Trial July 24, 2019 – When children lie for their parents, aka “Sins of The Mother”

DISCLAIMER: Before any of you think I am taking advantage of a child, all children discussed are over 25.

I guess if I really needed one, my son would lie for me. I hope he would anyway. And if he did, I would fully expect that someone might try to prove that fact to me. One can’t ask a child to lie and then NOT think that the child is now exposed to the criminal charge of perjury. One cannot lie in court, to police or when sworn in anywhere. She swore to tell the truth.

On May 25, 2018 in Canine Commons parking lot, I served my Plaintiff’s Claim, suing for $5,000 as compensation for slandering me to all of my town’s Council and staff on May 10 in an email. Service was refused twice. May 12 in the park, May 14, 2018 I sent my son to serve it at a commercial business address. He announced he had what one had refused to take at the dog park, the law suit one told police in her video complaint interview she knew ALL about. “You have nothing for me.”, then a closed door.

11 days later, I said “It’s all explained here”, I was waving a sheet of paper, and as I guessed, one was refusing again so the law says I can just drop it in front of an adult for personal service. A phone was used by one to video record our conversation.

Stop right there!… in court, sworn, BOTH swore I scared them. Physically scared them. And one simply kept working and exposed her child to my camera and my voice. Why?

Would YOU leave a daughter ALONE to deal with ME?

No, you would not. You would shoo your kid away and deal with me, adult to adult. But I was left with a CHILD alone, so one could go get more dogs. Everyone there KNEW I was harmless. I had just been helping us to get a new dog park for $80,000.

No one took out any car keys, no one ever got near a car door, never tried to open a car door, never started an engine, never put it into gear, never moved a car one millimetre, NEVER tried to drive out.

Yet, BOTH swore in court that they watched me BLOCK them in so they could not get away.

Can you see the flaw?

Well, of course, no one had any video of that happening. JUST AS I ALLEGEDLY BLOCKED, one pointed the camera at the ground, as in…. “No one should see THIS happening.”

AND my video shows me and my car BESIDE the company van at all times and NEVER EVEN NEAR where they were loading.

BOTH claimed one tried to leave in a red car and could not because I had opened my door BESIDE the commercial van.

Of course, maybe they meant something ELSE, but they BOTH swore NEITHER could GET OUT.

In a complaint video interview by Det. James Ward, one swears wanting to get out of the parking lot and could not get out.

May 25, 2018 – Canine Commons parking lot personal service for slander – DO THESE PEOPLE SOUND OR ACT PHYSICALLY AFRAID OF ME??

Did anyone call police for help? No, one claims to have called 9-1-1 and told them to NOT send anyone, as if anyone could believe that to be true.

If you are not aware, police will come to a 9-1-1 call who hung up by mistake. Police will NEVER ignore a 9-1-1 call for help for people afraid of a large man and two 70 pound dogs. The fact no police arrived, and no 9-1-1 call was registered that day, means for certain I was lied to, just to harass me further. They wanted me “afraid” that police would come arrest me again.

Go find my video. Listen to the voices… is this a fearful voice in any way? A timid voice? Does it sound like someone fears me for any reason? NO, I am NOT in charge, they tell ME what to do, and as final proof, I am left alone with one, and the other goes back to loading dogs into the red car. There is no fear of me expressed whatsoever. No fear I will harm a child. I am left alone 100 meters away from all dogs.


Does anyone sound fearful of me? Does anyone call a boyfriend over for protection? Does one walk away? Does one hide behind the van?

No, no one does any of these things a fearful person would do. No one demonstrates what a fearful person would do. I am a “dog person” and one knows it. Everyone KNOWS I got the dog park the ONLY MONEY ever, $80,000 to make a NEW dog park. Brand new.

ll park users knew exactly how I behaved, but when they got to police, and when they got to court they lied about me. People just lied they were afraid of me. They all pretended to think an “officer of the court” must serve a law suit. Those are the words from who knows who… someone who did NOT know claims can be served by the Plaintiff himself, that was the level of knowledge of Small Claims procedures.

As you all know, once a person starts to lie, they have to remember EVERY lie at EVERY moment. And one forgot I had my video. And one forgot to review it AND a second angle video before testifying July 24, 2019 at my trial. How coincidental that no one reviewed the video mentioned in the subpoena. Police served my subpoenas.

They testified they were so afraid of me, yet they handled the entire service, even climbing up to yell some more at me over the roof of the company can, while one went to the park to get more dogs for the red car. They told Det. James Ward: “I do not know what he is capable of.”

No one has any video of it, of when one allegedly tried to drive the red car out and could not because of my open door.

They pretended they had called 9-1-1 because they “feared me” and then told the dispatcher “But, do not send an officer to help us against that guy we called you several times about for two years now.”

They swear they called 9-1-1, said a scary guy from their past was there yelling at them, and then they told police: “NO COPs!” and the 9-1-1 operator did NOT send one. As if 9-1-1 operators don’t know perps often threaten callers in the middle of the call. The cars would have been rolling INSTANTLY they referenced previous scary complaints.

But, when they left, I stayed with my dogs, waiting in the park for 45 minutes to speak to the cops they claimed to have called.

Instead, one had called a citizen instead. He came up to the picnic table and threatened me. Then he left. He told me not to talk to anyone he knows again.

No cops ever came, because they were never called. I asked.

Anyway, I called as a witness everyone who was a witness to the entire thing. I hoped they would just tell the truth as shown in my video.

My questions were answered ALL politely. No one had a memory of anything I asked about. Nothing rang a bell with them.

But, then Crown Greg Elder asked the questions, and all failing memory healed on the spot.

Suddenly they recalled days of the week, which Thursday of the month it was that one started treatments TWO years before. It all came rushing back, just a few minutes earlier and I would have gotten some truth.

I have taken every page of the sworn testimony in court and highlighted the lies and miss-statements. Contradictions.

It is obvious Crown Greg Elder coached them. They knew every answer he wanted them to say. Just like Det, James Ward coached one on what a contract looks like. They got professional coaching and it did NOT include how to not be so obvious when denying they knew anything I needed them to know.

So, read the testimony yourself now, order a transcript. Consider what troubles they now have at the trial in November. They have to remember to lie the same exact lies.