7 Arrests, You Decide

The common elements in every arrest were:

  1. No interview of ANY kind recorded before the arrest, and
  2. The same 4 people came back again and again despite repeated failures to tell the truth,
  3. There was no evidence on the Disclosure disc at first appearance.
  4. The Crown REFUSED to meet and refused to accept ANY documentary evidence of my innocence.
  5. Failed charges from the previous arrest were all proven false.

Remember, the reason was that I had simply used the Google, and I had tripped over my town’s “new hire” employment policies and histories which were brand new perhaps. I think they failed to background check new hires. My town had to eliminate me from telling these facts to taxpayers and Council. Because then Council would call for an investigation of every employee’s background checks.

The 3 were always named on Recognizances of Bail, despite NOT having outstanding charges requiring “protection” for the accusers.

So, as each batch of false charges was withdrawn by the Crown, Crown Greg Elder was required by SRJ Fuerst and SCJ Dawe to REMOVE THESE NAMES. He defied both Superior Court justices, and left all 3 names in the SAME 72 word boiler plate paragraph cited by J. Dawe as abuse.

Ontario has made it very difficult to sue the Attorney General for crimes by a Crown Prosecutor. That effort will be undertaken after trial in November 2023.

Read about each arrest #1 through #7 and THEN decide for yourself whether York Regional Police were rational after letting 4 people lie repeatedly from July 14, 2017 to March 4, 2020.

That last one was when THREE DEFENCE LSO LICENSEES arrested me. That choice was the best they could come up with after I published the hour long recording of Det. Sgt. Heather Bentham lying about the complainants. She chose the early retirement option and is no longer a cop.

Arrest #1 July 14, 2017

My town admitted to me they had me arrested for sending to them too many emails. Everyone agreed, or at least, I assume, a majority agreed, and the cops left to drive to my house to arrest me. Then…(so sayeth the cops) “After a thorough investigation by YRP, Lepp was arrested on or about July 14, 2017 and charged with:

  • Uttering threats to cause death, and
  • Harassing communications

SO, Bob… “Threats to cause death!” is pretty serious. Yes, a serious charge based on nothing. I wrote 696 words about Denis Van Decker being in Superior Court that day getting them to stop my town from litigating his sticky gate latch AGAIN after he had just defeated it in 22 court sessions. Crack detective Jeff Brown then took the very last sentence of me making fun of Aurora for vexatious litigation, and he told the Crown: “Lepp threatened to kill someone at his town, or whomever” for complaining about him to police.

It was SO serious it took me just 111 days to get the charges dropped. On my own. Self Represented in Criminal Court. First time? Nervous? YES!

Arrest #2 May 30, 2018

I sent my town Councillors and Mayor and police an email asking them to get bylaws enforced in the dog park. I was slandered in an email reply in a broadcast email to many of my town Staff and All Councillors.

I sued for slander for $5,000 in Small Claims. I was arrested. I went on to negotiate the slander claim.

Read every email I sent and got back…. Harassment or Gratitude?

Go find my emails from 2016-17 where I am thanked PROFUSELY for convincing my town to spend $80,000 on a BRAND NEW DOG PARK.

After Arrest #1, Det. James Ward, the most senior in York Region, was assigned to my case by DS Heather Bentham. He was told to come up with a way to take my congratulatory Emails from leaders of the dog park and make them out to be harassment instead, so that he could arrest me.

Ward’s idea was brilliant… eliminate the FACT that anyone signed multiple contracts promising to manage EVERYTHING in the dog park in exchange for wood chips “on demand”. So, he turned on the camera and interviewed, and at the end of it, no one had signed any contract at all.

Ward then lied on the stand, as did all the others, that they had NEVER agreed with my town to handle emailed complaints from dog park users as the contract required. Ward had taken a normally truthful town, and had given it a whole new story to tell the court. Of course, Crown Greg Elder knew about the scam and played along with Det. Ward. Both men were just SO mad at me for beating them the first 2 charges.

Criminal harassment, no lawful authority, knowing person is harassed,

(2) causes person reasonably, in all the circumstances, to fear for their safety ;

(b) repeatedly communicating

Charge 1 by Helen

Harassing communications
No lawful excuse, intent to harass, causes repeated communications

May 26, 2018 to August 22, 2018 – Undercover For Det. Ward

Arrest #3 August 23, 2018

Well, people went undercover for Det. James Ward. They did not tell police that I sued them way back on May 11, 2018. One actually wrote in a Defence Pleading that I ONLY sued because I had jumped ahead in time from May 11 to May 30, I saw Det Ward arresting me, I went back to May 11 and I sued just as revenge. Yes, it was pleaded that I was just a time traveller, and I was even sued me back “just for costs”, which is NOT permissible in Small Claims. That failed, too.

So, Det. Ward theorized that I would then try to extort his witnesses to NOT testify against me. Which was obvious from the very first undercover email. So obvious were the baiting emails that I decided to play a game of “reduce the money” and “eliminate the apology” as I made offers to settle. At the end, I was asking for $0.00, no apology, and one just had to write and sign “My name is xxx xxxxxx”, and, of course, that was too much to ask and they all refused to settle.

Which is worse for a lawyer?:

  1. Refusing to settle for free when your client is guilty? or
  2. Pretending to be unable to cash a bank draft?

Arrest #4 – August 23, 2018

When Ward knew the jig was up, he arrested me anyway using as his ONLY evidence… MY emails negotiating settlement.

Criminal Code Numbers and text, ALL 5 charges FAILED to see a trial

All 5 charges were false. It took RSJ Fuerst just seconds to look at them at the “pre-trial”, and she ordered up the senior Crown prosecutor, Peter Westgate, to come in to her court IMMEDIATELY. She ordered him to come back in a month, and “there will be questions”, judge-speak for… WTF?

We came back and without a word, the Crown dropped all 5 charges.

BUT, Crown Greg Elder did NOT stop naming in recognizances those whose charges had just failed.

He left them in my recognizances when the most senior Justice ordered him NOT TO do so. He kept lying to various courts that I could not blog about persons who had no charges against me.


So that when I DID blog their names, police could arrest me. Which is what they did.

I had no idea that ANY justice can remove my Charter Rights to my opinions based on lies told to him IN WRITING from Crown Greg Elder. I thought if I blogged them anyway, that in court, the NEXT justice would look up the law. But that did not happen. Justices believe whatever the Crown puts in drafts placed in front of them. Each judge signed the order, even though it was based on lies.

Arrest #5 August 31, 2018

So, I blogged away. And a week after my last arrest, I was again arrested for 5 “breaches of recognizance”, all of which went nowhere.

Arrest #6 – April 2, 2019

I blogged away. I was arrested on 2 breaches of recognizance. One was for blogging a photo of page 1 of my $7 million suit sitting beside a stack of what Aurora had sued me with. The defendant names were so tiny…. cops bought a telephoto lens and a huge TV to show them in court. Crown Elder took the blowups to trial December 4, 2019 and Justice Rose tossed one and found me guilty of the law suit page 1 photo. I appealed, pleading he had NEVER asked Elder to prove mens rea, a guilty mind. I won the appeal easily when I argued.. “no one could read the names without buying a telephoto lens and a huge TV.”

But when I was convicted, 3 different people read Victim Impact Statements. Crown Elder warned them not to disparage me, but they did anyway, lying again on the record. Perjurious lies.

I was not permitted to even look at my accusers as they lied about me.One credited me with an early death for her mother. To another, I was just pond scum.

When I reversed the finding on appeal, NONE of the 3 people EVER came in to back away from their statement and apologize. I was guilty ONCE, is all they cared about. The successful turn over on appeal meant nothing to any of them.

Attempted Arrest November 2019 for Break and Enter, killing a dog

One fed her dogs early, one barfed it right up, then the owner drove to Florida. The dog sitter did not deign to show up until after dinner out wth her boyfriend. About 9 pm one dog was in trouble, was taken to a vet and was euthanized.

Out on the road, they called in police to arrest me. I had allegedly parked outside a home, evaded two brand new security cameras, broke into one door or another, did NOT disturb happy dogs, fed car antifreeze to all 3 dogs, cleaned up, repaired the broken door, evaded the cameras a second time and went home.

But, its vet was my vet, so I called and asked the facts. The dog was put to death by its owner. It was old, kidneys and lungs had failed from cancer, that’s why it barfed up breakfast and one ignored it in the rush to get to Florida a few minutes earlier, and they had it put down. I was blamed anyway, one ordered blood tests to prove there was antifreeze in its veins. There was not. Old age.

Most Absurd – Arrest #7 March 4, 2020 – COVID-19 raging

3 LSO Licensees swear I need to be arrested for speaking to one of them inside the active court room of SRJ Edwards.

Thise who swore to fear me came to sit right behind me in court to gloat. Yes, I know one told police in one’s VIDEO interview there was no feeling of being safe at all in the same BUILDING as me, and wanted a police escort INSIDE the court building,,, and yet, that day Feb 14, 2020, maybe ended up sitting right behind me. WHY would that happen? Well, to try to set me up to breach, of course. So I didn’t. I spoke to Barry. He knew that, but he swore he heard no words at all!

Check out Arrest #7 for details you may not believe.

Q. Why Did Heather Bentham SUDDENLY Come Up With Arrest #7?

Answer: Revenge For recording her.

Feb. 27: I recorded Heather Bentham promising me “there is no investigation under way, if we wanted to arrest you, we would!”

Next day, Feb.28: I blogged that recording. March 3: Bentham phones ME to arrest ME next day. March 4: Arrested

March 4-6, prison in Lindsay during COVID-19 where there were NO MASKS, NO HAND CLEANER

The false charges that I spoke to one in a court room were all set for a 3 day trial, and then just 2 weeks before that date… the Crown dropped charges without comment. Just to cost me stress and money.