5/14 – Happy Moms’ Day

Great day to all you real mothers, and you know who you are!

I finally sobered up after a tremendous day May 11. I just could NOT stop celebrating and the hangover was quite spectacular.

This is where you won’t like the court ordering me to stop advertising individuals. Lawyers are fair game though.

Barry and Charles will now be undertaking a better perusal of yt Affidavit if Documents now that I questioned their clients. I know this because at least two clients will be saying “What? The answers were all in the documents?”

Yes, I had stumbled on a very unusual data collection technique from one individual. I asked him to confirm it. He denied it. Lepp – 1, Them – 0

Then I asked another one how a certain town transaction had been accomplished and the answer was in my FOI response IN MY AFFIDAVIT.

I know these people love their lawyers but that is just poor lawyering. If it were me, and I had just been given 6,000 fields of video, photos and police reports etc….. I would have read them since they would want to trip me up with questions.

So, can’t wait for November especially since the most senior justice in my region has already DECIDED that everyone is going to trial come heck or global warming. Maybe one or two will try to get out of it but they will fail. I have already been assured of that, so if you missed me May 11, wait for November.

And to the rest of you, do NOT miss what misleading answers I got and come see how red faced they get when you catch them!

And again, all you real mothers have great day! I will.

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