42 Little Lies

Mandie was required to file an affidavit for herself, and, one for each officer of what happened June 3, 2017 when she issued me a POA ticket for $300.

Then, July 14, 2017 she again described the incident to PC Jeff Brown so he could arrest me.

She told two different stories.

Her several Bylaws officers did not back up her story at all. NOT ONE OFFICER AGREED WITH HER STORY.

Example: She says she served me by…..

49) Once I reached Mr. Lepp, I called his name and he turned to see me. 50) I identified myself as Mandie Crawford, Manager of Bylaw and stepped towards him and using the length of the ticket, inserted it in a small space where his arm met his body. 

“…using the length of the ticket, inserted it in a small space where his arm met his body.

I asked two women, in case the physiology is different in females and she did not know how men were built… to point to the “small space where your arm meets your body.

By using medical textbooks, I identified the technical term, Axillary, for that spot.

Laymen call it “the “armpit”. Typically, each person owns two.





relating to the armpit.“enlargement of the axillary lymph nodes”

If all that makes sense, Mandie would have you believe that she was able to insert “the length” of the ticket “INTO” MY ARMPIT. This is not humanly possible, especially for a fat slob like me. My arms hang down, the “pit” is completely closed off, and the fat layers seal it TIGHT.

There is no way for a sharp STICK to get In there, let alone a small piece of floppy paper. She lied.

For more of the 42 lies, read my post..(CLICK HERE) on the other 41.

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