3/29 Can A Habitual Liar Fool Civil Servants?

Conventional wisdom is you can only fool some people. But can any person be so deep in easily provable lies that they begin to believe them too?

Yes, look no further than George Santos.

If U.S. Rep. George Santos were Pinocchio, how long would his nose grow?

The new congressman from New York has been accused of multiple lies, and the list is getting longer. Santos, a Republican who represents New York’s 3rd Congressional District on Long Island, has admitted to lying about his job history, his education, and Jewish ancestry before winning the election, but what about 9/11, fake names, charity fundraisers and more alleged falsehoods?

By Geoff Herbert | gherbert@syracuse.com

So, do not be surprised how many men you meet with the same illness. Well, you already know Trump, King of Lies. OJ. Cosby. Prince Andrew.

Bill Maher explains it all HERE.

And, here is the world champion liar.

You cannot easily tell people are lying, you must take their words and Google them to be sure. Google knows everything. Trust in Google

How can I compete against a personal skill which has an annual World Championship? Can I beat that?


People are so trusting. Especially when they hear with their own ears what they already decided had happened. But there are rules.

(Liars) Competition rules bar the use of props or scripts.

Politicians and lawyers are not allowed to enter the competition, because “they are judged to be too skilled at telling porkies”.


And of course, there is the movie about…

Frank Abagnale Stuns Everyone With Stories of Being a Con Man | Carson Tonight Show

As Johnnie says… Everybody likes a good scam! and “… so you BOTH got screwed!”