5/26 – BC Court’s View of Perjury by Police in R. v. Robinson

This was a famous case at Vancouver airport where a visitor died at the hands of police who then covered up their base… until the video was played and they altered their testimony,

at the Inquiry, when faced with the Pritchard video that demonstrated the inaccuracy of those accounts, the crown says Mr. Robinson lied under oath in an attempt to justify his use of force and to explain the strikingly similar, but wrong, versions of events he and his fellow officers all initially provided to IHIT.

https://canlii.ca/t/ggsh4 is Reasons for Judgement

[24]        The crime of perjury is a serious one, going to the integrity of the justice system.  The seriousness of the crime is recognized by THE MAXIMUM PENALTY OF 14 YEARS IN prison provided by the code.  

[26]        In order to establish guilt for perjury, the Crown must prove three other elements of the offence beyond a reasonable doubt:

a.   that the accused made a FALSE STATEMENT UNDER oath or solemn affirmation;

b.    that the accused KNEW IT TO BE FALSE; and,

c.    that the accused HAD AN INTENTION TO MISLEAD.

[27]        An alleged failure of memory or inaccurate statement will constitute perjury where it “… was DISHONEST AND DELIBERATELY ASSERTED TO PREVENT A COURT FROM ARRIVING AT A DECISION BASED ON CREDIBLE EVIDENCE.”  Wolf v. The Queen1974 CanLII 161 (SCC), [1975] 2 S.C.R. 107 at 113.

Reasons for Sentence are at (CLICK) https://canlii.ca/t/ggsh4

So.. did any police want me convicted of SOMETHING so badly that he and/or she would mislead the Crown to do so?

[90]        You have been convicted of perjury, a serious offence against the administration of justice and contrary to your sworn duty as a police officer. In imposing sentence, I MUST EXPRESS SOCIETY’S DENUNCIATION OF THAT OFFENCE AND DETER OTHERS FROM COMMITTING SUCH AN OFFENCE IN THE FUTURE.

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