4/8 – Misfeasance in Public Office, Perjury

This week there comes a chance to gather more testimony for comparison to previous claims. All I need do is detect a different answer to the same question given in another court or another sworn legal document. So if a person sued me claiming X, Y and Z… and later they change X, Y and Z to A, B and C… they perjured themself. It is not up to me to determine which, if either, is the truth. I just need to show two or more different answers to the same question.

So, to do that effectively I have to know what everyone previously swore to. That is in the trial transcripts given to all parties and in legal documents or affidavits, in video interviews and officer notebooks. All of the answers must line up or the person has lied or misled police and/or the courts.

Everyone is staying for this process. I am thankful for that, since a jury trial is certainly the best solution remaining to me. I will have 6 jurors from the area and since most adults pay taxes on a house or rental, they should be reasonably sympathetic to a taxpayer jailed falsely using his own tax money.

BONUS: Only 5 jurors have to agree on a verdict. So even if an employee of a town or police force is empanelled, their opinion does not matter.

As an example of previous statements made, say a man complimented me for the work I did advocating for a better dog park and later the same person claimed I broke the law doing the very same acts… that is perjury… perhaps NOT in a court-recorded matter but in a recorded presentation to a town council. That person is expected to tell the truth top councillors and so they should retain the same facts and opinions in a court venue. If I am described in the public record as helpful in March of 2017 and then later in 2018 the same person claims I was harassing people all along from 2016… well, one of those sworn statements differs and that its perjury.

It has been an issue for me where dog-friendly people, fenced in neighbours, or dog park users, take my help for as long as it takes for me to get $72,000 spent and then dump me, figuratively, at the request of staff… my own taxes pay the salary of a person who then directs another taxpayer to discredit me in court.

I do not know how, at the same time, I could advocate successfully for $72,000 as the ONLY money EVER spent on the dog park, AND, have criminally harassed the same people at the SAME time. I do not think it possible my town could like my arguments enough to agree but still have me arrested for the very same acts.

Just 3 more sleeps.

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