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Friday June 10, 2021

I vividly recall my friend and I listening to Paterson MacDougall’s crack lawyer, Lucas Kittmer, advising me for free that I should INSTEAD sue Mandie in Superior Court and NOT in Small Claims. He pointed out that if I stayed in Small Claims, I was limiting any potential win to just $25,000 and by moving I could sue for a realistic figure, instead, for a ruined life.

My case is one of the denial of my Charter Rights to express my opinions on matters of public interest anywhere, anytime. Aurora determined that my RIGHT had to be denied to hide their various acts, some illegal, committed by Aurora and its staff and Councillors. Police and the Courts then supported Aurora’s decisions. They ENABLED Auurora to silence me.

It was NOT the first time Aurora abused the legal system to silence a critic.

Mayor Phyllis Morris first silenced bloggers Bill Hogg and Dick Johnson by filing a SLAPP suit paid for by Auroran taxpayers. is a good read on the topic.

One poster: opined….


“Then there are the usual slate of moronic politicians, led in this case by Aurora’s very own Councillor Chris Ballard.  He was the lone vote against the motion, showing quite clearly which side of Rights, Freedoms and plain old common decency he sits.

Noble sentiments, obviously, talking about freedom of speech and regret, but I have one major concern with the amendment and that is, as I do with the motion itself, the continued reference to SLAPP action,” he said. “I have said it before [that] not all the facts are on the table. I look forward to one day all the facts being on the table.

I am not convinced it was a SLAPP action.”

Christopher di Armani… and Ballard eventually hired the son of Phyllis Morris in his Liberal offices.

Liberals permitted Trillium, to grant AURORA $749,500, aka “THE MAXIMUM”… when it was not permitted to do so

Sport Aurora was created to put its works at an “arm’s length” from Aurora so it could qualify for Trillium grants. By outsourcing all sports management to it, Aurora could receive grants not permitted for a town this size.


About Sport Aurora: Founded in 2005, Sport Aurora is a not-for-profit corporation that supports and develops high-quality sport and recreation opportunities. They advocate on behalf of member organizations to increase participation, build capacity and celebrate excellence. Sport Aurora now represents 42 sport organizations, with a volunteer base of more than 2,500, and a player base of nearly 10,000 from ages of 3 to 80. Sport Aurora has also helped develop the municipal Parks and Recreation Master Plan, continues to provide leadership and guidance, and has become the “voice” of Sport in the Town of Aurora. For more information, visit

It is an arm’s length from Aurora…

About Activate Aurora: Activate Aurora is on a mission: to make Aurora “Canada’s Most Active Community” through education, activities and awareness. This Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) funded program was designed by Sport Aurora with the guidance of the Canadian Sport for Life Society, and is endorsed – and supported – by the Mayor’s Task Force on Physical Activity. The Activate Aurora team includes representatives from diverse areas of interest: local sports organizations, education, parks & recreation, seniors and health care. For more information, visit

“Well, with all due deference to the good councillor, all the facts are on the table and Phyllis Morris’ lawsuit had a single intention: to shut up her political opponents.”

That’s the very definition of a SLAPP lawsuit.

SEVEN times, Aurora had Mandie arrest me. IN 2 of the 7 she was front and center with false allegations of harassment and defamatory libel. Her 3 charges NEVER went anywhere… they were ALL stayed, the last one by Senior Regional Justice Fuerst. Luckily for me, J. Fuerst understands the law well and her personal interests are in the area of the self represented accused and how the legal systems treat us.

The other 5 arrests were assisted by Mandie through supplying “evidence” to Helen Clark and Jaclyn Solomon. Mandie used Twitter pseudonyms to send my posts as Tweets to Det. James Ward. Masquerading as Daria Morgendorffer, Mandie captured my reply to her disparaging post about my business on Google Maps. She sent copies to BOTH Helen and Jaclyn to give to Det. James and to claim them as their OWN work.

My last arrest was March 4, 2020 and Mandie had provided 11 breach suggestions to Helen and Jaclyn to take to police. Police let Crown Greg Elder choose 3 from the 11 offered. A 3 day trial was set, then abandoned by Crown Maggisano with 2 weeks left as “not being in the public interest.” Justice Kenkel case managed, and he felt there WAS public interest, What happened to make the Crown change their mind?

Trump Orders Apple to Open Democratic Rivals’ phones

If you have not heard… Trump ordered Apple to open up the data on phones of his political enemies. And he ordered both to be gagged until now.

My matters and those of the American people are similar… a desire to silence political critics.

Mayor Dawe and CAO Nadorozny BOTH approved of my arrests by Mandie Crawford beginning July 14, 2017.

I had written about the inexplicable hiring of Nadorozny immediately after he was fired by Sudbury for LOSING millions of dollars building a garage like that at teh Joint Operations Center. And he lost track of another rmillion here. It seems people like that are protected by the “Establishment” for the same actions as Catholic priests diddling children… promote the criminal and assign him to another parish. Give the man a second chance with unfamiliar small children, that should fix him!

So, Doug Nadorozny had no love lost on me.

Mayor Dawe had already lost it with me over the cabinet maker across the street. My recording has him leaning across the table warning me not to speak of fellow Aurorans as “trailer trash” running his cabinet making business in his garage, jamming it full, to BOTTOM, with offcuts and scrap wood and then leaving his 4 industrial garbage cans in the driveway 24/7.

And as always, what Aurora does to punish the innocent was to refuse any help in getting the business stopped and the garbage removed.

Techa Van Leeuwen hated me because I placed all the blame for Mandie’s actions on her as her manager. She even refused my offer of the 42 lied spreadsheet. She just needed plausible deniability, but she forgot Town of Aurora emails are public record. Techa has NEVER taken an action to improve my service of bylaw issues with my neighbour. Never. Not one single exception. Whatever I complained about was 100% supported by Techa, including her weeping about how she could NOT possibly help Marnee Buckles with the trespassing spite fence. Her contractor DRILLED without a “ONE CALL” to the gas utility in obvious existence. Every requirement was bypassed. Listen as Councillor Thom interrupts John Abel’s question to say she should not ask it because Tina Duncan is not there to present HER opinion on whether she had the One Call people come mark the utilities before digging began.

So, back to ME… the three MOST senior Aurora executives, Techa, Geoff and Doug met with Det. Jeff Brown in the town hall conference room 11:39 am July 14, 2017 to hear Mandie’s solution to silencing me about ALL of them, and her boyfriend Allan Downey as well. Jeff Brown made notes of who he spoke with that day. Those notebooks are in my disclosure.

Jeff Brown documents imply obviously that Mayor Geoff Dawe had the control over whether I would be arrested that day. Dawe was briefed and made no objections to the arrest plans. Had he simply said Mandie could do whatever she wanted on her OWN TIME but NOT on Aurora’s time there would be no arrest. Instead, he permitted Mandie as an employee to go to police on her lunch hour and to record an interview of false allegations. An hour later I was in jail.

Mandie must have assured them all she could shut me up about ALL of them. Jeff Brown very cooperatively ordered me to NOT COMMUNICATE in any way with ANY AURORA EMPLOYEE, despite only Mandie taking issue with me. Mayor Dawe and CAO Nadorozny, by their agreement that day, pitted the entire town of Aurora against me.

Before you consider my punishment JUST for being arrested, consider the following complete set of every email I ever exchanged with Mandie Crawford PRIOR to and after my arrest…


And so is the recognizance… this is the VARIED version weeks later after I argued cutting me off from my elected officials was just wrong (they deigned I could email my buddy, Doug)… and I was TRESPASSED from Town Hall as long as Crawford worked there. This act, being trespassed from a facility paid by my taxes, was forbidden in Bracken v. Ft. Erie (town)


Thursday June 10, 2021

I prepared an affidavit for Justice Edwards on June 15, 4:00 pm., to save time in resolving the Licensed Insolvency Trustee, A. Farber. I clarify that this SECOND offer to pay 100% of Aurora and Ms. Duncan’s awards was refused May 3, 2021, and therefore is non-existent today. The L.I.T. induced stays on related matters were released.

Both Aurora AND Ms. Duncan twice refused to be paid $125,000, and they prefer to continue litigating to add more costs awards for not paying off the first costs awards. So, given 2 chances for 100% payment, I remain insolvent with no idea what payment plans they would be happy with. In 1983, I bought my house for $129,000 and took 5 years to pay that off in full. That was and is my level of acquiring that much cash.

If my wife was not divorcing me, and if she were to continue working, I would ask her to start to pay off the costs, but, of course, we are on “marriage to rule” now and that ain’t gonna happen. My CPP and OAS, about $1,200 monthly pre-tax, are enough to live on for food, etc. but NOT to own a home and pay off $125,000 in awards. I needed to spread out the payments so I can collapse my RRIF’s at reasonable taxable rates. Were I forced to cash them out in a lump, my tax rate would be very high. I thought that by offering to use my RRIF’s ALL up over 5 years I could pay everyone off. They refused. Since RRIF’s by their nature can not be garnished, I thought I did the MOST any person could do.

On February 11, 2021, Justice Myers issued his reasons for judgment. It supported many measures to allow Ms. Adrian to find my assets to recover the amounts owing. I then offered, TWICE, to pay 100% with no need for Ms. Duncan nor for Aurora to go seeking out assets or paying sheriff’s fees and storage and resale fees. Straight Cash, 100% paid. Twice. Refused both times.

If neither Ms Duncan nor Aurora wanted payment of ANY awards, why do they continue to claim MORE costs awards?


Wednesday June 9, 2021

Not much to report today in the legal matters. I spent the day in trying to keep my 40 year old bike running.

Justice Edwards has asked for a case conference appearance June 15, 2021 at 4:00 pm. Lots of lawyers responded so I may get to see them for a first time ever.

Tuesday June 8, 2021

Still working on the old bike, trying to cover up some rust.

THIS => is just too funny, a bunch of world-wide bad guys found a new “encrypted communications app” to talk drugs and deals, etc. Turns out the app was a Trojan horse by the authorities…. it is amazing to me that drug dealers would just assume the new app was legitimately “private”. is also interesting to bloggers. A woman has been sued for COMMENTING on a blog. She did don’t agree with a podcast so she made a copy of the podcast and proceeded to trash the bloggers. She edited it favourable to her point of view and included elements the bloggers had already agreed to drop out.

My court life continues. I had a June 11 appearance in the $1,000,000 Crawford v. Lepp suit which was pushed back to June 18, so that’s good. Seems there is not so much of a rush anymore.

Then, I have 2 days of contempt trial AND then sentencing June 24 and 25, 2021… and Ms. Duncan advises she has asked for imprisonment. Either she asked for it or told me to “be ready for” it. This is a very odd decision, she began wanting money for my declarations that she built the fence in trespass. Now, she does not want money, she wants me put in prison instead.

I offered to PAY Ms Duncan 100% of what I owed her. She refused.

Then, I had A. Farber declare me insolvent, that STAYED the suit for 45 days while she decided what to do. They ALSO offered to pay her 100%. On May 3, 2021 Ms Duncan refused the second Farber 100% payment offer. It had a $42,000 balloon in year one JUST for Tina. To me, I tried TWICE to pay her and she refused each one. And NOW she dreams of me being in prison.

Why would Tina and Mandie refuse to accept payment and prefer to convict me of contempt? The Prison. She wants me in prison, that is the only reason to refuse to be paid off. Having been there, I would not wish that on anyone, but that is Tina’s wish for me as verbalized by Ms. Adrian. Send the fat old man with heart problems to Lindsay prison in COVID-19 to die so HIS $7 million suit dies also. This is a fact, I do not make up anything.

Ms. Crawford continues to use Virtual Private Networks to cyberstalk me.

Today, it is a German company. And the IP address Mandie used was one of MANY dangerous addresses hosted. there.☢-Worlds-best-IP-Information-System-The-Anti-Hacker-Alliance™-

Monday June 7, 2021

Sunday was mental health day. It did not start out that way, but I had to fix a 40 year old motorcycle and by the end of the day… it was mental health day.

Q: What is the difference between a 40 year old motorcycle and a wife?

A: After 40 years, the bike will still live with you.

Today, we old farts can get the second shot of vaccine. It ‘s been 10 weeks on Pfizer which needs the second shot in 3 weeks, BUT, I am still alive.

So, I filled out the application to apply…. you line up to line up to line up:

There’s a backlog TO APPLY!

In 10 minutes it dropped 15,000 to 110,000 lined up. So, that’s 90,000 per hour, a lot of waiting.

Saturday June 5, 2021

A very salty joke so turn your ears if you are a prude:

Four Husbands…A woman goes to her gynecologist for an examination. He tells her that everything seems okay. She says that she wanted to be sure that everything was all good down there for her fourth marriage, which was going to take place next week. The gynecologists says… “But ma’am from your examination, I noticed you’re still a virgin.” She said, “Well, my first husband was also a gynecologist and all he wanted to do was look at it.” And then she said, “My second husband was a psychiatrist, and all he wanted to do was talk about it.” And then, “My third husband was a contractor, and all he said was that we’ll get to it next week.” And finally: “This fourth guy is a lawyer, so I’m sure I’ll get screwed.”

This is a Formula 1 weekend. Since my arrests by Mandie began in 2017-2018, I found I lose friends at a rapid pace. One I flew with for over twenty years, we socialized regularly… just stopped replying…Another, my BFF, loved Formula 1 and he’d always say “I’d like to watch the race this weekend.” And we would!! Practices Friday, qualifying Saturday, race on Sunday. He no longer calls. Everyone catches on eventually what an evil person I am and they dissolve into the background noise.

But, being men, we can simply reconnect on some far off day and merely take up exactly where we left off.

Like, this weekend, Mercedes’ Hamilton and Bottas both struggled, they trailed most everyone. By the time I woke up today my friend would have the research done and would tell me the fix. In P3 today, Hamilton ran third fastest. (he ended up in last place when on a restart he found he had no brakes)

But, that said, it is my opinion that we could meet any day now and we’d just pick up at that explanation.

Free Legal Advice At Last!

Ms Adrian, crack lawyer for Kramer, Simaan, Dhillon LLP, has kindly agreed to provide advice at no charge. I’m so relieved. I was thinking THAT if I ever beat her, I’d feel bad that, in fact, I have no idea at all of what I’m trying to do.

Today, she reminds me that in providing response materials for my 3rd contempt convictions I could be perceived by the court as trying to “relitigate” the defamation claim she made before J Myers. That is simply SUCH useful feedback.

She is right. I MUST not bother to try to relitigate before Justice Myers. But luckily for me,Justice Myers recused himself. Now, I know I cannot relitigate before Justice Goldstein, either, but I do owe Ms Adrian an obligation to give Justice Goldstein a complete background of the matter since at my last appearance, he admitted he knew nothing about the case.

I very much study what every justice says to me because I believe they are trying to help a self represented person. Justice Goldstein seemed to me to take great care to let me know he had no background information at all on the case. And since I know that I was kept in default for several years, there would be no information from me in the case file J. Goldstein has.

So, in my mind, I was simply responding to a suggestion from the court. If it was not a suggestion that I apologize sincerely, but, I do not believe it can hurt to have more details rather than less details available at my sentencing for contempt.

But, the best thing about free advice from a lawyer is this: if you take the advice, but, then YOU lose… you can always sue that lawyer. Their license does not permit them to give away free advice, and so I would have her admonished by the law society for violating that rule.

But, in a way, it comes out the worst for her boss, Michael Simaan. She has dictated affidavits for him to swear and sign, and he’s done it without checking any of the alleged facts. Yesterday, you heard me describe the Affidavit which Michael Simaan signed saying I had completely ignored paying off the cost awards to his employee. In fact, I long ago made two separate offers to pay 100% of every penny owed. $42,000 in year one. Ms Adrian refuses all attempts to pay. She just wants more reasons to stall the suit to win more costs. Mr. Simaan does not ask for proof from her on anything he signs.

But, there is great benefit to Miss ADRIAN providing me free advice, and that is that it proves that my emails are being received. I have to deal with five separate lawyers in my suit, and Ms. Adrian is the only one who kindly offers advice in response. None of the other four will even reply to the simplest request. For example, AURORA‘s counsel, Charles Painter, refuses to reply even to the simplest request such as “What is the legal surname of the woman you represent named Mandie?” Lawyers for Helen Clarke and Jaclyn Solomon have never replied to any email I’ve sent out since December 2018.

Lawyers will not respond to my offer to settle for free

How can it NOT be in the client’s best interest to settle for free?

Why would these two lawyers both decide that they do not want to settle for free? Is it because all five lawyers have agreed to a plan in advance?

Have they all agreed to stick together, and to not be separated, not be split up, not be divided in any way?

Of COURSE they have. They voted Charles Painter as leader and he is the only one who has made a peep.

Charles promised he’d have me ejected in my fist trial EVER by arguing I am vexatious. He said to three other lawyers that he was so good he could get me silenced in my very FIRST trial. Maybe they bid on the top shark position.

As in: “I bid that I can prove Lepp is vexatious after his third failed trial! Said another’s: “Oh I can prove Lepp is vexatious after only two failed trials!” “Well!” said the third lawyer “I can prove Lepp is vexatious after just ONE failed trial” and then Charles spoke up and said “I can prove that Lepp is vexatious before his VERY FIRST trial,”

NO! He could not. Nor could he win his appeal of his loss. I won BOTH. Which again proves justices are the last line of sanity and they usually get it right.

I cannot say whether that kind of a successful plan would be improper or not, but, I do know this: each individual lawyer is required by the law society to always act in the best interest of THEIR client, and so I can only imagine how they will argue that continuing a suit when they could’ve ended it for free was in the best interest of their client.

This is where I am too analytic.

I assume that a lawyer would compare the dollar value of “zero” to the $1.000.000 I have alleged, and he or she would decide the best option for their client. So, I must assume, there is some subtle action that will now happen to get them an even BETTER deal so that they can keep their oath to the Law Society.

I know! I will pay THEM to let me drop my suit!

I believe now that Mandie was most culpable in the false arrests. As an ex cop and Parking Ticket issuer for three municipalities, Canmore, Aurora, Erin…she should know that a person misleading police for ANY reason is a criminal. So, when she told Det James Ward that I helped out on a gun threat call, and he asked how she learned that, she said one (unnamed, de rigeur) officer on duty June 3, 2017 with her stood listening to me at the picnic tables, bragging about waving a virtual gun at Azilda Robinson in a phone call.

We know she lied because NEITHER Aurora, nor police, registered ANY GUN THREAT CALLS. I have their sworn statements on that.

Her claim is of double value to me because it proves that Detective Ward had a very small captive number of known people to question to confirm exactly what they had heard me say. The fact Detective Ward did not even do THAT SIMPKE TASK, is the ultimate proof of negligent investigation. It is up to the detective to corroborate evidence given them to him by any witness. ANY AND ALL. And cops know that cops are the worst liars in court.
The icing on the cake is that those very officers EACH swore out and signed a statement of what happened that day. And, strangely, not one of them mentioned overhearing a gun threat call being made. ILL POST THEM SOON.

i’ve seen several lawyers make the mistake of assuming that a person MUST say something in order to be a witness. I feel I am stating the obvious when I say it is very often what the person does not say that is more powerful than anything.

For example, I emailed and asked Deputy Chief Andre CRAWFORD whether or not he was related to Mandie CRAWFORD. Instead of simply saying yes or no, he argued whether or not he should be forced to answer such a question.

So by saying nothing, actually saying less than nothing because he argued that he shouldn’t have to say anything at all, he has told me that he obviously is related. I admit he may not have meant to do that, but that is the result of not directly answering a yes/no question. There is nothing more satisfying than making up a question to ask a troublesome witness in court and make it a yes/no question, and then see it go unanswered. Another example would be asking the question “Will you now show me your driver’s license and OHIP card to prove your name is Eddie? “ it does not matter which way she answers I will get the truth. If she says yes and gives me the photo IDs then I get my answer if she says no, and refuses to answer, I know the answer is that she never changed her name.

These are the kinds of questions I will be creating for my seven hours of discovery of Mandie CRAWFORD on her million dollar suit of me. I’ll ask the same question in various ways and then cross check her other answers. There will simply be a long series of yes/no questions which will allow me to have a minimal amount of typing and will give me the maximum amount of true answers. I very much look forward to the first time in four years of meeting Mandie CRAWFORD in person and being allowed to ask direct questions of her. Dedicated readers Will recall that Miss Crawford claimed in her first interview with Detective Jeff Brown that she had introduced herself to me at Townhall. This of course is not true. I had been assaulting her character, her civil service character, for many months and there is simply no way that she would put a smile on her face and walk up to me. After all she claimed, just four months later, to police that she feared me and wore her bulletproof vest to work. Why would she now smile and walk up to me and extend her hand? And the proof is SIMPLY already in the public record. All you need to do is go to the February 15, 2018 council meeting on YouTube  . Why would she now smile and walk up to me and extend her hand? And the proof is simply already in the public record. All you need to do is go to the February 15, 2018 council meeting on YouTube and you’ll notice that in my five minute speech I wore no identification badge of any kind. Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.” If you fall off one bus, you will fall off all buses.” Or something…

Friday June 4, 2021

Mr. Michael Simaan, PARTNER, Kramer Simaan Dhillon LLP today again signed an affidavit despite having NO knowledge or “sources of beliefs” in what he wrote. Most egregiously he SWEARS to Justice Goldstein that I “IGNORED” costs awards. Ms. Adrian has NOT kept him up to date on MY TWO OFFERS TO PAY 100% of costs awards. legal or illegal, in her contingency suit.

So, I must assume, there is some subtle action that will now happen to get them an even better deal so that they can keep their oath to the Law Society.

Today, a shout out to THE VATICAN!

Catholics today should feel bad for the 215 graves at an INDIGENOUS residence school in BC. Ground penetrating radar detected the graves. They buried their mistakes back then. Today, they relocate the kiddie diddlers, they “bury” critics in litigation.


Today, the Catholic Church does not bother to try to hide their mistakes. Catholic leaders simply do whatever they want, because they THINK they control everything. After all, they control child “Altar BOYS” so why not control Bob?

Take the York Region Catholic School Board… even when educating the “digenous”, their OWN kids, they exhibit the mindset of Kamloops. Bury your mistakes. If they were NOT mistakes they will rise again and we shall name it Easter.

So, did Catholics set out to make the sexually reproductive native Canadians into NOT sexually reproductive by adding the preceding “in”? or was it just serendipity they could THINK they were. “Hey, Pope, out in Canada they have these wild people out being digenous all day, they have been sighted digenating EVERYWHERE, and I think we should start schools to make them indigenous.”

The priests rejoiced. They thought the Pope said it was his wish they “indigitate” young boys, and so they did.

So, Mandie received my emails asking Aurora Bylaws to ticket the dozens of parents parking in the bus stops in front of 24 Aurora schools, including York Transit stop #1208, BESIDE Our Lady of Grace school. And as with every other email I sent her, she did the exact opposite to anger me. She was in revenge mode for my reporting her for assault. So, she decides to go to the Catholic school and she works with Principal Ines Donato. She creates a plan to eliminate my complaint. In her mind, flawed or not, if she could discount my word, she could get me arrested again.

and so, Mandie came up with a two step plan.

  • Establish a bogus trespass of me in my own home and trying to enter or leave my neighborhood by car.
  • Get me arrested for violating the trespass

She planned it, and it worked on March 2, 2020.

I had video recorded my most recent experience in Stop #1208 with parents.

Ines Donato called my probation officer and police to report me for trespassing. My PO called me and told me to report to Ms. Bentham right away. I did, but I recorded her confessions. And, still, by March 6, 2020, she had me sent to prison in Lindsay. Thanks, Mr. Pope, your flock never sleeps.

Ms Bentham gave me legal advice… and for FREE!

In their defence of my suit…

The “school site” is defined as “the land”
Did the Residence School students even have a CHANCE with this mentality?

The Pope trespassed me from my HOME!

The Pope CLOSED a parking lot at a York Catholic school as being “UNSAFE”, yet parking AT THE CURB in bus stops is SAFE.

So, they admit Catholic parents CANNOT park safely in a LOT, must park in the street instead

Does it make sense that a school BOARD cannot teach kids parents to use a parking lot SAFELY?

Does it make sense to send unsafe PARKERS out to park in bus stops?

Sure looks like Ms. Donato’s school in Aurora

Thursday June 3, 2021

3 YEARS ago, on this day, Helen had NOT yet retained legal counsel. My slander suit of Helen was May 11, I tried to serve her on the 12th, and 14th, success was 25th. In her arrest (mine) interview, Jaclyn Solomon, was asked when she was FIRST retained.

Within 6 weeks, Ms. Solomon had me arrested on 4 charges, all related to my emails offering to settle the suit for $0.00. She refused to settle for free. Was THIS in the “best interests of her client”? Why she would NOT settle?

To answer that, we turn to Mandie. Her idea was likely that Jaclyn should pretend that I sued AFTER I was arrested ONLY to have SOLOMON to act as a conduit to peak to Helen Clarke. This was quite a suggestion, BUT, Jaclyn participated. She came up with the great idea of stating EXACTLY that in her Small Claim defence. She said I had an ulterior motive to sue. She stated “The Plaintiff brought this suit ONLY to speak to my client through me.”

That was mistake #2, #1 was listening to Mandie. Mistake #3 that Jaclyn GAVE me the Defence originals… the actual printout she then photocopied for herself. Mistake #4 was she used WHITE OUT to cover over the time travel accusation. Yes. Trained paralegal serves an impossible to prove LIE through a failure to check what she shipped out. She claimed to police that “the courier took the wrong package.” Who lets the COURIER chose the packages from her desk. Who put the whiteout copy INTO a package left for a courier? Jaclyn did.

In her July 10, 2018 interview by Det. Ward, Ms Solomon reads into the record MY email to her citing lies of Mandie at my first arrest. How can Det. Ward NOW EVER claim that he did NOT know Mandie had already lied for my arrest in 2017? His KEY witness just READ into the recording how I replied about the lies.

She reads my email to WARD, saying how things were sequenced. I sued Helen May 11, 2018 and she sued me BACK June

“He sued May 11, after his arrest May 30, 2018, to be able to speak to Helen though me.”

And the back story is that Justice Harpur was then led to believe I sued only BECAUSE I was arrested. To firm up the lie, Jaclyn had to swear she was not retained until AFTER I was arrested May 30. Bit that left Helen, professional, business owner… being served May 25.. left it untouched for 2 weeks before she hired Ms Solomon. Not likely since on June 12 and 14 she claimed an “officer of the court” was required to serve it. That is a) NOT true, and b) Not normal language. She was given that script.

Helen originally lied “there was no contract” and then suddenly, innocently she RECALLED signing TWICE.

I have 16 minutes of audio only of Det. James Ward arresting me. It shows the finely honed investigative skills all YRP officers acquire. He slapped handcuffs on me and put me in a cell. Period. 16 minutes, and that is from being greeted at the front door (where he admonished me for not shaking his hand) to being left in a cell.

In those 16 minutes are shown how much time he spent asking questions to prove my mens rea? How did he prepare for court? Simply. He did not even ATTEMPT to ask a single question.

FIVE counts, one of which is LIFE IN PRISON” and he did not seem it necessary to ASK me if I knew the laws of “dissuading a witness” and extortion. It may have been I did not know a self rep in Small Claims should NOT offer to settle for free and an apology. Whatever the reality, Det. Jeff Ward did not make a note of even ONE answer. Because he did not ask even ONE question.

“Brown: This is NOT what the town wants me to do.”

The last 6 arrests involved exactly ZERO questions of me before the cuffs went on.

That is because the video of my INTERVIEW July 14, 2017, by Det Jeff Brown AFTER being arrested is such powerful evidence for my law suit. I set him up to admit multiple times if Aurora, as in the Mayor and Council, was behind the arrest. Of course, he did not want to tell the truth that CAO Nadorozny and Mayor Dawe had JUST been briefed on Brown’s plan and he tacitly agreed the plan should be executed. So, in a failed attempt to fool me, he said the arrest was purely caused by a citizen’s complaint report. That citizen was Mandie. He stated that clearly. Then, in case I did not comprehend, he added “This is NOT what the town wants me to do.”

In one sentence he breached the public’s trust. He outright lied that Mandie presented herself as a “citizen” when he had JUST been called to a meeting by Mayor Geoff Dawe at Town Hall. And his own NOTE BOOK cites the time of the meeting as 11:39 am. And the same not book cites him IMMEDIATELY driving to my houser to arrest me.

Now, I would expect a better plan. If you think you MAY have to lie, one does NOT write that lie out in your own handwriting in your own notebook. This first arrest was a total sham and they gave me the evidence to prove it in disclosure. Even WITHOUT a lawyer, I had the charges dropped in just 112 days. Those were flimsy charges, said the Crown. Except, they did not make a note of WHO complained. They did NOT make a note that the evidence was all false in case she came back a second time.

So, on August 20, 2018, she DID come back and the cops let her make a second run at me. Her previous truthfulness, or lack of same, did NOT make a difference. And what police learned from that was… do NOT interview Lepp, lest he entrap Det. James Ward.

Arresting someone without ONE chance to explain would see to be unfair, BUT, it it IS legal, and so Det. Ward and Det. John Loughry did that 6 times in total. Not even ONE question on whether I knew the laws they charged me under.

Wednesday June 2, 2021

Spoofing the name of a network

if cops ALSO had to send mourners to funerals for people they murdered, they might not do it so often.

It is fascinating to me that only in the past few years has society figured out, tragically, that mentally ill people very often end up dead in an encounter with police. There is growing support for more mental health workers than police. Or pair them up.

This gives me hope. 20% of Canadians suffer from one or more mental illnesses. Check out the people living on each side of you, six people in three homes. At LEAST, one of those people have some type of treatable mental illness. And there are at least one cat and one dog in the three homes.

Have you seen the UFO movies around fighter jets and ships? Did you notice the video is always from a display device, and not from a camera with a lens? That’s because everything is displayed by a computer. Computers are connected to networks to update them.

so, knowing all that, why does no one suspect a software hacker? They’re fun lovers. They love to do stuff like randomly present data to the military weaponry that appears as one or more objects exhibiting other worldly abilitities to turn on a dime and drop below the ocean at thousands of miles per hour.

Mark my words. The aliens are software hacks. It’s the only possible explanation since the odds are against them showing up ONLY when a lens cannot see them. And real film should scare them away as well.

Sometimes I forget to record Kimmel or Colbert. I need a jolt of humor daily. When I forget to record, I watch Fox News to start the day. They are now convincing rednecks that “Fauci cost us a year or two. “Teachers unions destroy our children.” “Black Lives Matter is owned by the Democrats.” Ahhhh, the gales of laughter restore my spirit.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Back in February 2021, KDS and Ms Adrian joined forces with the Defendants’ counsel in my suit to deny me the ability to amend my suit. Notice how she turns dismissing a suit against Mandie as PROOF I am vexatious. She do not know the reason I abandoned Small Claims against Mandie Crawford is because Lloyd’s of London and Aurora TOLD ME TO UPGRADE TO SUPERIOR COURT. Lucas Kittmer, in front of my witness JOCK (ho!), said the claims adjuster had ORDERED him to tell me I was in the wrong court. So I changed up as ordered.

Now, Ms Crawford has both Charles Painter and Gwendolyn Adrian advising her what to do now that she arrested me seven times. She gets help. I pay taxes and I get absolutely nothing since I sued. Good thing I can’t afford my taxes or she would have MORE money for a THRID lawyer. She will need it.



Mandie, June 12, 2017 is BOTH Crawford AND Eddie

She had no need for both.
“MCrawford” just needed to be redirected to media by the IT Staff. She needed to be able to SEND emails as Crawford so she talked then into giving her both.

Monday May 31, 2021

SIX MONTHS ago, two cops pushed past me at my fron door to enter my home without warrants. All of it is on video:

Even though the Police Services Act REQUIRES resolution in 6 MONTHs MAXIMUM… they have done nothing.

The OIPRD says at that they set their limit at 4 MONTHS maximum, so it is 2 months later for OIPRD/

I asked for my complaint to be assigned to another police force.

I asked for the Chief to order a disciplinary hearing since the assigned officer cannot make up his mind.

I asked police locally to handle it, I got no reply.

On Nov-30-2020, at 4:56 PM, Bob Lepp <> wrote:

Det Crown Giordano, cc: DS Heather Bentham, Crown Westgate, Prob. Ofcr. Amin Aris <>
CC: Peter Westgate, Angela Rivet (I would include P.O. Amin Aris but I am not permitted to email him.I ask my counsel to do so for me, I will text him as he approved,  

I am not to contact you, but today 2 police and 2 Town of Aurora Employees came to my house with complaints and they did not start the incident with a call to either my counsel or Probation Officer.. So I was forced to interact and now to communicate their words to you.
A cow fart joke got me in trouble as you will see below. They told me I cannot blog.
In disclosure for the March 4, 2020 charges going to trial , police made notes in a notebook page that they were NOT to take action without your approval, as the Crown was selecting charges against me, not police.
I am not sure how the Crown can do that, how they can they TELL police which charges have been investigated….but Mr, Elder did.
So, police now tell me today they are likely laying more charges without going to my Probation Officer or counsel. Both these people have my Release Order as do I,
Weekls back, I asked my P.O. AMin Arreis for a cop[y of what CPIC has and he did NOT have the release order after J, Dawe amended it June 2020,If you still wanted to approve these new charges, you should get in touch I suppose.
I asked clearly of the officer s“What exactly did I do that violates the orders?”
He replied: “You cannot be blogging, You cannot be on the internet period!”
I include the audio recording of him saying those exact words,
Because, of course, my Release Order does NOT say anything like that, but I can guarantee he was told it does by DS Bentham who sent him on this call,
Please, when police say a cow fart joke gets me arrested.. I must ask for a reset.
Can you meet my counsel?


Do you now why Mandie Crawford filed suit of me in Toronto?

So Newmarket court would NOT notice her collateral attacks.

Today was my target for uploading to Caselines my “Will Says” and witness list for my Tina Duncan’s contempt trial before J. Goldstein. I am trying to get Tina Duncan to agree I did everything on time. Her lawyer will not reply.

The process seems to be a lot like a criminal trial. I get to subpoena Tina, Mandie, Allan, DS Bentham and they will be examined by myself and J. Goldstein. Then I guess he decides how contemptuous it was to publish my opinion on a spite fence.

Tina AND Mandie in BOTH of their suits made claims about my criminal history.,.. all of it generated by 7 arrests by Mandie. This is a civil matter having NOTHING to do with any criminal history, EVEN IF it was all caused by Ms. Adrian’s clients.

Gwendolyn enabled Mandie to arrest me. If Mandie was not “protected” by both the Thin Blue Line AND Kramer, Simaan, Dhillon… she would NOT dare sue me.

See, Ms. Adrian never told Mandie that she had failed to serve the MANDATORY 6 weeks “Notice of Defamation”. Gwendolyn claimed in court filings that she served me such a notice August 29, 2018. I have looked everywhere.

Then, KSD forgot to tell Mandie that she died LATE, as in NOT within 90 days of the alleged defamation in the claim.

Then. KSD forgot to advise Mandie that if the Notice of Defamation cannot be proven as served, the suit itself is ruled invalid out of hand. You must give the accused a chance to apologize and amend his alleged defamation.

Lastly, KDS did not tell Mandie SHE had to pay all costs

But, just as Gwendolyn raced to garnish out pension set the DAY AFTER taking $18,000 fraudulently from J. Schabas.

It is quite odd. I pled SLAPP S.137.1 on both Mandie and Tina. BOTH suits were to STOP until s.137.1 was decided. I had one of each response.

In Eddie’s claim, SLAPP was heard by J. Sossin:


Why did J. Schabas NOT know about s.137.1?

Justice Sossin KNEW how to award costs under s.137.1 – YOU DON’T!


And THEN KSD forgot to send me an Amended Claim.

So, now this morning, I am filing my Amended Defence. It will be updated with all 7 arrests instead of just the one. It will link Tina, Mandie, Marnee, Helen, Jaclyn since they all kind of ganged up on me.


I have the benefit of NOT being an LSO licensee, so I CAN make reference to criminal acts in a civil suit. And I will again point out that the suit by Mandie is a collateral attack by Mandie on my 7 arrests.

Sunday May 30, 2021 – Arrest # 2 of seven(7)

Madie should feel especially proud today…

The bitch left me yesterday…

…and she took Peggy with her. This should make Gwendolyn happy. From December 5, 2019 when she threatened to take all her money, to today, is just 18 months. And so yet another female was rescued from Bob. Film at 11:00 pm.

Finally! The day I time traveled to from May 11, 2018 to sue Helen Clarke so I could use Jaclyn Solomon to talk her out of arresting me. Yes, that was Jaclyn’s defense… I sued Helen May 11 ONLY because I had leapt forward on time and sen my own arrest and figure “Jaclyn can solve this one!” J. Harpur had her repeat the claim just because he could not believe his ears.

Saturday May 29, 2021

New policy: Every document Mandie wants in Discovery in her $1,000,000 suit will first be published here. That way, YOU see it first and YOU can decide what it means.

Simaan, Dhillon’s crack lawyer, Gwendolyn Adrian, will call that a disrespect of the Master. And. She will file a motion to bring an injunction to move forward her motion to strike my pleadings a second time, and she will do it all without finding a rule being violated or caselaw to support her bizarre theory.

At the time of Mandie’s first arrest, I had her written, sworn affidavit for court on the ticket. And of her officers, AND, I had her unsworn video interview by officer Jeff Ward. I transcribed her words. Then I simply compared what she said in each one. If all three did not agree, and hers opposes anyone… I called that a lie. Then I numbered each one. There were 42 on the FIRST arrest alone. The biggie? Me, gun, telephones Azilda Robinson and says that if an officer enters my yard, he’s not leaving. And the Freedom of Information results on what Azilda did with police on that remarkable day. Nothing. Mandie forgot to have Azilda lie for her.

And the most recent? She convinced Jaclyn Solomon and Helen Clarke to “ recall” that three weeks earlier I had SPOKEN Ato Jaclyn in a court room. I got three days in Lindsay for that one during COVID-19 evacuation of prisons. Then, Barry Stork’s testimony came. Three lawyers had me sent to prison based on believing Mandie that her reading of my bail was telling her I could not ever speak to Jaclyn in court. Bizarre. But all three agreed.

I will leave it to Jaclyn Solomon to explain why she forgot for three weeks that I had broken a bale term right in front of her and her two friends. What I can say is that the crown when asked by my lawyer to explain the charges decided to drop them. But the damage that Mandie wanted, losing all my money, that already happened

I created a spreadsheet. I contacted her boss, Legal Director Techa Van Leeuwen, and I offered to meet her off site to hand it over. She refused. Her own boss has a taxpayer saying… “Here are 42 lies your employee just told to the police and the courts….” And she does not want to read them. I’m just not sure what she was thinking.

in her mind Mandie wants my list of 42 lies so she can dispute them all to her lawyer. She will then prove to her lawyer that I was lying when I reported her as lying. There is one flaw in that idea. No one else is going to believe her, especially when they ask for the transcript of the second interview on August 23, 2018 with Detective James Ward. Then you will find another round of lies that she will explain away.

Then you will read HERE her lawsuit against me for $1 million. And you will decide for yourself who is going to win.

and so I present to you “The 42 Lies”…. not yet, you don’t understand the scene of the crime. Luckily I found a few snaps”

And NOW… ladies and gentlemen, 42 lies about what you just saw:


Friday, May 28, 2021

Famous ‘n’ Randy – an old radio show? or a modern DISASTER?

So you don’t think a mentally challenged person can function in the real world without being detected as such for years? The USA has had OVER 170 MASS SHOOTINGS in 2021 so far. These shooters are sane?

For a truly stealthy mental illness, check out Ottawa for proof.

Check out THIS guy…. I am NOT making this up…

Liberal MP William Amos has once again been caught unawares on webcam.

Amos said in a statement posted to Twitter that while he was taking part in a virtual session of the House of Commons the previous day, he “urinated without realizing (he) was on camera.”

He says this was “accidental” and could not be viewed by the public, but was nonetheless “completely unacceptable” and that he apologizes without reservation.

The Quebec MP says he is temporarily stepping away from his role as parliamentary secretary to Industry Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne and from his committee work so that he can get help.

Last month, Amos made headlines around the world after he appeared naked on an internal parliamentary feed of virtual question period.

Amos has said he was changing his clothes after a jog and did not realize his laptop camera was turned on and Bloc Quebecois MP Sebastien Lemire later apologized for taking a screenshot of the moment.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Hi, Jock! Hi, Jock! Hi, Jock! Hi, Jock! Hi, Jock! You were my BEST FRIEND, of the germane persuasion anyway, throughout and deserve to read of the latest minor victories.

STAY IN TOUCH! When you are once again allowed to.

I have requested Ms. Crawford be canvassed for a date from the following ones I have available:

Click the blue text OR click download for your own copy.

I’ve been ordered to give Mandie “ALL of the ALLS”…the Mayor Alls of Erin emails… did you keep a copy?

Oops! Stand by on that last request, I found them Alls! Mayor Alls? I tried to email you but Erin has me blocked, can you change that so I can apologize for being forced to publish your private words to me…. so sorry!



We interrupt the Re-Bob page (CLICK to VISIT) to bring you new revelations!


On December 6, 2019, you sat with Tina Duncan on the bench outside J. Edwards court. Why did yo not fear me as you SWORE to police? Why did Ms Duncan attend when she TO feared for her safety as she asked police to arrest me? Why did you BOTH smirk? Did you find something FUNNY about my arrest that day? How did you KNOW to be there at that PRECISE moment? How did YOU know that when the ONLY person who knew was Daria Morgendorffer who sent me the following emails after Ms Adrian’s letter threatening my wife was blogged in full? I am aware Daria is a client of Ms Adrian as well, but how did YOU know to pick up Tina and come to court without your vest? Did DS Bentham tell you that she could NOT get me picked up the night before as Daria knew? and her Plan B was to arrest me INSIDE the court room?

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Over or Under… 100 mass shooting incidents happened in 2021 so far… Is the real number under 100 or over 100?

Well, I sent off the first hundred questions for Mandie in my seven hours of discovery.

At my trial I was not permitted to ask her one question myself. I had to watch.

ANNOUNCING! New page JUST for the 7 hours of questions…. CLICK HERE!

When J. Rose messed up and temporarily found me guilty of displaying my law suit on my blog, Mandie got to stand there and describe the impact of seeing her own name. Of course she opened with the standard claim of being a heroine in the big flood. Suddenly, she is proud to declare how she got PTSD, shell shock, before the court.

She survived a flood, beat out tens of thousands of Calgarian business ladies, kept Halton Region safe at night, so, she should have no trouble with a few questions from me. I can only reveal one question, just ONE!
…at a time, so here we go!

#1 – What is your full legal name, right now, on your OHIP card? Your drivers license? Thin Blue Line card? Do they all match the name you told your lawyer to put on your $1 million suit against me? The name you swore to at my trial? The one you gave Crown Elder?

#87 – Which of your officers wrote an affidavit about June 3, 2017 that agreed with YOURS that my dogs tripped you?

#92 – Have you ever spoken with Michael Simaan about your mental illness you wrote about in your Press Release to Rogers Television, blogged on BlogSpot to this day!

#100 – Have you stopped arresting me?

See what I did there?

Stay tuned for #101-200!

Wednesday May 26, 2021

3:00 pm

May God bless Masters! For they shall inherit the bench!

Well, enough about me, how about some news about Mandie for a change?

Not only can I now submit AUDIO and VIDEO and DOCUMENTS to Mandie Crawford, I know HOW to get my words into court… a SWORN affidavit.,… I was confused as to its purpose… I thought one lawyer just went to another LAWYER in the firm AND GOT THEM TO SIGN IT. Procedurally. I did NOT realize I could CROSS EXAMINE them!

So, today Ms. Adrian provided SWORN statements from her boss, Partner Michael Simaan, who has NO WAY to know if they are true but he signed them anyway. He cannot know the truth because Mandie has not given HIM an affidavit.

I remind you all, I also have 2 police VIDEO interviews of Mandie. NONE of HER accusations proved truthful and were withdrawn by the Crown. The first was the “42 lies”. I transcribed both to text. There is no way she can remember what she said July 14, 2017. OR, August 23, 2018.

Give me a day… I will take every affidavit supplied to me by Painter or Adrian and write cross examination questions. I know it’s too late but it will establish a baseline of credibility. See, I sued Simaan, a partner, TWICE for the actions of his employee so he’s a bit pissed at me. Boased perhaps. He has NEVER replied. So, I will parse them all and create a spreadsheet of red lies and green truths for my next motion.

Yahoo!…sorry they quit and closed down…. GOOGLE!! Ka-BING!

And it gets better! I get SEVEN HOURS STRAIGHT to ask Mandie Crawford her name, her pet tag statistics at last !

And depression at Halton Region. and her husband’s concurrent Halton force illness so BOTH could elope again to Alberta…. how she got the job, how she lost the job.

Moving to Alberta. ROARING WOMEN from start to finish. WHY DID she shut it down overnight? The world’s BIGGEST women’s support group! GONE in a click of the mouse. Why? was it really an MLM? Were some people suggesting to her that maybe reselling plagiarized business advice works was illegal again? Did she cut a deal to get off?

What happened? Is she still being treated for flood times PTSD? By whom?

Did she ever get treated for the lifetime depression she documents at:


The June 3, 2017 assault and PC Gaudet’s report….

The November 30, 2020 ENTRY WITHOUT A WARRANT. The “wellness check”.

DARIA effing-Morgendorffer exposed at last!

Her ISP ZIngnet, Go Day purchase of and creation of her FATAL email “” she used to expose her IP address to me.

CALGARY! Yes, a Zoom recording of the Mayor putting an end to that lie.

HALTON POLICE – whey did she REALLY leave? Her husband? Did any cops find it odd they both crapped out at the same time?

Volunteer fireman, YMCA, STAPLES!… you know a lot of her franchisees still operate… they MUSt remember her.

THEN the big time, GIVEN a $109,000 job for free WITH NO COMPETITION in far off Aurora where she FAILED to sell dog tags.

The affair with Allan Downey BEFORE the mayor caught on. Did Allan suggest Mandie quit and get a free buy out?

Allan, passing her my emails, across the pillows.

How exactly did Mayor Dawe sign for the final go ahead 11:39 am to DC Jeff Brown that HR Manager Sandra McKenzie arranged. She works for Newmarket now, but she MUST remember. And I have the police reports from when she called in.


The February 27, 2020 AUDIO recording of Heather Bentham claiming in her own voice NO COP IN YORK REGION knew that Crawford was ONCE a cop. You will love this one because DET. Jeff Brown in her FIRST interview had to sit while she bragged about the good old days in the CRUISER on the QEW.

AND DET JAMES WARD … he will have to admit to the Twitter crap she sent him.

and getting my emails GIVEN to her from CROWN ELIZABETH BARNIER to arrest me on.

sitting with Tina watching me getting a heart attack in the court cells December 6, 2019.

Crown Greg Elder lying to his computer that he sent me to LINDSAY PRISON December 6, 2019, to cover up the heart attack he caused in HIS cells.

And David Moull claiming I was mentally challenged and needed an assessment. J. Kenkel agreeing with him

All the “lost” motions I filed.

Leah Anne Goyeau, The Erin Teacher bribed, the pool contractor who heard it, the group she formed to lobby Mayor Alls…. the fact they PAID HER OUT in full. JUST LIKE AURORA DID… well $80,000 anyway.

And if there is time left over I will ask her about her past and why her family THREE DAYS AFTER assaulting me asked her to change to her birth name. Why would they DO that? They were still married. Still ARE married.,,,,, …they were correct to do that by the way. If my son did that stuff, 7 arrests, to someone else, it would be ME to ask him to change his name! NO! I would do it FOR him as his ass crossed doorsill.

Back to our regularly scheduled rant.

Contingency Lawyers.… The AR15 of the 2nd Amendment Crowd…. Yes, they may be legal, but, NO! No one needs one with such firepower. A clip that NEVER EMPTIES!

Join me in Court 10:00 am today, you can all log in as “Friends of Daria” please.

Join Zoom Meeting

Not to be missed, ONE of us shall leave with empty pockets.

Why does she use TWO lawyers? Plausible deniability. Kramer Simaan Dhillon handles anything about her lies. Charles Painter is reserved for only truths.

Between the two, there is no difference, they ALL pretend to not KNOW anything about her actions.

And remember, last Zoom court Mandie texted me…

A common phishing technique to get someone to answer their cell is to make your number appear to be in the same area code and first 3 digits so it looks like a local caller.


Some Non-Evil Uses for Caller ID Spoofing

Thanks to the (USA)  Caller ID Act of 2009, using Caller ID spoofing for causing harm or defrauding someone is a crime. (Telemarketers are also required by the FCC to use an accurate Caller ID number when they call you.)

There are at least three scenarios where you might want to use it:

if your friend is ignoring your calls or is simply notoriously hard to get a hold of on the phone, and you really, really need to get through. You should only use Caller ID spoofing in an emergency case, because once your friend answers and finds out you spoofed the Caller ID, it had better be worth it.

Tuesday May 25, 2021

Today, we remember George Floyd. We try to forget Derek Chauvin clones are in our own town. We marvel how the USA, the MOST LITIGIOUS NATION EVER… has completed the murder trial in much LESS than one year.

I mistakenly typed “Helen” in a fake Daria Morgendorffer Google review and after THREE years it is not YET through Ontario’s bunged up court system. So many false suits and delaying tactics in Toronto drag the system to a near halt..

Three years ago today, I served Helen Clarke a $10,000 suit for slander.

It took Mandie just five days to show Mandie how to have me arrested by DS Heather Bentham. Heather claimed my dog attack email to herself, and DC Jeff Brown, and Mayor Dawe, and all Councillors… was ACTUALLY meant ONLY to harass Helen.

it took two years to complete the trial which I am now perfecting tomorrow in the Court of Appeal.

And, in real time, tomorrow, MANDIE HERSELF wants my Defence to HER $1 million suit STRUCK because she claims I have been a bad, bad boy. Yes, this suit was COLLATERALLY FILED with my arrest August 23, 2018.

The arrest was on indictable charges, so I underwent a “Preliminary Inquiry” where J. Halikowski heard several days of her accusations and my defence of same. His decision? I was very trying, I needed to attend a trial. But first, he had to schedule me into a Judicial Pre-Trial before Justice Fuerst, Senior Regional Justice Fuerst October 16, 2018.


And THAT is where Mandie’s bogus claims DIED. Shot DEAD! by J. Fuerst who called in Senior Crown, Peter Westgate, to take a gander at what Crown Elder had concocted. With Westgate’s learned counsel, Crown Elder three up his hands and withdrew Mandie’s charges,,, ALL OF MANDIE’S charges HAD JUST ENDED and so her name should have been dropped from my recognizance in the same November 13, 2018 when J. Fuerst reminded the Crown to do so.

When i saw that Crown Greg Elder REFUSED J. Fuerst’s orders, I scheduled an identical motion to SCO J. Dawe on December 11, 2018. He heard my plight and he AGREED with me. he ALSO ordered Crown Greg Elder AGAIN to take Mandie’s name off all my recognizances. Two Superior Court Justices. Same order. Same refusal to correct and remove Mandie forever.

THEN, after the same J, Dawe heard my Bail review on the March 4, 2020 arrest, he CITED ELDER again for TWICE refusing to drop Crawford’s name.

AND THEN, he cited Crown Elder and every justice I have seen for illegally COPY/PASTING the 80 word “not to mention” scam naming 3 women and one business. NONE were in any danger. NONE had been threatened in anyway. NONE had a phone call from me. NONE saw me in person. ALL 4 had ONLY 2 emails May 10 and 11, 2018,

So, come March 4, 2020, Crown Elder had put Mandie BACK into recognizances even though she had NO OUTSTANDiNG charges against me. And Elder did it with the same 80 word QUOTED term he had been supplying in a “draft order” as copy/paste material for every justice I have seen.

You can’t do that, or you’re not SUPPOSED to get caught anyway, …you can’t have a judge simply QUOTE the exact proposed words from the 3RD LEG IN THE TRIBUNAL, the Crown. The more clever justices change a word here and there at least. But no, for ME… every justice just rubber-stamped it as if they had written it themselves.

So, Mandie has had Mr Elder in her corner throughout. He was so angry at ME, that he ignored TWO SCJ’s orders.

What kind of influence on the Crown did it take to make Elder WANT to risk his career obstructing justice, ignoring TWO SUPERIOR COURT JUSTICES just one month apart?

Was it just (Acting) Deputy Crown David Moull, also very upset with me? Crown Westgate? He’s the senior guy and maybe he held some dirt on Elder to make him refuse the two orders?

The Attorney General? My MP, COVID queen Christine Elliott? King Doug Ford? They ALL were asked to help me out,,, did they get THEIR revenge on me in THIS way?

Yes, after arresting me seven times on her words only…Mandie Crwaford now wants me shut up in HER suit. It is 2.5 years old and not YET set for trial. Two full years late FAILING to get on the trial list, and just now she’s claiming my Defence is worthless. Where was that claim in November 2018?

Did It REALLY take two years to decide my Defence is so pathetic it should be tossed? One has to move to strike EARLY… VERY early. Not 2.5 years later.

No, Ms Adrian is desperately hoping to make big contingency money and striking my Defence is her last hope in a fatally flawed suit. Her suit was NEVER legal because she failed to serve me a notice of defamation within six weeks. And she exceeded the 90 day complaint limit. And she failed to cite every alleged defamatory remark.

Mandie, who worked undercover with Detective Ward using Tweets to receive evidence…. That Mandie.. NOW wants me shut up replying to her false claims filed too late without the mandatory notice of defamation. Oh, and NOT within the 90 day limit. In the wrong court. With her wrong surname.
it’s worth repeating. Like a pork and beans casserole.

Speaking of repeats… this video is mere moments after she assaulted me, you remember her testimony… I was screaming and swearing at her from the picnic benches for hours. With zero witnesses.

Apple Auto Correct gets me arrested… a death threat emerges from my keyboard… Mandie morphs to Man! Die! for some reader(s) anyway…

Mandie’s boyfriend exempts his friend from paying education taxes of $40K annually…

Mandie, on Tuesday, May 26, 2021 seeks to “Strike Defendant’s Defense” in her $1,000,000 suit against me

You wil recall August 23, 2018 when Mandie accepted a stolen email from me to her boyfriend, Allan Downey wherein I advised him of Mandie’s experiences in Erin. She also took a copy of my email to my friend, Mayor Allan Alls of Erin. With these two stolen copies she had me arrested even though she was TOLD by police to go back to both Towns and get legal copies of my personal emails. She never did and so DS Bentham’s guys are guilty of “negligent investigation”. They KNEW the emails were illicitly obtained and they did NOTHING except arrest me without ANY legal evidence in hand. And the Crown as well saw no legal evidence.

But it gets worse.

Her “public mischief” resulted in my arrest and incarceration August 23, 2018 and AGAIN a week later August 31, 2018. I spent the night on a stainless steel cell bench without my CPAP machoine, a life saving device. BUT, ONLY because she was permitted to charge me falsely, she also got her name, well her AKA name anyway, put on the “Do not mention” list August 23, 2018. And then within the following 8 days she found 5 breaches wherein I did indeed blog about her. BUT, NOT in any online media.

Why does this matter?

Because… I am perfecting my appeal of those alleged breaches as convicted by J. Harpur, one was the Daria Morgendorffer Google Business Review.


And all I need do is include this bizarre abuse of the courts. And Helen was coached on video to NOT say “contract” in testimony. Together, these facts will result in every conviction by J. Harpur being reversed.

Then all that remains to reverse is the December 6, 2019 “heart attack in the cells” arrest. The evidence for that was a single threatening letter by Mandie’s lawyer, Kramer Simaan Dhillon’s crack employee Gwendolyn Adrian telling me Tina Duncan would finish taking ALL may pension and then she would go after me soon-to-be-ex-wife, aka STBEW.

Right dead centre in Adrian’s letter she typed “Mandie EDDIE” as her OTHER client who would ALSO come after STBEW’s pension.

Now, the more clever readers will say: “Hang on! How can Adrian represent BOTH Tina Duncan, aka “Fence Builder”, AND Mandie EDDIE, aka”Fence Approver”?.

The answer is actually even simpler than you may expect.

She can’t.

Her license to practice from the Law Society of Ontario does not permit a conflict of interest THAT huge. I know this from experience.

At my trial, my defence counsel was declared by J. Harpur to be in a conflict of interest with WITNESS Jaclyn Solomon and she could don’t work for me in my trial. I had to do all my defense on my own. My Charter Right to a fair trial simply disappeared because a “conflict of interest” existed.

Then, I was SUED due to a self-inflicted “conflict of interest” by Kramer Simaan Dhillon of Toronto. Partners Michael Simaan and Amandeep Dhilllon REFUSED to help me. I send them email after email but they never answer.

Help is on the way May 26, 2021:

Kramer Simaan Dhillon, aka KSD, scheduled May 26, 2021 before Master Sugunasiri:

Time: May 26, 2021 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 660 8105 6461

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Master Sugunasiri invited me, you can come too!

Now, when I filed a “Dismiss suit for delay”, KSD said that “a Master cannot rule on that.” But, I sent them the law and now they know a Master is fine. And THIS Master is the FINEST!

All justices, masters and judges are ex-lawyers, or should be. And so there are career biographies, LinkedIn and articles and books related to every person on the bench. Master Sugunasiri has had a rich, lengthy legal career.

She has a full background including a stint on the Law Society’s Discipline Committee. She may have heard the odd story of lawyers not quite topped up with ethics.

And, she writes books, she co-authored a book with J. Todd Archibald titled:

Ontario Superior Court Practice: Annotated Rules & Legislation, 2021 Edition + Annotated Small Claims Court Rules & Related Materials Volume + E-Book – Student Edition

Ontario Superior Court Practice provides annotated Ontario rules of civil procedure highlighting the crucial information and principles you need to argue on the fly. The clear, well-organized statements of the current civil law and practice are often cited in the lower courts and by the Court of Appeal. This is a student edition. by Todd Archibald (Author) P. Tamara Sugunasiri (Author)

I recall meeting J. Archibald in May 2019 in Toronto Court with KSD’s Adrian. J. Archibald heard my motion pleading Tina Duncan’s suit was a SLAPP suit per s.137.1 of the Courts of Justice Act. So, he put us on his docket for August that year to get it rolling.

But, J. Schabas showed up instead and he did not know how to spell SLAPP. Ms KSD came prepared to argue there was some other reason for Duncan’s suit. J. Schabas ran out of time and never heard my motion, not a single word and he called for costs submissions. Ms Adrian asked for $18,000 for NOT arguing in defence of s.137.1

J. Schabas did not KNOW that defense of a s.137.1 motion CANNOT (usually) be awarded costs EVEN IF THE DEFENCE SUCCEEDS.

In my case, pun intended, J. Schabas decided he liked KSD’s spunk for asking for $18,000 for NOT saying a word and to celebrate, he awarded her every penny she asked for. Now I go to Ottawa, to the Supreme Court for an appeal of Duncan’s suit.

Between Gwendolyn’s MASSIVE conflict representing BOTH Spite Fence Builder and Spite Fence Approver and THEN accepting $18,000 in an illicit costs award AND THEN TWICE refusing my offers to pay her 100% of what she had been awarded.. with a day one BALLOON payment of said $18,000… well, one has to examine her motives.

Why would KSD, a TORONTO firm, sue an Aurora taxpayers for an Aurora employee in TORONTO Court instead of Newarket? Then Gwendolyn takes that $18,000 order and NEXT BUSINESS DAY she faxes it in to TD Bank downtown Mississauga and they freeze OUR accounts, STBEW’s and mine, and she gets $4,000 of PURE CPP and OAS deposited the day before.

She did not Gove me even ONE business day to meet and discuss payment options. Being a lawyer, Gwendolyn felt EVERYONE has $18,000 in cash lying around unused.

Did KSD do ANYTHING correctly? Well, maybe the Law Society PERMITS next day garnishment of BOTH our perusal and business accounts. So, I do a “ “payment plan” command in the Google and that tells me all KINDS of stuff lawyers must use Payment Plans for:

2021 Annual Fee COVID-19 Deferral Option

Repayable Allowance Program

” In 2001, the Law Society of Ontario established the Repayable Allowance Program (RAP), a program offering financial assistance to lawyer licensing candidates registered in the licensing process who demonstrate need and have exhausted all other sources of funds. The RAP is a loan program of last resort for lawyer licensing candidates who are struggling to pay their licensing fees during the licensing process. The maximum repayable allowance permitted is $5,000 per candidate per calendar year, to a lifetime maximum of $10,000 per candidate.”

The LSO wants LOTS of “Friends of the Court”, even if they are broke… Defendants? NOT so much!

Lawyers can get discounted fees:

Contingency Fees

In litigation matters where contingency fees are permitted, the contingency fee agreement must be in writing and, when between a lawyer and client, must comply with the Solicitors Act and its regulation, O. Reg. 195/04 Contingency Fee Agreements. 

4.6.2 Contingent Fees and Contingent Fee Agreements

Lawyers shall not enter into contingent fee arrangements with clients except in accordance with the provisions of Rules 3.6-1 and 3.6-2 of the Rules.

Where the contingency fee agreement is between a lawyer and client, under the Solicitors Act, the client may agree to have an award of costs or costs obtained as part of a settlement paid to the lawyer (i.e., in addition to the fee payable under the contingency fee agreement), provided that this is outlined in the contingency fee agreement and the agreement has received judicial approval [Commentary to r. 3.6-2 of the Rules]. 

Do They Eat Their Own?

“The (LSO) MEMBER was an assistant crown attorney at the relevant times.”



IN THE MATTER OF the Law Society Act;   

AND IN THE MATTER OF John Andrew Agnew Johnston, of the City of Thunder Bay, a member of the Law Society .

Conduct unbecoming – Criminal convictions – Obtaining for consideration sexual services of a minor

Conduct unbecoming – Criminal convictions – Assault

Sexual Misconduct – Obtaining for consideration sexual services of a minor

Adjournment – Pending appeal of criminal conviction

Penalty – Disbarment

The member was charged with conduct unbecoming a barrister and solicitor in that he was convicted criminally on September 20, 1996, of two counts of obtaining for consideration the sexual services of a person under the age of 18 years (K.G. and S.K.) and on June 9, 1997, of one count of assault.

The member was an assistant crown attorney at the relevant times.

He appealed against the convictions for sexual misconduct, and the respective sentences, to the Court of Appeal for Ontario.  That appeal was dismissed by a unanimous panel.

At the outset of the hearing, an adjournment was requested by the member’s counsel in order to allow the member to seek leave to appeal his convictions to the Supreme Court of Canada. The request was denied.  The member was not in attendance at the hearing.

In relation to the first count of sexual misconduct, the trial judge did not believe the member’s evidence that he did not know K.G., an under-age prostitute, or that he did not obtain her sexual services for money.  The trial judge found that on two occasions, in his home, in the presence of another prostitute, the member obtained sexual services from K.G. for money while she was under the age of 18 years.  The member was convicted and sentenced to three months imprisonment in relation to this count.


In relation to the second count, the trial judge did not believe the member who, while admitting to knowing S.K. professionally in his capacity as the crown attorney who prosecuted the rape trial in which she was the complainant, denied that he attempted to obtain the sexual services of S.K, another under-age prostitute.  The trial judge found that S.K. met the member at his house after the trial which had gone badly for S.K.  She was upset. The member gave her and another under-age prostitute $200 each and stated that he wished to have sex with S.K.  It was only because S.K.’s boyfriend arrived unexpectedly at the member’s house that the member did not have sex with her.  The member was convicted and sentenced to two months imprisonment, consecutive to the first count.

“THere IS a god!”

Here’s good advice:

“..a motion… to strike pleadings MUST BE MADE PROMPTLY”

It says: “In Dosen v. Meloche Monnex Financial Services Inc. (Security National Insurance Company) (Ont CA, 2021) the Court of Appeal noted the a motion under R21.01 to strike pleadings must be made promptly:

Mandie sued November 9, 2018 and it is now May 23, 2021. Is this “Promptly”. We shall see.

[71] Case law is clear that delay in bringing a motion under r. 21.01, including r. 21.01(3)(d), can be a sufficient ground to dismiss the motion. In Fleet Street Financial Corp. v. Levinson, [2003] O.T.C. 94 (S.C.), Rouleau J. (as he then was), stated, at para. 16: The obligation to act promptly is clear and the failure to bring a rule 21.01 motion promptly can, in the appropriate circumstances, be the basis for the judge exercising his discretion pursuant to rule 21.01 not to grant the relief sought.

Be prompt or go home!

Mandie Supplies The Answer

I always wondered how I would prove that Mandie convinced Helen to arrest me. I never thought it was Helen’s original thought to do that, and so I wondered how I would prove Mandie was behind it in court. I think I found the answer. In her own blog, she talks about helping women that are not as strong as she is. In her blog, she posted an article entitled “Coming Clean – part 2”. She had been listening to the radio and heard a Rogers spot on violence against women. She thought about her own background and decided to write a press release about herself talking about her experiences. It makes for some very interesting reading.

Here is the link so you can read the text yourself: and there are dozens of her thoughts to be read there.

Mandie wrote and distributed:

“May 12, 2010 – Coming Clean – part 2” – A Canada-Wide Press Release

Almost two years ago – I stepped out and posted a blog about stepping into my own power. ( See this blog “A Roaring Woman coming clean”

Yesterday after hearing a compelling campaign to end violence against women on 660 news – part of the Rogers Mega Communication company, I decided it was time to step a little closer to the plate.

I issued the following press release – and it has been met with media coverage.  The link to the media coverage is below.  It is time now, to ROAR – not just about business but about life!

Communications company gives victim and business leader courage to speak up”

Violence has affected even the leaders in our society

“…It changes who we are

On May the 9th a communications giant announced a campaign to end violence against women.  It was then that Mandie Crawford realized it was time to speak up and reveal a 35 year old secret that very few knew – that continues to affect her daily. Crawford is the former Business Woman of the year (2010) for Calgary Alberta and also former Police Officer of the Year (2000) for Oakville Ontario.
As a young teen she had treated her sexual abuse and molestation as a skinned knee.  It was not nearly as important – or so she thought – as the death her Aunt experienced from the same abuser.  Both were violence against women.
“This violence has affected myself and my family for over 35 years.  It was a life changing event for me – that left unreported resulted in the violent death of my Aunt –

and over 3 decades of sadness and loss for my family” says Crawford.  
“I have heard – and silently supported ending violence against women ever since – but I have never gone public with my story for fear of making my family and others uncomfortable.”   After hearing this campaign launched by a communications giant – she decided it was time to speak up.“Violence – no matter how small the victim may perceive it – is never small.  It changes who we are”, continues Crawford –

who despite battling depression her entire life,

“…until leaders like myself….speak out… – how can we expect the less assertive to report the crimes against them? Victims are often silent because they… don’t believe the justice system can protect them

So, Mandie knew Helen was much less assertive than herself and she jumped in to help maybe? That makes total sense to me. Principal Ines Donato of Our Lady of Grace School may also be “less assertive” than Mandie felt she should be. So when Mandie and Helen and Jaclyn called my probation officer telling her that police were investigating Principal Donato’s trespass accusations, it made sense that Mandie had encouraged her to stand up and trust the justice system.

“…. Victims are often silent because they do not want to appear victims, are afraid of reprisals from the perpetrator, don’t believe the justice system can protect them and are even afraid they will be blamed (or blame themselves) for the event(s).Crawford admits that the silence from victims has to end.  
“Yes there is awareness –however until leaders like myself step up to the plate and speak out – and let other women know it has happened to people like myself – how can we expect the less assertive to report the crimes against them.  How will we address this problem head on if so any of us remain silent”.  Moving forward, Crawford cites that there is a book in the works – but has not yet decided when to release it.  “My sole purpose today is to have the courage to speak up – so others will have the courage to do the same”
Mandie Crawford is the President of Roaring Women Ltd – Canada’s premier business support organization for women.  She was voted Calgary Business Woman of the Year in Calgary for 2010.  She was also awarded Police Officer of the Year (2000) in Oakville Ontario as a police officer with Halton Regional Police Service.  She was also awarded a Citizen Hero award from Haldimand Norfolk Police in 1995 for identifying and reporting a sexual predator while on a hike in Simcoe Ontario.
She is the mother of four children – one of whom recently testified as a result of her own sexual assault.  Details cannot yet be released as the case is awaiting the courts decision.
Mandie Crawford is living outside of Calgary AB, can be reached for interview or comment using the contact data below.Mandie Crawford
Rogers media has picked up the release and broadcast this as a top story all day May 10th 2012 Here is their link on the web to a short written piece:–business-leader-encourages-victims-to-come-forward-after-morning-for-changePosted by Hear me Roar at 4:30 PM 

Surprise CNN Alert

“Lying on reports is a common part of policing”

Mandie Crawford was/is a cop. She enjoys protection from The Thin Blue Line in Newmarket York Regional Police where Det Sgt swears no cop knew Mandie was one of them.

Now it all makes sense

Alert within an alert!
Black man murdered by NC police, no charges will be laid

Cops Lie

North Carolina Prosecutor Womble announced he will not charge any of 7 officers who murdered Andrew Brown and stated: “An officer can tell you to shutoff the engine. If you start it up again, police are authorized under law to murder you.”

That should trouble any human being. But many will applaud another clever police force. Instead of a trial to decide death, one prosecutor’s opinion will do for a black man.

Womble based his opinion on Supreme Court “case law” in other decisions. He found one where a man was shot in a moving vehicle. So same for Mr. Brown. He found others where a moving car was used as a weapon. He put the two together. Brown was in a moving car so cops shot him.


This was a swat team type of failed arrest. A truck full of officers raced to Browns home on a warrant to arrest him on unrelated charges. Rifles drawn and aimed. In ten seconds TOTAL from touching pavement, police murdered Brown.
Brown was already in his car as the cops and raised rifles came at him. He turned slightly left and tried to leave. He was shot in the back of the neck. No tires were injured. There were several bullet holes in Brown’s car.

Womble said “once it is perceived the vehicle could be a weapon, they can murder the driver. The vehicle could be going forward, backward or stationary.

They had descended en mass to scare him into arrest. Instead he tried to leave when he was murdered.

Womble asserted that once they had a warrant, they were legally required to shoot him to keep him under arrest. He claims the law DEMANDS he not let that person run away to be caught another day. And in his twisted logic, the cops were simply following the law.

We now return to the Alert you were reading when this Alert came along.

I am writing my appeal of J. Harpur’s sentence for the Ontario Court of appeal.

I found the perfect case law I HOPE will happen to me: (Para [87] is the punchline!)


Anyway, a review of my evidence forces me to focus on precise details of the trial. Like, who is Daria Morgendorffer?

She seemed to know everything about me.

What I could not have guessed at trial is how Mandie seemed to know everything I was doing. She had not revealed herself as Daria Morgendorffer yet so it did not dawn on me it was her all along. At trial, I assumed either Helen or Mandie was behind Daria’s Google Review, I became focused on that.

Mandie Used Allan Downey and DS Heather Bentham As Her Pipeline to My Activities!

Meanwhile, Mandie knew everything from emails I sent Allan Downey or DS Bentham. So, on March 23, 2018 I said to Allan Downey….

Allan of course took it home for Mandie, or emailed it straight to her. We know this because Mandie sued me based on an email I sent to Allan telling him what Mandie was doing in Erin. Mandie printed out Allan’s personal email FROM me and gave it to Mandie to sue me. AFTER she arrested me on it August 23, 2018.

Which makes sense really. When on July 14, 2017 Mayor Dawe approved that Mandie should go interview with DC Jeff Brown get me arrested at that Town Hall meeting July 14, 2017 at 11:39 am (per DC Brown’s own notebook) it was because Mandie had planned revenge for my assault charge on her June 4, 2017. She and Allan began flouting Aurora ethics principles that April, canoodling… ca-flouting the rules even…perhaps binding over a common dislike of me.

When she was “transitioned to a non-employed status” in Aurora, while pre-“running out of work” in Erin, she STILL had access to all my emails since Allan had always been a common recipient for my emails.

That arrest, under CC s.301 Publish Defamatory Libel… was detected at Pre-trial by Senior Regional Justice Fuerst as being worthy of a second look by her friend Crown Peter Westgate. her honour had him brought before her and suggested he do some looking at the ridiculous charges….

  • August 23, 2018 5 Counts:
  • (5) The unconstitutional cc s.301 Defaming Mandie to the Erin Mayor, my friend Allan ALLS, and FOUR more charges that by emailing Jaclyn Solomon offering to settle for a simple apology for slander by Helen… Mandie had pointed out to Det. Ward that I was trying to settle my Small Claim for slander against Helen. So, she says, he should take those emails and arrest me for attempting to dissuade a witness by settling with Jaclyn.
  • (1) “Extortion, cc. 346(1.1)b” said Mandie… trying to force Jaclyn to pay me money to settle my suit.
  • (3) Attempt to dissuade a witness (Helen) cc. s139.2 (the one indictable charge MIXED IN with a Summary Charges trial.
  • (2) “Extortion, cc. 346(1)1b” AGAIN! of Helen this time, said Mandie. “with intent to obtain money, induce Helen Clarke to pay money”
  • (4) Harassing cc. 372(4) Jaclyn by emailing her to settle my claim against her client, Helen

Mr Westgate communicated all that to Crown Elder and the charges were withdrawn. No evidence of any crimes.

Mandie took that same stolen email from Mayor Alls and she sued me November 9, 2018 for $1,000,000.

Despite there being absolutely no evidence to support the Criminal charge, she made the SAME accusation in a Civil suit COLLATERALLY with her arrests. She double dipped, I guess all civil servants do that.

It remains:

Mandie would have been ineffective arresting me WITHOUT ALLAN DOWNEY feeding her my emails.

If Allan had honoured the Ethics Guidelines.… well even if he HAD NOT… no ethics violations were “FOUNDED”.

Aurora Paid $20,000 to “investigate” just 5 complaints.. ALL were closed as UNFOUNDED

York Regional Police and Aurora enjoy perfect records when it comes to complaints.

“Principles Integrity” makes a fortune CLOSING complaints. $4,000 per closing of the $20,000 2021 budget pans out.



Here is one that sounds suspiciously like mine:

Punchline?: “Unfounded”, or, “before an Ethics Commisioner existed” – Fuhgedaboudit!

Complaint #3
In November 2019 a complaint was filed alleging that all of Council, and individual members in particular, had

improperly interfered in operational matters including by-law enforcement and licensing; (Mayor Tom told Mandie to approve Tina’s fence)

had failed to encourage respect for Town by-laws; (Council refuses to order a door to door canvas to sell 14,000+ pet tags for $350,000 ANNUALLY)

had improperly invoked police intervention; (July 14, 2017 11:39 am Town Hall Board Room, Mayor Geoffrey Dawe and CAO Doung Nadorozny and Legal Director Van Leeweun green light officer Jeff Brown to arrest me in 2 hours.)

bribed an individual; (Mayor Tom and Parks Manager Jim Tree offer bribes to Helen Clarke)

directed by-law enforcement activities for improper purposes, in order to benefit friends; (Mayor Tom orders Tina’s fence approved)

and alleging incomplete election campaign financial filings. (Mayor Geoff Dawe failed to preoperly complete Ontario Government Election Fraud forms to identify company names and addresses and names of directors who PAID him election money)

In thoroughly reviewing each allegation, we determined that most matters related specifically to operational decisions which had been appropriately taken, and that the remainder were beyond our jurisdiction or significantly out of time, arising from facts occurring well-before our appointment as Integrity Commissioner.

Why can a professional ETHICSITITIAN NOT retroactively rule on BRIBERY? He was paid $20,000 and he had time… why not toss out an opinion of Jim Tree and Mayor Mrakas BOTH offering Helen Clarke a bribe of “wood chips tomorrow” if she agreed to write a letter to COUncil disparaging me?

Ethics Complaint: Mayor Tom Mrakas


Ethics Complaint: Parks Manager Jim Tree


Why not go out on a limb and say “This looked fishy, a senior staff AND A CURRENT MAYOR called up Helen and said they could get her free wood chips THE NEXT DAY in exchange for disparaging me and everything I did to get $80,000 for a new dog park.

How did they BOTH know they could deliver chips NEXT DAY?

Simple: They had insider knowledge of Allan Downey’s plan to patch up the gates and mud on December

So, there you have it. My taxes PAID these people to PAY a commissioner who DID NOTHING when I gave them MULTIPLE SERIOUS ethics violations. Then, my taxes PAID them all to have police arrest me and I PAID THOSE POLICE too from my taxes.

Between Marnee as a Behaviour Specialist and a $20,000 Ethics Commissioner, Aurora still felt I was to be punished.

I PAID for myself to be arrested.