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The Play “Silence Lepp!” in 7 Acts.

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I exposed Aurora as ANNUALLY losing high amounts ($350K +) of money in my blog. The CAO, the Mayor, and the Councillors knew that they had to silence me. But they had already been caught silencing 2 bloggers in a failed SLAPP suit, first town in Canada, so they used 7 false criminal arrests on me instead. The illegal, over reaching, “bail terms” set up by police and the Crown very effectively imposed my silence. Each of 3 complaining women were added to a “not to mention” list in my bail. I could not blog my opinions of them. OR even SAY their names to my son. Once added, a name was never removed. That is illegal. Justice Dawe told Crown Greg Elder JUST that on December 11, 2019 after Justice Fuerst told Mr. Elder JUST that on November 16, 2019. Elder ignored both orders in ‘order’ (pun) to silence me. The Crwon and police removed my Charter Right to blog my opinions. When I did exercise my rights and blogged legally, I was arrested on over 20 false “breaches of recognizance” based on the illegally assigned bail terms as decided by Justice Dawe.

ME – Robert (call me Bob) Lepp

  • Resident of 37 years.
  • Ex I.T. Consultant.
  • Retired.
  • No police record prior to July 14, 20917 by complainant 1₂.

In 2016, I orally volunteered to the Leader of the Canine Commons Committee to help get the park rebuilt by Aurora. We received $80,000 in funding within a few months. I then blogged huge losses of money caused by Aurora staff incompetence and some illegalities. They wanted me silenced… just like Bill Hogg and Dick Johnson by Mayor Morris in 2011. I unknowingly provoked Director Allan Downey and his girl friend 1₂, who used her police background and family connections to get me arrested July 14, 2017 and 6 times after that.

My wife is divorcing me because of the constant attacks by Aurora and York Regional Police on our financial lives.

I am out over $50,000 despite self representing as much as possible. This would EASILY be $.25 – .5 million had I used criminal lawyers at $400 an hour.

The police’s Achilles Heel is their inability to question or prove my “mens rea”, my “guilty mind”. No one is guilty who is not PROVEN to have KNOWN that the act was a criminal act at the time. They never questioned me before arresting me. So, in theory, since they have no quotes from me about whether I knew the acts were criminal, they cannot win any charge. That is the THEORY, but the judge MUST know that mens rea is a REQUIRED element to be proven. If the judge KNOWS that, I have been found innocent. J. Rose and J. Harpur were unaware mens rea is mandatory. J. Rose’s conviction was overturned. J. Harpur’s appeal is March 5, 2021.

A-urora – Summary (=>DETAILED)

AMandie Crawford, 12, 1₂, #1Bylaws Manager 2015-2018
AHelen Clarke 102, 10₂, #2Lead Volunteer, Canine Commons Committee since 2007
AJaclyn Solomon, 112, 11₂, #3Legal counsel for 10₂
AAllan Downey, boyfriend of Mandie Crawford 2017-todayDirector of Works/Parks
ATom Mrakas, Geoff DaweMayor
AJim TreeParks Manager
ACharles PainterLawyer for Lloyd’s of London. Aurora and Mandie Crwaford
ARedvers FamilySole private operators of 2 for-profit sports domes
ASandra McKenzieHuman Resources Manager Aurora (ex)
AMike De RondClerk.
ADoug Nadorozny CAO, fired from Sudbury, ON
ASara TienkampParks Manager
AGwendolyn Adrian/Kramer Simaan Dhillon LLPLitigates for Mandie and owners of fences she inspects
LDanielle WilsonComplaints Intake: Law Society of Ontario – witness to my breaches complaining about POI-C et al.

P-olice – Summary (DETAILED)

(ALL Who Investigated)

PBarry StorkLawyer for Lloyd’s of London
PDetective Sergeant (DS) Heather BenthamManages all PC/detectives
PDet. James WardArrested me May 30, 2018
PDet. John LoughryInvestigator
PPC Jeff BrownFirst to arrest me July 14, 2017
PDep. Chief Andre CrawfordIn charge of CPIC updating
PDep. Chief Paulo Da SilvaEx-Manager of DS Bentham.

Y-ork Region – Summary (DETAILED)

YJoy HultonEx-Head of Legal
YDan KuzmykLawyer

Court – Summary

J-udiciary (DETAILED)

JJustice KenkelOCJ. Case manager
JJustice DaweSCJ. Overturned my March 6, 2020 release order
JSr. Regional Justice FuerstSCJ. Had my serious indictable charges withdrawn
JJustice EdwardsSCJ – Case manager for my $7,000,000 law suit.
JJustice HarpurOCJ “per diem judge” Trial justice June 11-13, etc, 2019.


CDavid MoullAssistant Crown
CGreg ElderAssistant Crown
CFrank GiordanoAssistant Crown -My prosecutor for April 26-28 trial.
CElizabeth BarnierAssistant Crown
CPeter WestgateAssistant Crown
CSham KumaresanAssistant Crown
CBrian McCallion
CLICK for article on him
Assistant Crown
for both my appeals, #1 OVERTURNED. #2 AWAITS DECISION

A-urora – Detailed

APOI-A, 12, 1₂, #1Bylaws Manager, supposed to sell 14,000+ pet tags annually, actually sells just 10% or 1,450, losing $300,000 per year.
Ex-police officer Halton Region. Married to ex-Halton Region cop. Both took medical leaves.
AS A PRIVATE CITIZEN, she went to police and arrested me twice, 2017 and 2018, on 3 charges, all false, all withdrawn by the Crown. None of the 3 got to a trial. Complete lack of evidence.
Aurora CAO/Legal Director told Councillors “these charges were not a town issue, that is the advice of our solicitor.:.” They BECAME a town issue only when Dir. Downey got her defended by Aurora’s lawyer. So she “pays” one lawyer to sue me and Aurora pays for her defence of my countersuit. Make sense?
Terminated voluntarily from Aurora’s employ February 28, 2018, no reason, but an “office romance” with the most senior Aurora employee was likely the cause.
Had her contract terminated voluntarily 1/3 early by Erin, October 2018, but was paid out in full.
Sued me in 2018 for $1,000,000 alleging no one would give her any work anymore. Used my private email to boyfriend Downey to sue me and arrest me.
Aurora took her back in the fall of 2019 to do computer development.
She has no basis for a suit because her lawyer sued too late, waited more than 90 days of the alleged slander, sayeth the judge.. AND on top, she quit voluntarily at both towns. She took an undisclosed buyout, likely $80,000 that she bragged about “saving” on LinkedIn.
Aurora is paying her defence lawyer despite having been terminated BEFORE I sued her personally for personal actions the arresting officer Jeff Brwin assured me were brought to him by “the citizen 1₂” and not “Aurora Bylaws Manager 1₂”
APOI-B, 102, 10₂, #2Lead Volunteer, Canine Commons Committee since 2007. I orally volunteered to be on her Committee with 2 other women when she became ill. She agreed I was a volunteer from July 2016 to December 29, 2017 when suddenly she turned on me when counselled by Allan Downey. Then I became “harassing” to her she claims.
Asked for my help to improve the dog park in 2016. I got her $80,000 committed and spent during 2016-2017. The first money EVER spent by Aurora on the volunteer “owned” park. Aurora owns just the land.
She became jealous of what I was able to do so quickly all on my own, when she has worked for Allan Downey for 14 years from 2007 without getting a single penny on her own. As revenge, she now assists Allan Downey and Mayor Mrakas to silence me.
Arrested me once May 30, 2018, one conviction after I was forbidden a defence lawyer because of a “conflict of interest” challenge by 11₂, appeal to be heard March 5. I cannot lose it, I was denied defence counsel.
Operates a commercial dog walking business in a park owned by Aurora, Canine Commons, against the contract she signed twice, and the rules sign at the gate and the Aurora Parks bylaw cited on all the signs, all of which forbid commercial ANYTHING in any town park.
Desjardins Insce. providing defence of my suit for $1,000,000.
APOI-C, 112, 11₂, #3Legal counsel for 10₂
Cannot understand the legal basis of my Small Claims suit for a slanderous email broadcast to all Aurora since 2018 and has not gotten help to do so.
Arrested me 5 times on 26 charges.
All are false, none got to trial, withdrawn by the Crown for a lack of evidence.
Worked under cover for Det. James Ward, fed him my blog posts using Twitter.
Adopted pseudonym Daria Morgendorffer as admitted by Det. Ward at my trial. Catfished me using that pseudonym, then used her catfish as evidence that I breached.
One minor photo error/breach found me guilty by Justice Rose, I appealed, used no counsel and won the appeal… such was the strength of these bogus charges, and such was the integrity of J. Rose who found me guilty despite no offered evidence of men’s rea. He heard no evidence that I KNEW what I was doing was illegal. Then, he forgot to ask for any. Then he made his ruling anyway. Justice Dawe pointed out to him he was wrong. Crown argued they had no NEED to prove mens rea. No! Really!
Last 2 charges are to be tried April 26-28, 2021 and she, lawyers C. Painter and B. Stork have come up with 4 different stories for the prosecutor and judge to choose from.
Most famous quote: “…(Lepp) sued my client 10₂ on May 30, 2018 only because he knew she was going to arrest him on May 30, 2018, and he wanted an excuse to speak to my client through me.”.
The old “He’s really just a time traveler!” defence.
AAllan DowneyDirector of Works/Parks, the most influential person in Aurora politics. He hands out sports facilities, free business taxes and illegal dog walking contracts in Canine Commons.
Testified at my trial that he and 1₂, (#1) were having a romantic affair from spring 2017 onwards. To this day perhaps.
ATom MrakasMayor. Offered an oral bribe in my presence to 10₂ with wood chips if she would disparage me in writing. I was listening beside 10₂.
AJim TreeParks Manager. offered a bribe to 10₂ with wood chips the same day, if she would disparage me in writing. She sent me the texts of him making that request. 10₂ refused, she agreed I DID volunteer to help her committee, but I just did not sign the contract/memorandum of understanding.
ACharles PainterLawyer for Lloyd’s of London. Defending Aurora and 1₂ from my lawsuit.
Called for my arrest twice.
Is witness in April 26-28 trial.
ARedvers FamilySole private operators of 2 for-profit sports domes on town land, soccer and tennis. They pay no business taxes because Aurora lied to the Finance Minister that Aurora is actually operating them exclusively for the benefit of taxpayers. Mike de Rond claimed there was a contract signed to that effect.
ASandra McKenzieHuman Resources Manager – First to call police to arrest me in 2017 after Bylaws Manager, 1₂, came to her complaining I had asked her when she legally changed her name.
AMike De RondClerk. Wrote Finance Minister swearing Terry Redvers need not pay education or business taxes because the soccer dome was really being operated JUST for Aurora taxpayers.
ADoug Nadorozny CAO – ex-Sudbury CAO terminated when millions went missing. Hired by Mayor Dawe as a malleable, agreeable personality going forward. Lost lots of money building the Joint Operations Center as determined by Aurora’s forensic auditors. See: “Joint Operations Centre audit criticizes “poor management” April 11, 2018 By Brock Weir
ASara TiempkenParks Manager, administrated Canine Commons volunteer “contracts/memos of understanding” 2012 and 2015. I indicated to her in an email I had volunteered on the committee and asked her how things worked between volunteers and the town.
AGwendolyn Adrian/Kramer Canaan Dhillon LLPDefends 1₂ and prosecutes for another. Knows the libel suit by #1 million for 1₂ was filed late and her client has admitted she left both Aurora and Erin of her own will and took money to do so and now wants to be paid twice

P-olice Who “Investigated”- Detailed

PBarry StorkLawyer for Lloyd’s of London – Defending York Region, Police, Police Services Board.
Called for my arrest as a witness in April 26-28 trial.
Suffers from bad hearing.
PDetective Sergeant (DS) Heather BenthamManages all 38 PC/detectives who she has assigned to my case. Recorded in her office on February 27, 2020 commiserating that she has been upset with me for blogging her name in 2017 after my false arrest. “Why do you even bother (writing a blog?)” In the “Remarks” data field on my profile in her police computers she typed “BLOGGER” as a warning to her offices. Upper case, BOLD.
PDet. James WardArrested me May 30, 2018 without a single question to determine mens rea. Most senior in York, taught 10₂ how to discredit contracts and how to testify. His testimony that no contract existed because no cash changed hands means my oral volunteerism to 10₂ means I was just as much a volunteer as she was.
PDet. John LoughryInvestigator on several charges, including trial April 26-28. Arrested me WITHOUT a single question. Has no answers from me at all on which to argue men’s rea.
PPC Jeff BrownFirst to arrest me July 14, 2017 after a meeting in town hall with the Mayor, CAO Nadorozny, 1₂, Techa Vanleeuwen. he told them FIRST, then he arrested me. He asked no questions before my arrest. He has no testimony from me to prove mens rea.
PDep. Chief Andre CrawfordIn charge of CPIC updating NOT DONE for me.
PDep, Chief Paulo Da SilvaEx-Manager of DS Bentham. Supports her 100%.
All Police Officers Investigating Lepp

Y-ork Region – Detailed

YJoy HultonEx-Head of Legal, gave the order and blocked me from all email contact for ALL York Region, including the Tannery courts. Quit in 2020 to consult back to York.
YDan KuzmykLawyer named by Joy Hulton to handle cutting me off all emails because I reported YRT buses were dropping off kids in the traffic lane because the parents park every day inside the bus stop #1208. YRT can ticket illegal parkers as can Aurora Bylaws/

The Court – Detailed

The Judiciary

OCJ = 0ntario Court of Justice (lower)

SCJ = Superior Court Justice (higher)


C-rown – Detailed

CDavid MoullAssistant Crown – manages all Crown Prosecutors. Called to the bar: 2010 (ON)
CGreg ElderAssistant Crown -My prosecutor through trial 2019 and arrest March 2020. Disappeared after Justice Dawe overturned my Release Order of March 6, 2020. Replaced by Frank Giordano and others.
CFrank GiordanoAssistant Crown – My prosecutor for April 26-28 trial.
Called to the bar: 1991 (ON)
CElizabeth BarnierAssistant Crown – She attended my 3 pre-enquetes onm 1₂, 10₂ and 11₂. She gave a copy of my private email to “Barnier only” to 11₂, was just for her, a request for a URL link to an evidence video…. gave it to 11₂ to give to Det John Loughry who write up 5 charges. Loughry knew the source of the email was Barnier and that 11₂ gave him the stolen copy, but he proceeded anyway to write up charges.
CPeter WestgateAssistant Crown – A senior prosecutor called in by Senior Regional Justice Fuerst when she had read Greg Elder’s (he was “absent”, sent a junior) charges and my Abuse of Process motion. She had my serious charges by 11₂ DROPPED in 30 seconds.
CSham KumaresanAssistant Crown – My very first prosecutor on 2 July 14, 2017 charges by 1₂. She refused to accept ANY of my offered evidence until I moved for her to do so before Justice Johnston. Once she was forced to admit they had nothing on me, she and Moull dropped the charges.

Some Evidence

Attorney General Criminal Law Division

Directors of Crown Operations

Central East Region

York Region

  • 73 employees minimum
  • “Crown Attorney” in charge is Sean Doyle Crown Attorney
  • No Office Manager in charge.

General Inquiry: 905-853-4800 Fax: 905-853-4849

Primary Address: 50 Eagle St W, Newmarket, ON L3Y 6B1

Mailing Address: 50 Eagle St W, Newmarket, ON L3Y 6B1