3/29 Arrest #7

March 4, 2020

By: Charles Painter (Lawyer for my town), Barry Stork (Lawyer for an entire region, Jaclyn Solomon (Paralegal) as complainants

Charges: Alleged that I spoke to Jaclyn in a court room. 4 stories were told by 3 lawyers who swore I should be arrested. In a “3 monkeys” fashion, Barry Stork heard nothing, Charles Painter saw nothing and Jaclyn told two different stories of what she saw and heard.

What really happened: leaving RSJ Edwards court I saw Barry Stork who up until that day had been friendly to me, I said “Hi Barry, nice to see people aren’t afraid of me anymore!” then glancing at one who CHOSE to attend a matter unrelated to thyself, and sat right behind me. One chose to claim I said “Hi, glad to see you’re not afraid of me anymore.”

Barry Stork swore out an affidavit: Lepp was walking out, and he spoke. I did not hear any words.

Charles Painter said we stood at the lectern gathering papers, he heard me speak to Barry, he looked over his shoulder towards one.

Jaclyn Solomon swore out 2 versions, in both I walked PAST her towards the door, stopped, turned, spoke to her.

Result: Set for trial, withdrawn two weeks prior to trial to cost me money.

Losses: Wife, brother, house, car, cash, employment, dog