4/2 Who To Write About?

The great thing about leaving discussions of the defendants behind is that all those other people who helped out will now get some extra coverage.

There were people emailing me, signing me up for all manner of porn and sex sites, reviewing my business poorly on Google Maps. People tweeted about me… mind you some were defendants but none of any import. I know where the Tweets WENT, just not who they came from except for a number of fake Twitter handles..

In my trial on criminal charges from June 11, 2019 onwards, a key piece of evidence for the Crown was a Business Review by a person who could not be identified at my trial. Everyone was asked, but no one knew who was behind the pseudonym. Luckily for me I THINK I can write about a pseudonym, a fake identity using a VPN to maintain secrecy. The only reason I could NOT write about it is if it turned out to be a defendant, then from that point on I cannot wrote about it.

This apparent pseudonym is elusive. This will be Job #1 at Examinations. Identify the pseudonym, it should be just one person. So, look for that in the first few hundred questions.

Once I can put a name to the pseudonym, my work is done, Everything will fall apart after that. 2 people at my trial testified they were the pseudonym by their actions, but it will have much more impact to put a name to it,

The Lake Simcoe Regional Conservation Authority is not a defendant, nor is Ren’s Pets, Pet Value or Docupet.

I have been refused many reports which I thought were crucial to proving my suit. But, as happens very often, there is a backdoor. And as always I will announce it here so it can be silenced too.

Each year, pet owners get free coupons good as cash at Ren’s Pets. $20 each.

The sad thing is that NEITHER the town NOR Docupet promotes the fact people can make money buying a cat tag, and dog owners get almost a free tag too. Why would Docupet NOT promote that to get more people to buy tags?

Because they don’t want Ren’s to get free advertising across North America.

Anyway, all I need to do is get Ren’s Pets numbers for total cash cards issued and the number redeemed.

I see Docupet’s rules STILL do NOT support the Bylaw, so that us good for my suit. The crucial fault is that the tags are NOT serially numbered so no one can tell how many were sold, clever, eh?

Docupet was chosen by unknown person or persons and from day one it has NOT enforced ANY pet tag bylaw EXCEPT for the actual dollar amount. Nothing else about Docupet’s rules supports the Pets Bylaw. Misfeasance… we were all harmed by the lack of $300,000 annually to build more dog parks. We were All harmed that a door to door canvas was not done ONCE, guaranteeing renewals close to 100% of tech real total. More harm.

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