3/29 Can A Person Descend From Virtue To Crazed Caricature?

There is a general assumption, I think, that a person retains pretty much their “normal” character for their entire life. Most do.

But, can such a normal person suddenly lose it and just become a total different person? Can they go from one you would trust with your life to one not capable of grasping the important elements of life?

Can a person who won awards, who won recognition from her peers, who turned her life into a Cinderella story… can that same woman simply blow it?

You may recall the person from newspaper reports and the odd television clips when they were at their peak. Today, they cannot be seen anywhere.

Jamie Salé was once an Olympic champion.

Today she is a Trumper, anti-vaxxer, conspiracy theorist…. everything evil all in one person. And she is suffering from the backlash.

See: https://apple.news/AYXLYBUYTTkSIDpRaAmN9FA