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BL20-๐ŸŽ„CL4dvii โ€“ Police wanted me silenced, not the Crown or courts

Perfecting my appeal of J. Harpur clarifies who wanted me silent and why

I have been reading the trial transcripts. Not one word describes any effects of my blog on anyone.

Yet, from the arrest May 30, 2018 to today the court has silenced me in my blogging, a Charter Right of every Canadian.

But not one word was said to the court that indicated the effect of my blog on anyone. Yet, the justices all picked the same 195 word “Term #6” to shut me up.

Why is that even possible?

Police. It is possible because police tell the Crown what to do. And if they do not do it, then, implicitly, police will not protect the Crowns from all those bad mafia guys they put in prison.

Anyone who does not believe police use a threatened withdrawal of protection to sway the courts is naiive. Of course they do.

Would you be a justice of you knew police would refuse to protect you and your family? No, you would not.

How do we stop that?

By tasking the RCMP to be the protectors of the justices. Without such protection they cannot be expected to order cops guilty or find them guilty of witness tampering, breach of trust or any number of charges only police can accumulate.