volunteers get their just rewards. She forgot she could just block my emails. Or just TRASH them with the simplest Outlook rule. When her ex-IBM’er husband thought of that he messed up the block and my inked nastiness got through like a giant octopus. (squid ink.. get it?)

So, how does my “eyes wide open”, full on, e- ssault™ rank against REAL SERIOUS assaults, emailed or otherwise?

I think uninvited anal penetration of a male penis is an assault (no pun intended, it’s just that anal assault is a redundant phrase. a waste of words. I will fix that in Urban Dictionary). And the worst of that MUST be while I am passed out, so even if I were guy I would not be allowed to enjoy it. So I Googled something like “buggery while sleeping: and instead of just the “catcher” sleeping, I found one where the “pitcher” also snored through the entire affair, from drinks, into petting through clothes, right past 3rd base, the slide PAST home plate all the way to 5th base… Zz.z.z.z.z.z.z.z..z..zzsnort…. two totally napping in the dark zombies making out like Elton and Furnish on their anniversary.

That guy, while anally raping a sleeping woman got 1 year total. It took 9 years to get him jailed, and even THEN he appealed AGAIN.

OK, I think I need not look at any Peter assault, this I step worst and he got a year.

So, how much less than 1 can I get? .5? .1? 0?

My range os 0.00-1 years.

I like the full year. There is no use painting up a new cell for just a week or two. It would still smell o faint when I leave.

So. Zoom IN tomorrow at 9:30-11:30 am in Room 203, J. Harpur . It’s public hanging, so if you find out the magic code to connect, let me know and I will see your face there!

SafeZoom ™©️® – Be Safe, Zoom Safely!

I may become part of the con-dom™!

A real gnu it all Business Communicating To Counsel Law Without Remorse - a book Web Site Development 101

BL2O-I99 – It has been 4 months since my last arrest, and I am forbidden to even SPEAK to a Crown Prosecutor to confess

WEBDEV101: When you have justification, it is completely OK to make an objection in writing in your web site. Readers will decide whether what you say makes sense to them. If they agree, you will never hear from them. But, if just ONE disagrees with you they can make your life a living heck!

I have hired counsel. I have begged and I have pleaded. I have done everything they asked.

The Crown STILL refuses to let me confess.

This is just not legal, but this IS justice in Ontario.

Ontario! Be Happy! We let you off 3 times out of 4 just because we’re incompetent!

Unless you are a bald, fat f**K … then we have your a$$ forever!

Business Communicating To Counsel Law Without Remorse - a book The Story - 6/3/17 to now Web Site Development 101

BL20-168 – Another Failing of CPIC

WEBDEV101: Do not hesitate to dig down deep and do extensive annotated research on any key claims or assertions you make. To retain eyeballs, you must be seen as “putting your Google where your money is” as they say. Prove it!

When I was arrested a few times ago, the officer cited I breached bail. To deduce that from out of the ether, he used “CPIC“. aka “The Cop Computer”

NO! Not that one…

Definitely NOT….==>

son solo nerds de la computadora

CPIC operator

NO! This one…

And, there, in CPIC, he found a faxed or poorly scanned copy of my recognizances. I could not read it at all, but he was blessed with Dick Tracy eyes. Not unlike Betty Davis’ eyes. But with a better dental plan.

So, he reads CPIC. He thinks about his choices. He decides. He arrests me…come hell or high water… UNLESS the Crown knows better. In my case they now DO know better. Crown Westgate at least knows Justice Jonathan Dawe (no relationship, nor is Atty General Downey related… this is just more of my Karmatic luck…) and J. Dawe ordered me to use the internet to communicate to my counsel and my defendant’s counsels.

And the Superior Court (SCJ) judges’ ROLE is to oversee the orders and decisions of Ontario Court of Justice (OCJ) judges… SCJ is the boss of the OCJ in a way.

And the Supreme Court trumps “Superior” even though it has one more letter in it. r. r. r. !😇

So, besides wasting money looking at my blog all day when they could just call me in and put me on video saying the same things, they now will waste money taking me back to Lindsay-19.

Think about that. Is that not a very odd thing to do?

What do you mean?… you ask?

Well, police get evidence in many different ways, what’s wrong is they choose using the Internet to find out if I broke the law, when instead I could just make them up a video at home, confessing to everything?

It was their choice on SIX out of SEVEN arrests to NOT ask me if I wanted to record a statement on video. Sure, they asked me if I would answer THEIR questions… NO! said every lawyer ever built…

BUT! Had they simply said: “Bob? Do you wish to lay down a track or two and record a segment all about why you are innocent? Or… would you just like us to assume you are innocent like the Charter says we should do?”

So, now, lacking SIX “easy to get videos” of me spilling my guts, they assign several MORE cops to sit and view my blog, and hand write ✏️ it all down in the all important notebook!

Cops’ notebooks are bibles in court. Whatever they write in them is gospel for the Crown at trial. “Officer! Would you like to refresh your memory (nudge nudge) by reading your notes?”

It takes a judge to take one look at that going on, and yell Bullexcrement! No, I am wrong there, it owl die in Latin of course. “

"hoc est Bullexcrement" or more accurately: faecibus exturbandis opitulatur

I kid you not, Latin needs 3 words to say “excrement”… Press the tiny speaker icon to hear it said….That’s evolution for you…. the Romans obviously died off due to overly complex and needlessly extended language structures. caca would suffice, though my favourite is feculenceonomatopoeia even. It literally sounds the like the aural and nasal equivalent too the call of nature #2, aka: “big business” in our house. Imagine James Earl Jones doing it…

THIS is FECULENCE. damn it!

BUT!…A video eliminates handwriting, and paper. And the courts want to be paperless? Hell, they MUST be paperless TODAY, there is no longer a choice.

So, in March of 2020, 3 months AFTER Parliament’s Bill C-75 says “fuh ged aboud dem breaches… they don’t count anymore. eh?”…. 204 years after the invention (1816) of the camera and a billion years after invention of the “2 legged court reporter” (Eve)… police choose yesterday to write in big block letters with a pencil everything I think about, and what I have done… RIGHT OFF A COMPUTER SCREEN!

They don’t even use screen capture.

LONG HAND PRINTED by hand at over $300K per year with overheads as a unit of staffing.

Wow, talk about bad judgement, MIPO!… that’s where, in the law, an official or a cop is allowed to make choices on how to accomplish their jobs. They can decide what to do, legally they have the right to make choices.

BUT, if they chose the ILLEGAL way, albeit a “choice” he/she is allowed to make… that is “Misfeasance in public office.” MIPO

Example: A buyer at Aurora is allowed by taxpayers to choose who will pave our roads. That is his legal choice to make. But, if he gives the job to ACME Paving, his stupid brother-in-law, for a kickback… that is misfeasance in public office. MIPO

I think that a cop, one who has total choice on how he goes about getting my thoughts and actions recorded into evidence for trial, and of all the possible, legal, normal, standard ways…. he chooses to employ a rat, puts her undercover, and then collects my personal “without prejudice” emails” as evidence” from her by Twitter account, well?… well, that is… say it with me, now… MIPO!.

Or, if he THEN takes ALL of his arrest guidance from the same undercover rat because, well, she is more motivated to take notes… if he does not investigate even ONE of 27 charges INDEPENDENTLY in the style he was trained to do….


Detective 101: Class! (year 1, day 1) : “Students! How do you most easily obtain a legal confession?” Every student: “1( Check Youtube, and 2) like him on Facebook, and 3) follow him on Twitter!”… or…4) “Ask the perp to record a video statement statement, he’ll always brag about doing it when the lights come up!” Millenials have evolved to always be ready to be “up” for a selfie. Pointa flashlight or a Zippo at ’em and they will sing like a canary.

Or a budgey, Whatever… any old tweeting boid!


To NOT just out and ask me to confess is MIPO. The illegal choice. I MUST be allowed to give a statement for court. It is my right to “Full Answer and Defence”.

General Principles

See also: Principles of Fundamental Justice

Anyone accused of a criminal charge has the right to know the case against them and put forward a defence. In addition to being a principle of fundamental justice, the right to Full Answer and Defence (FAD) is protected by the right to a fair trial under section 11(d) of the Charter.[1]Purpose of Full Answer and Defence

Its purpose is to “ensure that the innocent are not convicted”.[2]Meaning of Right to:…

…Full Answer and Defence

Full answer and defence” (FAD) encompasses a number of things, including the right to counsel (also see section 10), the right to examine witnesses, and most importantly, the right to full disclosure by the Crown.[3] Right to FAD is not so broad as to give “right to pursue every conceivable tactic to be used in defending oneself against criminal prosecution”.[4] Nor is it so broad as to create an entitlement to “rules and procedures most likely to result in a finding of innocence”. It entitles an accused to “rules and procedures which are fair in the manner in which they enable the accused to defend against and answer the Crown’s case.”[5]

FAD + MIPO = $$$

And it is my choice of media I would argue. I could do a painting, an oil-based, or watercolour, rendering of the entire crime scene with the knife raised high, or I may choose provide all of the security camera footage I stole before lighting the match.

I did not get that opportunity, I did not get video interviewed and I did not get Crown Pre-trial meetings to turn over my evidence and I did not get too have a paralegal represent me at trial.

Section 11(d) – Presumption of innocence


OTHER than that though… oh, and the 1 night in YRP jail, of course and 2 nights at Stalag-Lindsay-19 and the 3 nights in chains for a court building cell heart attack though, I was treated pretty darn good.


And, so, after that kind of treatment caused by Aurora Mayor Dawe approving the July 14, 2017 plan to arrest me… that is what I sued for back on December 2018 …. only AFTER my 4th arrest. I kept my cool 4 times, I never fought back.

Finally, when I was sued by a person for $1 million and Lloyd’s of London CHOSE to defend her when I countersued… I just lost my shit. I mean 3 times I was happy with arrests taking away my freedoms. But I had not yet slept in a jail overnight with no pillow, not blanket and no meds or CPAP machine. I could have died.

But September 1, 2018, when they arrested me on Labour Day Friday… the last long weekend of the year… and they made me sleep in my clothes on a cold steel bench with not even a sheet… I lost it.

Next day, the Duty Counsel said “Do exactly what I tell you to do, OR, you will be sent back to jail. OK?”

Now, that was his choice to tell me. the law gave him that choice. But he chose to NOT defend me. He chose to TELL me to agree to having the Internet taken away, and he used threat of JAIL as a lever to get done what his boss told him to do… “GET BALDY!”

Can we all sing it out? 🎶MIPO🎶MIPO!🎶Alive alive – O

Or, when given a choice of who to hire as my s.486 counsel, the Crown picked “Let’s hire two lawyers instead so we spread more easy money around to our “friends” instead, and keep one a surprise until after the start time!!”! MIPO

“Let’s choose to ignore the 6 month limit”… on alleged acts on a summary charge, and let’s choose 18 instead!” MIPO

Crown Elder chose”Let’s tell J. Harpur that J. Kenkel gave his OK on the record to triple the time period for BALDY!…” MIPO

Crown Elder TWICE had the legal choice of following or refusing the specific legal orders of a Superior Court Justice… and he refuses BOTH TIMES! MIPO AND one as the SENIOR Regional Justice.

“Detective: Let’s teach a witness exactly how a contract has to be written ho wCASH must change hands…and lie a lot!.”… MIPO

Det. Ward about interviewee: “Let’s tell the witness/complainant that “I don’t believe you COULD lie to me!“… MIPO

So, MIPO is a revered and ancient, a very important tort.

That use of MIPO really makes me laugh, because in Canine Commons, a man with two huge dogs, who had just that week been tossed out for no tags and no collars, attacking mine ON MY CAMERA and said: “I’m gonna break that leg!” and YRP X 2 detected that he was just threatening his girl friend…. true, I posted it here somewhere… Try the “Premium Features” option at Checkout!

Don’t ask why the cop did not arrest the Newmarket dog owner for threatening the girl, as usual, women usually get poorly served by the masculine sex in all aspects of life, why not policing?.

I don’t need to hire no stinkin’ lawyers!

Business Communicating To Counsel Law Without Remorse - a book The Story - 6/3/17 to now

BL20-167 – Mea Culpa, I told a lie! Al Downey did do something I asked for…sorry, eh?

In updating my posts for future inclusion in the book series, I came across Mr. Downey’s email asking what king of sign I’d like Him to build me at Canine Commons. Then, he built exactly what I asked for, and more.

I lied when I said the town NEVER did what I asked and, so, I used that to my advantage. Now I must apologize.

Now, I’m not certain here, but, if he trusted my judgement ONCE, is that not a proof he wanted me to communicate MORE with him? Does that not mean I am trusted?

Does that not say I know how to ask nicely? I know how to use proper channels?

Does that not mean he likes my ideas and is soliciting more of them from me?

Now, does that not give Lloyd’s more of a problem in the law suit! Yes, because how can you convince a justice of my intentions when all along there was never any proof that I harassed everyone?

When Mr. Downey made that sign exactly as I specified, he gave me carte Blanche to send lots of emails.

And that means I am not a vexatious litigant, the town literally ASKED ME for more communications by acknowledging my ideas are sound to them.

It does mean my ideas are not crazy. It means I cannot now be termed vexatious.

It means I have been treated with bias like when Lloyd’s tells everyone I’m sending too many emails, suing too many times… when in fact I was NOT…. and then telling a judge that is evidence of a “crime”.

Aurora’s appeal of my win is to be heard July 22 or so. So now I can prove Aurora wanted all that help so they can’t say I’m vexatious.
This is fresh evidence as well, not “new” evidence for my appeal of J Harpur. I can now argue there should have been no harassing charges because the town wanted more ideas from me. And no charges would have meant no breaches because there’d be no bail terms or probation order.

I think that by doing just That ONE thing I asked, making ME a sign, I win all the chips.

This may break the bank. Not for Lloyd’s though, bottomless pockets.

This is huge! Quiet, good thing this post can’t be seen!


Mea culpa, Mr. Downey!


And to make up for that, every hour, on the hour, I will unblock one post for the next hour, so eventually you can read everything I’ve written here. Hope that helps!

And thanks!

I don’t need to hire no stinkin’ lawyers!
Law Without Remorse - a book

BL20-I64 – #4 in a series “Law Without Shame” by Bob Lepp

2019 – A Trial At Last

WEBDEV101 TIPS – Feel free to leave readers with a minor mystery, what does that graphic even MEAN?

Law Without Remorse - a book

BL20-I63 – #3 in a series “Law Without Shame” by Bob Lepp

2019 – A Trial At Last

WEBDEV101 TIPS – Make your graphics use a common style or them. Consistency tells readers you care about how you look as well as how you sound

Law Without Remorse - a book

BL20-162 – #2 in a series “Law Without Shame” by Bob Lepp

2018 – An email asking for help from police is rewarded with Arrest #2

WEBDEV101 TIPS – Make your graphics use a common style or them. Consistency tells readers you care about how you look as well as how you sound

Law Without Remorse - a book

BL20-16I – Announcing the book, podcast and e-book… “Law Without Shame” by Bob Lepp when Probation is lifted

It has been a long 3 years, 4 if you include 2016 when I advocated and won $70,000 for Canine Commons dog park.

WEBDEV101 TIPS – BEFORE you pick a name for a book or product, GOOGLE IT! Make sure the phrase has not be used already, other wise a search for your book will show some otters book”

Example: “Law Without Remorse” is Goggled HERE.

It will soon be over in the courts, and all that will remain is this book. So, it will be dated and complete.

My hope is it will help some people understand the 7 arrests, the 27 charges caused by 3 women with a refined sense of revenge for imagined problems they blame me for.