Mxxxxx Cxxxx’s – Box Score

Mxxxxx was responsible for the vast majority of charges, 24 of 26, 92%

It took 3 of them to carry all those charges

But look closely, ONE is carrying MUCH more!

All arrests have been quarterbacked by one person, the ex-cop, ex-Bylaws Manager of Aurora and the evidence is overwhelmingly convincing. I mousetrapped her with a post NO ONE IN THE WORLD KNEW EXISTED and with a password ONLY HER LAWYER KNEW. I asked the lawyer to keep it secret and she INSTANTLY sent it to her CLIENT, Mxxxx Cxxxxx, who then read it and left her IP address for my tracker.

Arrest/Date# ChgsMxxxx CxxxxxH. ClarkeComment
1 7/14/1722False, WITHDRAWN
2 5/30/18221 appealed
3 8/23/18544 WITHDRAWN
4 8/31/1955ALL WITHDRAWN
_ 12/18/1955URL Barnier email,
5 3/26/1922WITHDRAWN
6 12/6/1922To be appealed,
DARIA taunted night before
⅓ of women caused 4/5 of charges

Mxxxx Cxxxxx complained 21 + 3 or 24 of 26, or 92% of all complaints.