BL21 – 0101 1110 – Pre-enkarens, one Pre-engelder


Well, I messed up with the Contempt against Greg Elder… I filed a motion instead of a pre-enquete. That’s where a J.P. can approve laying a charge IF the Crown agrees.

And therein lies the secret as to why the Crown in Newmarket gets away with 7 false arrests and 27 charges.

The Crown KNOWS that they can refuse Superior Justices, because the defendant/accused MUST then go through the private arrest hoops. AND, the Crown holds all the cards because they simply say NOPE! We choose not to arrest Mr. Elder, he is one of ours.

Because of course he was ONLY doing what David Moull told him to do.

So, I may as well re-file all 3 pre-enquarens and do all 4 on one day on Barrie. No Newmarket Crown will apply the law.

So, I will have Pre-Enkaren1, Pre-Enkaren2 and Pre-Enkaren3. And then Pre-enquelder makes 4.

I’ll get the Barrie J.P. schedule today.

And then file all 4.

Author: Bob Lepp

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