5/17 Newfie Cancelled – OPP Are Masters of Undercover

Prior to being forced to present myself for May 11, 2023 for examination in discovery, I planned a vacation on the Rock to see icebergs finally. I had to change my plans and now I have missed THOSE icebergs… the big ones. So, I will reschedule for June/July.

Such a waste when they refused to question me just so that they are not on record as having some facts in this matter. Facts can be very confusing after 5 years of this stuff since I sued.

OPP has it all over MY police force!

As you may recall prior to being censored, individuals who had me arrested may also have ”worked undercover” for police to obtain even MORE arrests. But, being undercover should NEVER include using Facebook, or Tinder, or Instagram to feed evidence to your handlers.

Here is how the OPP do it professionally: https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/this-is-how-rcmp-duped-drug-traffickers-with-a-fake-toronto-area-warehouse-1.6401372

Police everywhere lie to suspects, or anyone they feel like, there is no law against misdirection.

But, when you put a witness undercover to entrap a person, you better make sure they are not a local media king.

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