August 2021 Daily Updates

Monday August 16, 2021

Sentenced: 21 days in Toronto jail

This post will have to do for 21 days.

The courts sentenced me to 21 days from tomorrow 4 pm. The court would not provide any legal advice, so I will figure out the appeal process soon.

The reason is contempt of an order to not defame a person. Defamation, that’s lies. One judge found me guilty, one more for sentencing.

The 3 days I spent in Lindsay prison for the lawyer Charles Painter, lawyer Barry Stork and paralegal Jaclyn Solomon false arrest March 4 was not allowed to offset. They can imprison me, drop charges, and nothing gets compensated.

The courts cited I had not paid anything as ordered. I have the money. I offered to [ay 100%. Twice. CPP. OAS. $1,200 a month. My money is tied up in my half of my home mid-separation, a 2014 car, a 1981 motorcycle. And in RRIF’s which I offered to accelerate the collapse of over the five years to pay 100%. Ms. Adrian refused. I can do no more than take my retirement savings and hand them to Ms Adrian. She refused so she can now claim I did not offer to pay. If that makes sense.

The court repeatedly said a lawyer would have made a difference. 40% of litigants cannot afford a lawyer, I am not alone in this. I agree, if you have the exorbitant fees, so I hired two, lawyer Charles Shortt, gave him $3,000 and he kept it. Danielle Trombly, a criminal lawyer provided by the province was also paid a retainer she ran off with. My son tried the LSO as his mother paid the retainers. The LSO says they do not regulate lawyers’ fees and the inference is the retainer was a “fee”.

The court cited I had not filed a defence in Cran/Adrian’s suit. I did, on vacation, just 3 days late, and still before Buckles. Buckles flipped and testified for Adrian. She has no suit against her anymore.

I made two offers in writing for 100% payment and Ms. Adrian refused to give me terms on straight cash. I then filed an A. Farber Consumer Proposal to pay 100% over 60 months to avoid selling my home. Ms. Adrian refused that as well.

I went to Newmarket court and asked for my tab, I wanted to pay it. They said their records showed nothing. I think this is becuase no one keeps track. Lawyers simply honor court orders to keep their license. So there is no “accounts receievable” for people like me to get a total to pay.

He would not allow scheduling incarceration to permit me to attend getting Ms. Adrian to follow the order of J. Sugunasiri.

He based this decision on my statements in my blog and to lawyers about a court case. My opinions are not permitted. Even here where attendance is optional.

Toronto jails are so much better than prison. They will have me dead within the 21 days. A place where hand cleaner and soap is not permitted is perfect for me.

Such is the vindictiveness expressed by the legal system that it ignores the reality of Covid. They prefer me dead. I shall comply, of course.

Odd that when I get out I can still offer to pay her over 60 months and she will refuse. So I will be sent back again. Lawyers want the cash. All. NOW.

So, see you in a while.

Sunday August 15, 2021

[sc_embed_player fileurl=”https://f491a233-82d5-4fa2-a3ef-200c88e7929a6700.mp3”]

Aurora Provides Poetic Justice

My town is always thinking of me. And it always finds some uplifting words to accompany its legal destruction of my life.

This week, it was:

The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.”  – Henry David Thoreau

From “My Town Aurora” via Lloyds’ lawyer Charles Painter

The intent of Lloyds of London is obvious…

“Lepp, WARNING!…you are losing your life by taking us on, we will end you if you keep at this.”

A death threat: it is a threat that my entire life will soon be “exchanged “ for money if I keep pursuing my lawsuit.

There is no question they are exchanging my life for my money.
So, at least I know they cared about me throughout the seven arrests. Aurora has taken full responsibility for whatever Mandie has done to me, especially after she was terminated. Any of the tiniest little offenses committed by Mandie, Crown Elder, Crown Moull, Det. Sgt. Bentham…. The other four women were conscripted to help Mandie…. AURORA’S insurance pays for it all. Even for the times that she worked for Erin who also let her go early. Or for “Jane Street Quilts” actions where she taunted me as Daria Morgendorffer.

I don’t mind death threats since they increase the rewards. A judge seeing that my life is being threatened will award me more money. How can he/she not be disgusted a lawyer is belittling my search for justice? How he has denigrated my actions. That is an offense under the rules of the Law Society of Ontario.

My challenges are reduced to a tee shirt saying by the thoughtful Mayor of Aurora, Tom Mrakas.

Some Humans Ain’t Human

John Prine

Ummm-hmmm, ummm-hmmm

Ummm-hmmm, ummm-hmmm

Some humans ain’t human, some people ain’t kind

You open up their hearts, and here’s what you’ll find
A few frozen pizzas, some ice cubes with hair

A broken popsicle, you don’t wanna go there

Some humans ain’t human, though they walk like we do
They live and they breath, just to turn the old screw
They screw you when you’re sleeping, they try to screw you blind
Some humans ain’t human, some people ain’t kind

You might go to church and sit down in a pew
Those humans who ain’t human, be sitting right next to you
They talk about your family, they talk about your clothes
When they don’t know their own ass from their own elbows

Jealousy and stupidity don’t equal harmony
Jealousy and stupidity don’t equal harmony
Ummm-hmmm, ummm-hmmm
Ummm-hmmm, ummm-hmmm

Have you ever noticed when you’re feeling really good
There’s always a pigeon that’ll come shit on your hood?
Or you’re feeling your freedom and the world’s off your back
Some cowboy from Texas starts his own war in Iraq

Some humans ain’t human, some people ain’t kind
They lie through their teeth with their head up their behind
You open up their hearts, and here’s what you’ll find
Some humans ain’t human, some people ain’t kind

Ummm-hmmm, ummm-hmmm
Ummm-hmmm, ummm-hmmm
Ummm-hmmm, ummm-hmmm
Ummm-hmmm, ummm-hmmm

Source: Musixmatch Songwriter: John E Prine.

Some Humans Ain’t Human lyrics © Tommy Jack Music

Saturday August 14, 2021

A day off.

Friday the 13th, August 2021

I bet you’re wondering how Mandie made out yesterday… Was Bob Struck? Was she Bobstruck?

No, I’m here still.

You may recall Gwendolyn sent me an email meant for Mandie? Right, the one where she noted that once again I had not confirmed my prior motion.

So, they both knew I had dropped my “Strike for delay” motion, yet both of them Zoomed in to see me.
it seems that a counter motion, as Mandie filed, doesn’t work when NO motion is confirmed for the same date.

So, in effect and in fact, nothing happened. I’ll file for costs since she told me by her counter motion that I had to be there for nothing.

I’ll check, but I’ve not yet seen an obligation to ALSO send another piece of paper to tell her I did NOT confirm.

the good thing is that I got it on record again that Mandie refuses to be interviewed for her own $million lawsuit. That makes no sense. She’ll be struck by J. Sugunasiri on the 30th of August.

August 12, 2021

Today, for the second time in 5 weeks, Mandie Crawford in her $1,000.000 collateral lawsuit for “Publish Defamatory Libel” will ask a Master of the Civil Court in Toronto to strike my defense, IOW to force me into losing the suit automatically, because in her lawyer’s opinion I have not put a nice enough ribbon on the hundreds of documents I gave her in Discovery.

This is the first time Ms Adrian has seen with her own eyes what actually happened four years ago when Mandie FIRST arrested me. Up until then, she had plausible deniability, Now she cannot claim she did not know how her client lied to police to get me arrested.

The very first time I met Mandie in person, it was in a town park as she trotted away with her two officers after assaulting me. In her own words to police later, she would say she shoved her fist into my armpit and left behind a $300 ticket, She thought that was funny. The next 6 arrests were not as funny.

So, at 10:00 am in the court room of Master La Horey, Ms. Crawford will argue she should win her suit by default.

My counterargument is simple and I type it here so Ms. Adrian is not surprised.

After more than 4 years, I finally have a Peace Bond hearing for Mandie on September 20. The J.P. agreed with my presentation. I presented a lot of evidence in hard copy and I was pressed to reveal sources and facts. I had to convince an officer of the court that Mandie had taken actions worthy of a Peace Bond. She did agree and quickly issued the summons.

The first arrest was called for by Mayor Geoff Dawe who called in police to his town hall meeting. There, CAO Nadoroozny and Mandie’s boss Techa Van Leeuwen listened as mayor Dawe approved the suggestion of DC Jeff Brown that I was to be arrested as I returned home from court watching Denis Van Decker and Anne Marie Finn challenge Mandie in Superior Court. He had just met Mandie for the first time, he had never met me. ANd he had no answers to any investigation because he did not plan to have one. He heard teh Mayor and CAO and so he arrested me. He drove by my house the MINUTE he left Town Hall. Mandie had NOT been interviewed yet and he wanted to pick me up in front of my neighbors.

That arrest was based on 42 lies Mandie told police in her video interview in my possession. It lasted 112 days and I did not need any lawyer. It got worse after that as she heard I went to police next day and pressed an assault charge.

The justice who took my not guilty plea on the ticket told me “You’ve been assaulted.”. I spoke to her last week by chance and she recalled my $1 fine. My honesty that my dogs shook loose from the pole sealed my date. She said I had to pay SOMETHING, and I had a Loonie in my pocket.

For the next 4 years, Mandie would use 1) Helen Clarke, 2) Jaclyn Solomon, 3) Tina Duncan, and 4) Separate School Board Principal Ines Donato to assist her in the revenge. Each woman would call the police in person and ask them to arrest me for one reason or another. They were given documentary evidence Mandie had collected as part of the Daria Morgendorffer harassment.

For 1) Helen, it was “arrest him for copying her” on an email to Bylaws, Mayor Dawe and Councillors, and DC Jeff Brown and Det. Sgt Heather Bentham. Yes, I asked police for help with a daily lawbreaker in the dog park, and Helen was able to convince Det James Ward that my plea for help was actually harassment. Det. Ward had taken up Mandie’s idea that if Helen had not TWICE signed a LEGAL contract, she was NOT required to accept dog attack emails from me.

For 3) Tina Duncan it was to arrest me for stepping on her driveway top deliver a letter asking her to remove her illegal fence.

For 2) Jaclyn Solomon, it was calls from the highway as she drove to Florida November 2018. Her dog barfed its offered breakfast before she was left alone as Jaclyn drove off. She told the police I had just evaded her security giards, themultiple front yard video cameras and alarms, broke in without leaving a mark and poured glycol antifreeze down teh old dog’s throat. Then, I patched up the damage, avoided cameras on locking up and I drove off. My vet treated the cancerous dog and put it down at Jaclyn’s request from Florida-bound traffic. Jaclyn then paid for blood tests looking for teh glycol. Car antifreeze. She claimed that I, owning two beautiful GSP’s, had murdered her dog after a break and enter and left it to die an agonizing death.

For Ines Donato, I had dared walk the sidewalk at Aurora’s Harmon Park in back of YRT Stop #1208. She wrote out a bogus trespass notice for a ONE KILOMETER circle around her office. My home is INSIDE that ridiculous circle over public property. Then she called my Probation Officer Maria Bedofrd along with the others to say police were investigating me for trespass. I got a call saying to meet Det. Sgt Bentham about it February 27, 2020 and by March 4 I was in prison in Lindsay on 3 bogus “speaking to Jaclyn” charges by Jaclyn Solomon, Aurora’s lawyer Charles Painter and York Transit’s lawyer Barry Stork. One charge was withdrawn within days because it was illegally alleged. The last 2 counts were withdrawn just 14 days before an expensive trial was set to begin. I had lost even MORE money.

August 23, 2018 Mandie laid a charge of CC s.301 Publish Defamatory Libel.

August 24, 2018 she trolled me as Daria Morgendorffer in emails.

August 31 2018 she arrested me for blogging her name.

November 11, she filed a collateral $1,000,00 suit for the same claim as the arrest August 23.

March 2, 2019 she arrested me for her name in my blog.

December 5, 2019 Mandie had her lawyer threaten my wife in a letter claiming she would lose her savings to Mandie. I blogged the letter naming Mandie at 5:45 PM. Mandie had me reported for arrest by 7:00 pm and sent a bunch of harassing emails as Daria Morgendorffer all that evening. Police could not make it, so she said “pick him up in J. Harpur’s court tomorrow at 10:00. She had brought Tina Duncan with her to see me arrested. They sat on the court hall bench directly outside J. Harpur’s door…smiling at me. I had a heart attack in the cells and spent 4 days in hospital recovering.

7 minutes later as I collapsed in the cells, she EMAILED me anonymously. NO ONE knew I was arrested at 11:07 am that day except Tina and Mandie. Both women swore to police they feared me for their lives. They drove to court to see me arrested with their own eyeballs. That’s odd, to say the least.

Mandie anonymously. The night before it was as Guerilla Mail Anonymous.

Arrest #7 was the March 4, 2020 revenge arrest by Det. Sgt. Bentham after I blogged her admission of complicity helping Mandie get her revenge. She assigned 38 different cops in 7 arrests on 26 charges. Not one of the 38 asked me a single question in advance. The proof of that is in the disclosure. Police put only NON-exculpatory evidence in disclosure and ignored all my evidence in hundreds of emails to police and the Crown .

Crown Greg Elder then ignored Justice Fuerst and Justice Dawe’s orders to drop Mandie’s name from bail terms on charges December 4, 2019, and March 4, 2020. Mandie’s last false charge was withdrawn by Elder on November 13, 2019, in front of J. Fuerst. Elder used her name anyway. Otherwise, he could not arrest me.

August 11, 2021

Tomorrow is another “Motion to Strike The Defense”. Ms. Crawford feels I have not followed the order of J. Sugunasiri. The order covers activities both of us need to do for August 30. The July 30 deadline was for my Affidavit of Documents. I provided 403 documents between the Affidavit and all the motions.

403 is not enough for Mandie.

August 10, 2021

Both of my banks Small Claims finally came up for the mandatory settlement conference. The CIBC lawyer could not make the selected date. In the TD suit, ms Adrian cannot make due to a religious holiday she could no t even spell. But she’s still religious enough not to work the three day Jewish new year. Three DAYS… That’s a full 1% of the year just celebrating its newness. They planned ahead.

Cuomo GUILTY without a trial

We don’t need no stinking trial!

Eleven women waited years, decades, to all suddenly realize they’d been assaulted.

On June 3, 2017, I was assaulted by Mandie shoving her fist into my armpit. I went to police as soon as I could write it up. Next day.

Gov. Cuomo had a cop on his protection unit decide that he had once touched her back in an elevator so he had to resign.

Mandie shoved her fist into me and not only did nothing happen to her, they let her arrest me six weeks later.

So, this is a double standard women do not like to admit. Look at me even once, I’ll get you arrested for sexual harassment.

So, a new era. men must not be attracted to women. Ever.

The cosmetics industry, undergarments, clothing, hair salons, pedicurists.. all professions whose days are numbered.

Man evolved over so many thousands of years. 300,000 years. And men and women learned to procreate with the best pick of the cave. All done on looks. What did you want your children to look like? The curvy brunette or the snaggletooth redhead? The males chose the mates, their idea of beauty, or strength, or size…

To figure out if their choice was amenable to canoodling, they flirted. They touched. They snuck a kiss. And if the female did not remove his scrotum, he completed the act.

Today, we leave all that behind and we ignore women totally lest we end up in jail. They, you, the women.. have now used the law to take over the helm of evolution. Men no longer procreate based on who they like to see. They now wait for the female to make all the moves so at least he can testify “well she started it, she patted my bum. FIRST!” Or whatever.

So instead of our collective progeny emerging from strong, successful, good looking males who chose the finest females, we’ll now turn slightly towards a world of babies created by assertive women picking whatever traits they want for their children. Let’s try this a while. Usually we never upset nature when we alter our path dramatically.

Man invented the concept of a religion. Many, many times. Hundreds. Thousands. 4,300 DIFFERENT explanations for human life. Not one of them is accurate or honest… so every religion has 4,299 enemies. Now, women can go invent the religions for a change, write all the prose, make up the new hymns. They cannot do worse than we did.

Cuomo explained the different age he came from. The 60’s, free love, Woodstock, casual sex. Unprotected sex. teenagers underwent a seismic shift in morals in a few scant months it seemed. The music was suggestive, the clothes were more than suggestive. Communes. Hitchhiking as a way of life. Drugs. Grass. Cocaine. Hashish. All of this happened seemingly over night. But we settled down paired up and did our time as moral arbiters.

So, Cuomo goes unhinged, and expressed affection. Hugs, yes, kisses on the forehead, cheek or even lips. He was an animal. It just took 11 women to tell their unbearable stories, and he is forced to resign.

Why the wait? Because he was fantastically effective during Covid and he needed to be taken down a notch. People hate winners.

When I worked from 1969 onwards, we organized the annual employees only, no spouses, Christmas dinner party. We rotated the job of arranging the venue, food, music, etc. the idea was to have as much fun as possible after drinking as much as possible. A very simple concept. Incredibly successful. The only ones not ecstatic withe annual grope were the couples among the employees because they could NOT leave their significant other at home.

Today, this could not happen. Too many men would go to prison.

So, we revel in our memories of the 60’s and 70’s. I hope one day the same affection for the 2020’s is apparent in millennials. I hope they will all remember these times as fondly as we geezers recall “the day”.

“…and in 2921 we got men jailed for patting our backs, it was SO perfect! We had eye contact banned. Valentines were forbidden After 2022, sending flowers or chocolates became misdemeanors.

I’m glad women aren’t taking over. The smell of testosterone always made me gag anyway.

August 9, 2021

New week. Same old issues.

So, how dumb are anti-vaxxers? People who are normally intelligent in other matters just feel that the government has concocted a sham reason to get everyone vaccinated.

This dumb…. A nurse loses Dad and his wife, still refuses vaccine.

Memories! Light the corners of my mind…

Remember that person who claimed we can recall “remembered” stuff our forebears had learned, that our brain cells “recorded” knowledge and skills of our family tree? Another word for that idea is “intuition”. That some people just seem to KNOW stuff they could ONLY have pulled out of those cells with memories of what our great- great- great- great- great- great grandparents had figured out.

The easiest way to dispel that rumor is to compare siblings, even twins. Does each person have the SAME intuition? Of course NOT, smart brothers, dumb brothers, in between brothers.

Then, let’s all take an intuition test to see what our descendants passed along about everyday common things.

Match it up

Chemistry Behind Memories From A Family Tree

The premise is that we get some “knowledge” from our brain cells which carried memories from our foremothers. Let’s look at the science. An egg is fertilized by a sperm. All our body then grows from the resultant cell division as it progresses. The alleged memories have to have been in the egg or the sperm.

These things are tiny. The human egg is 0.1 mm in diameter. Each sperm measures about 0.002 inch from head to tail, or about 50 micrometers. 0.01 mm is equal to 0.000394 inches, or 394/1,000,000 of an inch.

So, if you think you have memories from your Daddie’s life, all those memories had to be squeezed and packed into a tiny, tiny space. And the same for Mom’s memories. It’s just not possible as the sperm and egg just contribute chromosomes, not brain cells packed with memories of their life in Ancient Rome.

So, for someone to believe this fantasy, they have to suspend reality. Which can still be fun all on its own.

August 8, 2021

Ms. Adrian emailed me on this day , a Sunday at 9:00 am. A weekend. And she complained she did not get an attachment.

The summons for Mandie For September 20, 2021 to answer to a Peace Bond request

Now, that said, it IS Newmarket court, after all, and there is no way they will find her needing a Peace Bond.

So, in the immortal words of Gwendolyn Adrian, Bob Lepp will now repeat and republish the same set of old lies in the hopes they shall morph into reality.

Arigotokyo! Thanks, Tokyo!

The games just ended. Our athletes made us proud. Swimming, soccer, decathlon… and so much more.

Iwo Jima…

Could those six men raising the US flag have even conceived of a world 75 years ahead where all the WORLD tuned in and stood up out of respect for Japan’s national anthem?


What goes around….

When the previous Olympics of 2016 were closed, I had just begun lobbying Allan Downey and Mandie Eddie to spend the first pennies ever on a dog park makeover. Their common goal became to make sure I was silenced. Not to fix the dog park. They would use Mandie’s cop contacts (“coptacts”?) to silence me with recognizance on a bull$h👁t charge. It worked and saved me two years of property taxes when my wife stopped paying them and left me.

Their passion to shut me up ignited a romance in spring 2017, and by July 14 the new power couple had me in jail. It was a true Olympic victory for them. I could not mention her name.

My very first bail term? “Do not communicate Directly OR Indirectly with any employee of the town of AURORA.”

Silence. Sweet silence is what they wanted, then and now. SLAPP’d. I should just shut the G up (one full step tighter than F#) and go away.

When I sued them, what was the first result from the Newmarket courts? J. De Sa said “Shut the H up”, having access to the complete enhanced judicial alphabet of silence. Do not speak to ANY defendant’s employees for any reason. He improved on Mayor Dawe’s master plans.

Even Barrie court piled on. J. di Luca looked at five emails I sent my town on unrelated topics. J di Luca’s answer? “Pay the man at the door”. He had not even asked for the matrix of evidence proving AURORA’S false allegations. Not one email discussed the “matters” in my suit. None. He was conned by.thousands of pages of decoy documents which looked all the same to him. Besides, Lloyds wanted me silenced and so he did that.

Oh, and pay up! I should also pay $50,000 on lawyers and $128,000 now on costs.

And when I appealed? More arrests and no time to perfect one.

Manager’s Supposed to Manage

So, I sued of course for all that. And J. Edwards then seized my suit. A knight in shining armor. And his advice? Shut up to ALL people who work for the Attorney General. And…Cops are perfect.

J Edwards then appointed himself case manager, a task usually assigned to more junior masters. I should have known from AURORA’S response what lay ahead. They objected. That’s the day I should have known.

Case manager justices and masters are assigned to cases to accelerate the glacial pace of our legal systems. They are to get it moving from step to step more quickly with it’s easier access to justice for minor decisions. They are not generally supposed to order me to STOP PURSUING MY SUIT repeatedly.

My suit will be three years old when I next appear. The delays induced by J. Edwards started innocently enough. with “see me any day at 8:30 am”… says he. Not one 8:30 appearance ever happened. Instead I was ordered to NOT move my suit along in any way while the Appeals court could hear AURORA’S whining that I was vexatious, despite the fact I had never stood at a trial, civil or criminal.

Charles Painter then applied a fresh coat of disdain for J. Edwards professional skills. He blamed J Edwards’ total lack of understanding of logic and the law for his loss. His scathing remarks after being found in error are not to be forgotten. Read them onm this PDF:


I was ordered to strike dozens of paragraphs describing the malicious prosecution. I was told who NOT to blame.

That was my second overlooked hint. I was ordered to delete the very cause of my demise. I was told I could not state the truth about the Crown falsely arresting me five times out of seven. Why was a justice telling me not to sue for something the Crown did?

And, after defeating AURORA’S claims, once in Superior court and again at the court of Appeal, what appropriate costs did I get awarded?

I was told to pay Aurora $15,000 for my winning the two major trials. Big fat hint there.

So, then, I win the appeal. I am more impoverished, just as the cops planned it.

J Edwards had said I should move my suit along after the appeal. He did not.

I gave up. I crashed. I was at the end and I pleaded in a letter to Scheduling to get any justice to hear my plea to overturn j Edwards’ freeze end let me end my suit for $1. That should have been the end, right?

Wrong. All lawyers refused my written offer and instead kept me around for lunch money whenever they got hungry.

Did my breakdown result in relieving my pain? No. It cost me $3,000 in 30 days. Offering to settle for $7 cost me $3,00 because Anita lied to J Edwards that I mailed letters to 7 judges. She wanted me fined because she is tired of dealing with me.

Nope. J Edwards took one look at my letter of defeat, my letter to Anita and Llyshelle Barrett, and he fined me $3,000 for my breakdown. And the best part? He used up six MORE months from finding me in contempt February 2021 to August 5 to decide to fine me $3,000 and to order me to sell an asset to pay it. The good part? He only guided me, the choice of asset to sell was to be mine. “But do it in 30 days!”

No lawyer would refuse to settle a losing suit for +$7, right?

To summarize, he gave me ZERO COSTS for defeating the best from Lloyds of London, delayed my suit for two years and forced the Apeals court to correct his ERROR in assigning me NO COSTS, by fining me $15,000 more.

what documents were given to J Edwards that led him to choose a toy for me to sell? Who told him my personal financial situation? A. Farber? Did his honor read my Consumer Proposal? Sure, Aurora referred to it as a “bankruptcy”. Since when does a justice analyze my assets to pick out one for liquidation?

And after all THAT, he wasted a full two months on me striking dozens of paragraphs. August 5 all he did was waste the rest of July on a five minute strikeout in text editing. 25 days MORE delay to file what I had ALREADY done for him when he FIRST demanded it. Has he ever used a text editor? A Mouse-block, right click, strikeout effect?? It took seconds months ago.

Then, he wasted ALL of August by saying my SECOND amendment proposal was to be written by then. THAT IS ALREADY DONE AND HE HAS IT.

With this kind of acceleration we will achieve maximum speed in reverse by Christmas 2021.

I had that done for August 5, for my motion asking to amend. J Edwards turned my motion into two wasted months of nothingness. I think I can achieve and BETTER that level of efficiency on my own. I know my costs will drop before random justices with no memory of the game plan.

Case managers are assigned for specific reasons. I’ll read what they are because I’m confused. To accelerate. Not to delay two months waiting for something that already exists.

I spoke about corruption, I was arrested seven times.

I spoke about negligent investigation, malicious prosecution, Crown Greg Elder refusing J. Fuerst and J. Dawe’s orders to REMOVE MANDIE EDDIE AND JACLYN SOLOMON’s narmes from my bail, …illegal bail terms retaining names of accusers long ago discredited. I sued. I was told I could not sue and I should not touch my own suit to advance it.

Throughout, I’m told to get a lawyer. As if that would help. Like the $2,600 TSANG lawyer who pled me guilty Dec. 9, 2019.

Crown Elder GAVE me two lawyers. Both failed to succeed. Elliott Starer failed when all charges were so blatantly illegal that it took j Fuerst just seconds to drop them. Elder had him paid 49 hours for a one day inquiry.

J. Harpur gave himself an amicus lawyer, purportedly to HELP me. That man then spent days finessing a Jordan challenge he knew would fail.

At my trial, Elder gave me Danielle Trombly, right after J. Harpur opened trial. She was late to meet me and totally unprepared. She has since disappeared from Canada. Elder paid her ten hours to attend for three full days.

I gave her a retainer, and she skipped town, the Society cannot locate.her. She did no work for the retainer. The Law Society permits that. They fo not control billing rates. So her rate of $3,000 for zero minutes is a rate she is free to set. And so was the rate by Charles Shortt who also absconded with my retainer. Both lawyers were relieved of paying back unused retainers citing the lawyers’ rights to set any billing rate he chooses.

Again, in Canada everything is controlled by lawyers.

49 hours for one day, 10 hours for three days. Justice at its best. The lawyers all get paid but the women lawyers STILL get screwed.

I can do better solo. J Edwards is not fulfilling the role of case manager, the 7 defendants did not want him, and that was the clue I missed. I should have agreed with them.

The funniest part? I asked the court office Friday how and who to pay. They’ll get back to me.

I asked the same question on my last contempt. What is the new total! Who do I pay? They said the total in their records was zero.

So, a motion to relieve the case manager goes on the job list. If this was help, I can’t afford any more help.

luckily, justices can’t read my blog so he won’t know what hit him. Oh, except for J Rose, he was a regular reader.

August 7, 2021

Nothing happened. It was a perfect day.

August 6, 2021

Stop reading, go watch women’s soccer gold game on CBC.

it’s over? Ok, now we can talk. (Tied 1-1 as I type, oops, penalty shots now, GOLD!)

Ms. Adrian Emails Me

I’m thinking about that odd email from Ms. Adrian. She had attached three of my latest private emails to her marked “Without Prejudice” and she was sending them to her client(s). I think lawyers are not supposed to give their clients communications intended for the lawyer only.

Gwendolyn may be doing this just to be able for Mandie to arrest me for “indirect communication”. Clever indeed!

Anyway, the judge yesterday told me the only thing I can do when a lawyer misbehaves is to tell the Law Society, I was told not to complain to the court about any lawyers at all. Which is very odd and biased.

ANY lawyer in ANY court can complain to any justice about any self represented person. They can charge me with contempt based on misrepresenting documents SIGNED by a fellow lawyer. The justice convicts me of contempt based on the lawyer’s lies about me. Judges are sometimes lazy and do not check facts. Everyone in the court hates self reps because we disturb their easy gigs. Lawyers do much of the work for the justice, they draft the justice’s orders, etc. Where did that rule come from? Why do we pay justices to make rulings and THEN the lawyer’s CLIENTS pay the lawyer to write out what the justice ordered? This must go back to Ye Olde Englande when judges were all elderly lawyers and, once promoted, the lawyers do the grunt work for them.

By changing just one word in an order they can negatively affect the defendants. How can a self-rep KNOW if the draft order is correct? WE cannot. We cannot pay $5 a page for a transcript to check. So, a lawyer drafts what HE heard and I am supposed to agree? NOPE. I have no way to KNOW.

BUT, I cannot make a single complaint about the constant abuse by these lawyers as they lie to the court.

Example: Charles Painter told J. De Luca that I emailed my elected councilors to complain about street parking in front of my house. The justice then convicts me of contempt. Mr. Painter convinced him the order was to NEVER communicate ANYTHING EVER again to my Mayor or my elected officials. He then did that 4 more times, taking an email about something unrelated to court and having me convicted of contempt.

Then, Anita from the office February 14, 2021 told the justice I had JUST THAT DAY mailed letters to several justices. I had not. I had followed the order of J. Edwards which said I first have to send a letter to scheduling asking permission to file a motion. I must then WAIT for permission to file. Then I can file. Totally in violation of the charter to restrict my access to the legal system.

I was at my lowest in 4 years, I wanted to settle my suit for $1 each. I wrote the latter to Llyshelle and asked permission to file a motion allowing me to make an offer. J Edwards forbid me ANY motions. So I had to ask for approval he never gave. Instead, he opened court with Anita’s testimony in his ears, and yesterday he charged me $3,000 for trying to settle my suit.

Now, no one will believe me because no one read the actual email to Llyshelle. All they saw was the court deciding I had POST-MAILED “letters” to 7 justices. Not one such letter existed, certainly none were provided by Anita nor by any justice. I DO NOT BUY STAMPS. I HAVE NONE IN MY HOME. I steam off used ones. It just never happened. That does not matter. I am a self-rep. Ipso Facto…I am wrong. Rinse. Repeat.

If you can’t pay a lawyer, you are instantly guilty. Lawyers will take everything you do, twist it, have THEIR employee sign the twisted facts, and then a justice just processes the contempt fines.

I cannot do the same to the lawyers. I do not pay an employee to agree with everything I say. I have to PAY someone to sign every affidavit and they have NO idea if I am lying or not.

Lawyers write out what they want the court to see and their employee signs it blind. They have no idea if their boss lied, and if they DID know they lied, they would sign anyway.

Sometimes lawyers have their boss sign their lies.

Gwendolyn Adrian has Michael Simaan, partner, sign to affirm her lies. She wrote that I had NEVER once tried to pay my debts. And Mr. Simaan dutifully signed it saying he knew that to be true. And the only thing I can do is watch.

The truth? I wrote a letter to my creditors and offered to pay 100% over 60 months. A lump of $18,000 on day one. They all refused.

Then, at wit’s end…I contracted with A. Farber, Licensed Insolvency Trustee, an officer of the court, to make a more formal offer to pay 100% again over 60 months. They investigated and valued all of my assets and income.

Gwendolyn refused the second offer as well. And I knew she would not tell her boss she had the chance to get paid. So I emailed a letter to Michael Simaan, partner, and I told him she had refused twice. Here…..


Then, later, after he had forgotten my letter, Gwendolyn wrote out an affidavit that I have never offered to pay even once. Michael dutifully signed it as any lawyer would for “a friend of ours”.

Here is another affidavit presented to J. Sugunasiri.

She would believe it because one lawyer wrote it and was able to convince another lawyer to sign it. And that is how simple it is to get a lie believed by a justice.

So, you, the self-rep, decide that J. Sugunasiri needs to know about the lie by Mr. SImaan. She says “Go tell the Law Society.”

All justices think the Law Society helps self-reps. They do not.

The Law Society just asks you one question: “Are you currently engaged in any legal matter with the lawyer you are complaining about?” You tell the truth and say “Yes of course, how else would I have this lie in writing?” And that just ended your complaint. They will react ONLY once your matter concludes. Like a cop responding ONLY when the corpse bleeds out… it may revive itself, after all.

The Law Society, run by lawyers, will only help AFTER you have been bled dry. THEN, you can complain and they do nothing anyway. Oh, sure, they act against those who do not pay Society dues. And they act if a lawyer gets an article in the paper about diddling children. They will actually suspend diddlers for a few months before they can practice again.

Judges are swayed by this kind of lie. They get so mad at me for defying them. Yet, I simply emailed my town asking for help with parking. Absurd. Then, they get their client to arrest me again and miss the appeal date and of course they refuse to extend the time to appeal.

Then, the lawyers themselves can play games with facts.

I had just sent Gwendolyn hundreds of documents, including Mandie’s emails, and all of them indicate that what I say can be proven with documents. Yet, Gwendolyn tells her client that everything I say is a lie, and suggests to her she will prevail if she just shows the judge my blogging about her losing $350,000 a year.

Then, of course, my FOI request to Aurora gave me all the emails boyfriend Allan Downey sent to her after she was terminated without cause. That’s a crime.

In August 2018, 6 months after being terminated, she suddenly had access to an email I sent to her boyfriend. Here it is:


Then she has the 42 Lies spreadsheet from the first arrest.

This is going to be a huge “prevail” Mandie has to do. I’ll help as much as I can of course to give the court the same documents I gave Gwendolyn. She has already decided all of them are exculpatory so she won’t mind the judge seeing them all. He/she will read all the lies and decide.

As well, I have. E audio recording of Detective Sargeant Heather Bentham just going for broke claiming that neither she nor ANY Yorkie had ANY knowledge Mandie was a Halton Region cop until I told her about that at trial. This is great news for me.

Why? Well, in every interview Mandie bragged about being an ex-cop. She had to let the detectives know she was one of them and she needed their help to shut me up on my blog. Mandie’s resume on LinkedIn had it. Her application at Aurora had it. Surely Aurora ran a background check through YRP.

As a serial complainer, Mandie had multiple arrests made on her word and surely Police would have checked out her background after the first arrest turned out to be false. Surely they don’t let anonymous people swear out multiple arrests without checking if that is just a recreational activity for her. Did she really get to make all those arrests without knowing if she was just let out of prison?

Then I have the Aurora and Erin proofs of termination without cause. Both towns gave me proof she was agreeable to quitting if they paid her off. $80,000 st Aurora, and fully ⅓ of her total Erin contract was given to her in exchange for her agreeing to leave their employ.

The entire name change farce will be finally ended when the judge asks her to prove her identity. In the documents I provided Gwendolyn and the judge, there are multiple bylaws Aurora passed to send in the name Mandie Crawford for renewal of her Provincial license. They did not change her to Eddie in 2017 or 2018 before she agreed to leave.

Then Shawna White hired her back to build a rogue website. Then CAO Nadorozny fired Shawna, likely for permitting Mandie to spend my taxes building a BS webpage for July 1. It is not supported now by Aurora staff since it is built on a consumer hobbyist platform which makes building the site easy for an amateur 13-year-old.

Maybe the judge will be a dog owner from Aurora who now worries rabies will take over now Aurora no longer checks for the vaccine. When she bought the Docupet service she did not make sure it enforced her pets licensing bylaw. It does not. Docupet lets you tag 100 dogs if you wish and any check of any tag will not reveal the other 99. When anyone can make $10 from Ren’s Pets ABOVE THE $15 tag fee…. 100 dogs make you $1,000 in Ren’s Cash Coupons.

Then the documents include Mandie ordering up two uniformed cops to keep Denis van Decker and Anne Marie Finn from entering the council chamber to speak out on Mandie’s vexatiousness after four years of battle. Judges may see that as violating their rights as taxpayers. Of course,

Mandie told cops the couple had “caused trouble before” and had to be stopped. Specifically, Denis wanted to speak about Mandie’s handling of the sticky gate latch.

Remember that Mandie had police block me from ALL CONTACT with ANY Aurora staff on my first arrest. What had I done to any of them? I blogged. I stated my opinions as the charter permits. She was able to convince the police that by asking for the date of her name change I should not be permitted to mail in my tax check. How is that even a possibility for police to order? Why can police cut me off from speaking to my elected officials about their Mayor bringing in police to arrest me?

So, the documents Gwendolyn has at this moment will all be in court plus the ones having nothing to do with her lawsuit.

BTW, judges dislike collateral attacks of the kind Mandie employed. Not content with arresting me seven times, she also sued me for $1 million. While her criminal complaint had 8 months to go to trial. Gwendolyn knew that and so she filed the civil suit in the wrong court so no Newmarket Judge saw the civil suit in Toronto. Clever use of the rules. ANY court can be used even though the rules require the most convenience for the parties. Gwendolyn would file in Timmins for an advantage.

So, while the hundreds of documents I produced on court orders do not make Gwendolyn happy, they will certainly make me happy on September 20 in court with Mandie.

Did I mention the Daria Morgendorffer proof! That I traced “” to Alliston where Mandie lived? The search warrants will put that to rest. Mandie sat with Tina in the court hall benches to see me arrested in J. Harpur’s court on December 6, 2019. They smirked in that special way school girls do. Then, 7 minutes later, Mandie as Daria Morgendorffer taunted me by email as I sat in the cells. Nice touch. All the previous evening Daria had emailed me, again and again, telling me my arrest was imminent. That’s perverse. But I have all the proof and when combined with her Google credentials from the search warrants, it’s a slam dunk.

So, when Adrian says Mandie will avoid the peace bond by telling the judge about my blogging… we’ll, I can only thank her.

2010 Calgary businesswoman of the year? Bonus lie.

$1 dog ticket before the justice who told me I’d been assaulted by Mandie.

It all adds up.

August 5, 2021

A Fine Ending The Day

Well, the day is ending well. At 4:00 pm I was once again sentenced to a $3000 fine because Anita told J. Edwards I had sent letters to 7 or 8 justices. Yes, she lied and I have to pay someone $3000. The interesting thing is he does not tell me who to pay. I’ve asked the office who to pay and they don’t know.

So, then I was ordered to delete a specific set of paragraphs from my original 7 defendant claim. And then file it with the court office then serve everyone a copy. This is a colossal time-waster because all of them can simply ignore the paragraphs. But, I did it and I’ll do my best to get it stamped so I can hand out copies. That has to be done by August 30, so on August 29 I’ll distribute it.

Expanding The Guest List

Then I was told my motion to add Catholic Principal Ines Donato and Tina Duncan to the suit is set for September 24 at 8:30 am. They of course were enabled by Mandie to sue me, call the police for my arrest, and to call my probation officer Ms. Bedford saying police were investigating me for trespass within 500 meters of her school. For Tina of course Mandie supplied a blind fence inspector.


  1. A judicial writ issued as a command to an inferior court or ordering a person to perform a public or statutory duty.”a writ of mandiemus”
  2. Mid 16th century: from Latin, literally ‘we command’
  3. A writ of mandiemus can be issued by a judge at a petitioner’s request when the authority of a higher court is needed to compel an action by an individual person, a government agency, or a lower court to do something they are legally required to do.

Finally, I had an email from Ms Adrian. It was oddly worded. If I did not know better I would have thought she meant to send it to Mandie. It’s like Jaclyn Solomon sending me the original suit with the white out alleging time travel on my part. Major errors for vaunted Officers Of The Court.

In today’s email, Ms Adrian confirmed her claims I lie about everything. This strikes me as odd. Her client had me arrested seven times on 26 charges. 4 of 26 were by Mandie herself. None of her four claims was true. Crown Moull dropped her first two in only four months. J. Fuerst encouraged Crown Elder to read Mandie’s charges again and so Elder dropped them as well.

Not one statement that Mandie recorded for police, and I have both recordings, was true and the Crown themselves dropped ALL HER CHARGES. Yet, Ms Adrian says I am the liar and Mandie is not.

This is how lawyers make money. I’ve pointed out on occasion that Mandie discussed her mental health on her blog. It is at:

But Ms Adrian deals with her as a full functioning unit. And so she coddles her clients and she agrees with everything they say. So the client then keeps on paying the bills for MORE legal hours.

Instead, a lawyer should counsel clients to look the facts in the eye. If the client tried over and over to arrest me and failed every time, maybe that client should give it up. But that does not generate money for Michael Simaan. So Mr Simaan must be telling his employees how to practice law.

It is just not my problem anymore. Ms Adrian has no proof I have ever lied about anything, whereas I have LOTS of trial transcripts proving the lies in the charges.

What she does is tell judges and clients I am a liar. I have that in writing now.

BUT she never quotes a single word as being one lie. I, OTOH, quote complete sentences Mandie has sworn to before police on video and I prove the lie. The most fun lie was the gun threat call I attended as overheard by her officer. I filed an FOI for the facts from Aurora and the cops, and there were ZERO gun threat calls logged with Aurorra and even less with the cops. It never happened yet Mandie claims she and one of her officers know that I helped a gun threat get made by telephone.

I’ll be requesting the transcript from 2017 for my $1 dog ticket. That judge said I’d been assaulted.

I’m not sure what happens September 20 when I appear as witness on the peace bond but I hope to ask some good questions if allowed. Like, can we see your DL? Your OHIP card? To see if the names match.

So, all in all, a great day.

I’ll appeal the contempt finding and sentence since Anita lied to J Edwards.

No court tomorrow. So a three day weekend again.

Mandiebond, or,” De-Mandie’ing my life back”

Well, today the Peace Bond should be heard by a J.P.

At 4:00 pm I meet the 9 defendants, or at least the lawyers, to see if my amended claim can be accepted.

Wish me luck.

September 20, 2021 2:00 PM is the Peace Bond “trial” Day on ZOOM!

A summons is being issued this morning calling Mandie Eddie to court to address my Peace Bond application. I am asking to be protected in some fashion, whatever the court can do.

Smoochus Interruptus

It looks like NY Governor Cuomo has a bad case of delayed memory among a large number of women. Why is it some women do not KNOW at the time they have been sexually abused? Why do they wait months or years until all that is needed for a conviction is an affidavit from a lawyer? It would be so much more fair if the offended woman simply went next day to police.

August 4, 2021

Well, this day zoomed by.

Alexander Wray Knocks On My Door

The Bylaws Manager of Aurora and another officer inspected my neighbour’s home. I was sad/glad to hear the neighbour would NOT give them access into his yard. Mr. Wray has authprity to just marhc in there and he did not use it… GOOD ON HIM! He should never use that ridiculous right.

Anyway, he saw the collapsed fence and retaining wall and teh peeling paint and the old tires stored in his yard. He needed to research the law. Aurora has no bylaw pertaining to a retaining wall.

43 Wells Street Replaces Spite Fence with a 10 foot (3 meter) Retaining Wall

The bylaws now block Spite Fences built 8 inches away… BUT…

You can legally build a retaining wall in Aurora as high as you need it.

Contractor shows off the new 43 Wells Street wall

Peace Bond Antics

The third J.P. ruled I had provided too many pages to read. So she had to cancel my appearance.

The fix was easy, I just dropped all the attachments and ent with a 4 page form alone. It should get done tomorrow.

August 3, 2021

I thought I had a fun tour yesterday, but then I saw what Luke did… he flew from near African Lion Safari to near Chatham, then up to Owen Sound and home again. Over 700 km with no engine. Nearly 7,000 feet at times. This is why we love gliders. Try it?

Peace Bond Delayed

J.P. Zito got tied up in two other motions. I will have to try tomorrow again.

Tornado Interest

Two weeks ago I created a placemark for a Barrie home damaged by the tornado.
Every day since, 300 new people read my review. The total is 4,219 views.

This reveals the power in advertising on Google Maps. People now use Maps to search about events as well as locations.

Peace Bond Day

At 2:00 pm I argue before a J.P. that Mandie should be called in before a justice to hear those arguments in deciding to issue a peace bond. Fingers crossed since she could could go off again at any moment. In March 2020 she came in with 11 suggested breach’s against me. Crown Greg Elder was given his choice from the 11.:

The three he chose were ill fated and one was dropped even before a judicial pretrial. Then the other two were withdrawn just two weeks before a scheduled three day trial. Such waste.

August 2, 2021

On The UP ‘n’ UP.

Post flight debrief

What a perfect day. For those of us who find enjoyment ripping engines out of airplanes and then flying them for hours on end… today was like Mecca. I went to my club, and it was so great I went to two more. Those nice white fluffy clouds were sucking gliders right out of the air and elevating them to 5,000 feet in silence.

I have no need to hide assets anymore my lawyer says. Once I made the second offer to pay everyone all the court orders and they refused, well I can just forget about them going digging for assets. Why would they if the cash was not attractive at all to them?

So, I openly went to my gliding club. I just don’t hide anything anymore. Check the photos for your self. My tour started on Hwy 89 north of Luther Marsh. They still use the same old Citabria tow plane while the new 180 HP Citabria is converted from USA ownership. Despite Covid, they had saved over $100,000 K.

From there, I chose a due south route, as the crows fly only faster, to the nearest club, York Soaring on Hwy 9 east of Arthur. I had barely touched down and parked when a bunch of members waved me over to them to chat. It was great to be back in harness again.

The next leg took me due east to Great Lakes Gliding club’s single east-west runway 9/27. Many members had flown off earlier but students were in training constantly. Covid has not injured any of the three clubs I chose for my triangle today. I am so pleased I’ve not missed much.


Canada’s women’s soccer team proudly advanced early this morning to the final by beating the USA. SIMPLY FANTASTIC! It may have been won by a penalty kick, BUT there were still 90 minutes of holding off Ms. Rapinoe. And, the fouled player gave up her kick to Jessie Fleming, who blasted it home. Bliss! And only possible because of a video review. So technology helped us win.

I’d be happier if technology had not been part of my demise since 2017.

By ordering me to give up my rights to my opinions in my blog, read by an average eight people per day, I now have a criminal record despite Crown Greg Elder twice breaching the public’s trust by contemptuously refusing to remove the name “Mandie Eddie” from my recognizances and my probation order.

It is also obvious that by supporting Mandie’s plans to ruin my life, Crown Greg Elder is complicit in a planned conspiracy over seven arrests to ruin my life because I am irritating in my blog.

is it true I was so irritating in my blog to seven people a day that several of them lost control over their emotions and signed on to attack me using the Criminal Code and a malleable Crown Prosevutor?

Now, what Mandie has done is have lawyer Gwendolyn Adrian claim that those eight viewers of my blog now keep her from getting ANY job, ever again. This is a stretch. I can almost guarantee that none of the eight of us is going to be hiring anyone soon. So, her argument will be that somehow eight of us have told every company in Ontario to not hire Mandie.

Another of Mandie’s claims is that she can run the most successful women’s support company in the world. Just not from King City it seems. For some reason she will argue, she cannot reopen Roaring Women of Canada. She will say her brilliant work years ago cannot now be replicated. Why not?

Why not? There seems to be no end of potential home working females. Is it possible all of them figured out how to Google “improve my business” overnight? Did they ALL just figure out the business advice was poached? Did they all see the multi level marketing in action? Reselling Mandie’s plagiarized advice in exchange for paying Mandie just a slightly more expensive membership fee?

Did enough women see that they could make easier money reselling Mandie’s “work”? Did the cops catch on? We have not been told.

There are even MORE women needing business support with the increase in work from home careers.

Tomorrow at 2 pm I argue for a peace bond against her false arrests.

August 23, 2018, Mandie, Helen Clarke and Jaclyn Solomon had me arrested on five criminal charges, ALL OF WHICH WERE FALSE. Mandie chose “Publish defamatory libel”, a criminal version of the typical SLAPP suit. It had been ruled non-constitutional in 1995, but she did not read that little detail.

Without asking, I contend that CC 301 has never been used by YRP in the past. It’s worth $5 of my pension to find out for my suit.

So, the entire arrest was a scam. Every last minute of police and court time wasted. All expenses were caused by the poor law education of Mandie. Crown Elder left it to Mandie to pick the charges. The other four counts were based on my offering to settle my $10,000 suit against Helen for Defamation in her broadcast email of May 10, 2018.

It was obvious Jaclyn was writing to incite me to bribe her. She claimed in her Defence that I sued Helen May 11, 2018 ONLY because I KNEW that 20 days into the FUTURE Helen was going to arrest me. It is difficult to keep a straight face negotiating with a person who believes in time travel. I did not do well in that regard.

Mandie wrote the entire claim maybe. And Jaclyn only edited it. That explains the whiteout trying to cover up the time travel accusation. Jaclyn only caught it last minute and did not have the soft copy even. It is easier to edit the soft copy and reprint the page. But Jaclyn may not have had the file. Who knows?

Then, August 31, 2018, arrest #4, the ladies came up with the Daria Morgendorffer false review. At trial, both Helen and Haclyn were credited with catching “Helen” typed in my response for two minutes until I removed it. J. Harpur did not understand only Mandie saw the blip. Helen then fumbled in her testimony, finallnagreeing she may nog have seen it.

So, arrest #1 was false, #2 then claimed my email to Det Sgt Bentham was designed ONLY to harass Helen. J Harpur did not understand that rule either. At least he ruled the criminal harassment was a false accusation.

Arrest #4, five counts was ALL breaches based on the definition accepted for “any online media” and again J Harpur was too old to understand the internet.

Arrest #5 was false as ruled by the appeal. The bogus three year probation was falsely invoked by J Rose who never even knew to ASK for proof of men’s rea.

Arrest #6 was fsbricated by .Mandie threatening letter to my ex wife. This one was upheld twice in appeal. The Supreme Court is next.

And, for the grand finale March 4, 2020, Mandie wrote up an arrest on three OLD incidents which three lawyers confirmed to police. All three had lied and the charges were withdrawn two weeks before trial.

I like to regale you with all seven arrests details to show off my memory. I don’t refer to notes.

Fourth Wave The Worst

On the bright side, we’re now killing off just those without even a single shot. And their relatives seem to immediately reverse their opinions as Anti-Vaxxer’s. Too little. Way too late.

Good work! Fellow humans… a self cleaning gene pool is so much more effective than wars.

August 1, 2021

Ontario Abuses Administration of Justice Charges

From 2016 to 2019, crime increased 21% in Ontario, and it increased the number of Administration of Justice charges by +21.4%. Crime UP, AOJA UP in same proportion

Quebec, same period, crime INCREASED by .4% and AOJA charges DECREASED by 7%. Crime flat, AOJA DOWN considerably/

WHY? Ontario uses AOJA charges as punishment police can do themselves without a court. Onerous recognizance is tough to not violate. Ontario has not de-criminalized AOJA charges to. “ticket” as Bill C-75 dictates.


In Hungary, Lewis Hamilton is so bored of starting at the front of the grid that he set up to be last. A rainy start sidelined six cars, on the restart, every driver EXCEPT Hamilton pitted for tires. Hamilton had the track to himself. A lap later and he pitted and returned at the back of the pack.

By lap 44 he was in fourth place.

And now with 23 laps to go, it will be talent and the tire change strategy.

on lap 48 he pitted for tires and came back in fifth. He’s 9 seconds behind first place. What skill!

He finished third after starting 14th.

Peace Bonds – And How To Get One


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