Arrest #6

December 5, 2019

By: Them, as complainants

Charges: Blogged a photo of a letter from lawyer Gwendolyn Adrian threatening my wife.

Result: Arrested INSIDE court room of SRJ Edwards by 4 cops, taken roughly to cells, suffered heart problems, spent 4 days in cardio ward. Denied counsel for over 26 hours. Family not advised. Court computers updated to show me in LINDSAY PRISON, sent my effects to Lindsay, had to retrieve them myself. When wife and son figured out I had been in hospital Emergency ward all day, they visited, got within 6 feet, then were physically removed by YRP who said they would arrest my son if he tried to speak to me. Pled guilty on advice of counsel hired by my wife. Bad move, but too late. Appeal failed because I was told to plead guilty or I would be sent to prison.

Losses: Wife, brother, house, car, cash, employment, dog