BL21 – 0101 1101 – Dear DS Heather Bentham.


An open letter

On November 30 you sent two officers to break into my house illegally based on my bail orders in CPIC being about nine months old.

So, on December 8, 2020 I asked the Crown to make corrections on the bail terms that they had issued to me after my appeals and the bail review by justice Dawe.

I carbon copied to Detective Sergeant Heather Bentham, and she kindly volunteered to take on the task of correcting CPIC for my current orders and the status of all of my charges.

Today is February 7, 2021, exactly 2 months later and I have no way of knowing whether the falsehoods in the CPIC data THAT Detective Sergeant Bentham HERSELF had placed in CPIC has YET been corrected or not.

Why is this important?

Because I had all this extra think time due to Covid I have had lots of time to analyze just how she was able to arrest me seven times and still claim not to know Karen-1. In fact, she claimed that no York Regional Police officer even knew that Karen-1 used to be a cop in Holton Region.

And then I analyzed why police were laying so many breach charges when crime rates have been declining since the late 80s, and what I found was that as crime disappeared, police started filing more breach of recognizance charges to make up for the loss of business.

So let’s say York Region police want to hassle somebody by arresting them on a breach charge, all they have to do is first get any kind of recognizance order against the person and then just go arrest him because CPIC will not have been updated.

The way ONTARIO works is that they allow the local police force to provide the actual data placed into the CPIC system, Canada‘s national police information system. Garbage in, … you know the rest.

So, what York Region does is simply have their officer who has the title of “CPIC input person” simply not input or delete any new orders from the court. And what that lets every officer do is arrest a person based on an old recognizance that no longer applies and when eventually after 18 months it gets to trial.. the charge gets dropped but the defendant has spent a fortune on lawyers.

Let’s face it, York Regional police generate millions of dollars of work for lawyers in the region, and every time they lay a criminal charge someone pays $15,000 block fee to some criminal lawyer. That lawyer can do with that $15,000 anything he wants, because he knows in 18 months the phoney breach charge is going to be dropped. He will then tell his client that he’s done a wonderful job and gotten him off the charge and everyone goes away happy.

The defendant is happy because he’s no longer in criminal court, the lawyers are ALL happy because A FRIEND OF THEIRS made $15,000 for no work at all, and the cops are happy because they can hire more officers and make more money for their union, and they can buy a better recreation center than the one they have on Bayview.

i’m guessing that on occasion the Law Society and its members either donate money to or provide services to York Regional police because their members have become rich, and that wouldn’t have happened without YORK REGIONAL Police.

And I’m sure the same happens in every court jurisdiction in Ontario. The Attorney General makes no effort to eliminate the abuse of administration of justice charges by police and by the crown. Parliament passed bill number C-75 which would’ve eliminated recognizance abuses by making them a minor wrist slap, where the accused simply goes straight to a justice like for a traffic ticket, he tells his story, and the judge decides what to tell him. No arrests, no jail time, no prison time, no effort expended by the crown, no waste of time in the courts, it’s a perfect bill. But the attorney general of Ontario has chosen to make Bill C-75 optional for all courts.

And it is just my luck the Newmarket court under Crown David Moull has opted out of Bill C-75. They have decided to litigate every single trivial, minor, inconsequential breach charge as if it was a full-blown murder trial.

As an example, on April 26th, 27th, and 28th, 2021 I will be at Trial on two of the most minor, inconsequential, meaningless breach charges that you could imagine. Detective Sergeant Bentham, called in her Karen’s and asked them all to come up with some more dirt on me, and collectively they brought forward 11 alleged breaches on March 2, 2020. Detective Sergeant Bentham, then offered up all 11 to expert Crown Greg Elder, and he chose to back the three very best, easily winnable charges that he knew he could win.

Several months later, when the same Greg Elder opened up the evidence in disclosure he had received in March, he had to withdraw one of the three because Ms Bentham forgot to tell him it was illegally charged. And think about this, he was the one who selected it. So the Crown attorney cannot successfully find three winnable charges out of 11 offered to them, and what does that tell you about the quality of training of the Crown prosecutors in Newmarket courts?

The two remaining charges affected just one single person in the entire world, and her name is Karen, and she was offended because after buying expensive Internet browsing software to remain hidden, and after reading my website DAILY she had to put up with the ignominious embarrassment of reading her very own name on my blog. KAREN was aghast and so she demanded a three day trial to recover her lost honor, and, well, so that no one would ever read her name on the Internet ever again.

Her big mistake was in listening to other lawyers, oops, I just revealed KAREN is a lawyer, and both of those lawyers provided affidavits to back her up at trial in April. The problem is that one of the two lawyers was deaf and did not hear anything that was spoken, and the other was blind because he was facing straight forward while all the action was directly behind him.

And so, the three blind mice will be in court April 26 to tell the judge just exactly how traumatic it was for Karen to see her name on yet another lawsuit by me and to see me in court speaking to her friend Lawyer, Barry Stork.

If your friends are all lawyers and you still can’t convince a judge that a criminal act happened in front (or behind) all 3 of you, then, how good a lawyer does that make you? ..Reaaly! How good? .and how good a lawyer does that make your two best friends?

So, Detective Sergeant Bentham,, have you corrected CPIC yet. …and can I get a copy of it? …and have you resolved and removed all of my alleged crimes by removing the false charges from your database?

You can refuse to reply to my emails, and you can refuse to respond to my complaints through OIPRD… you can even refuse to reply to a letter I sent you, but the fact remains I have attempted to communicate and you have refused to answer. And if you have not heard it before, while it is very important to record what someone says or does, it is also important to record what someone does NOT say OR does not do. Especially when ONE has a suit for misfeasance in public office claiming just that. Thank you for your silence and I thank you for your service.

All of this raises the question, why do police not hire those with disabilities? Why are there no blind police officers? Why are they all cited (oops, bad pun) sighted? Does York Region really think that a blind person has nothing to offer when it comes to police work?..does it require functioning retinas to determine who is breaking the law? Can you not tell if somebody is breaking the law by what they say, how they answer questions, what noises they make, how they smell?

Is eyesight truly a non-negotiable requirement for a police officer? I’m sure somewhere they have hired the disabled for office work, so why can they not hire a blind person to provide that extra layer of investigation that the tricky cases require, and they would have some advantages over cited officers ?

They could speak to a witness or an accused person, and not even know what color their skin is. This would be a great benefit to minorities who are identified by their dark skin color. And so just by losing their accents they can appear as normal white people to every blind police officer. This would remove bias from trials where the person accuses POLICE of being racist.

There are no blind racists. And they should be hired in large numbers by every police force in North America. Because when the accused gets to court, not only is justice blind, but, so is the arresting officer.

i’m expecting now that every cop in the world will be commenting on this post and saying how ridiculous it is to hire a blind police officer. Well, a blind police officer can still see speed radar readings when they transmit through a braille device or simply voice the reading. The court appearances… that word will have to be changed because an appearance means nothing to a blind person… they.’ll be much more fun at arraignment… “Judge: so MR Lepp, officer Wonder heard you driving 100 in an 80 zone, how do you plead? Lepp: your honor, Stevie could not know it was me. Judge: do you want the body cam or the patrol camera view?” Lepp: “Do you take Visa?”

They can still be detailed to do interviews and ask questions and record answers either by voice recordings or they can take braille or they can dictate. Blind officers could answer telephones. Blind officers could greet people at police stations and tell them where to go…. yes, humor.

A blind police officer could be detailed to the local library, and arrest everyone who ignores the quiet signs. Blind police officers could be sent into male or female washrooms to arrest sexual perpetrators and no one would be offended except the nose of the police officer. Blind police officers could take reports of crimes over the telephone. Blind police officers could take reports of minor traffic collisions over the telephone. Blind police officers could be 9-1-1 operators. When people call in talking quietly so they don’t alert the burglar, a blind person can let that person whisper as low as possible and still be heard.

A blind police officer could be detailed to the local off leash dog park and check each dogs collar for having a valid tag before they enter.

500,000 people in Canada are blind, and 400 million people around the world are blind and here we have a profession which continues to grow in numbers despite the economy despite depressions and despite pandemics and record unemployment this huge potential for hiring is being denied.

I feel a petition coming on.

And here is the title: “You only EVER arrest blind people, why do you never hire them?”

Is there a systemic discrimination against the disabled in all the bright, white police forces across Canada? Surely every officer in Canada does not have to have roots in Great Britain!

Can we not find a few jobs for people who have lost their sight through no fault of their own?

Author: Bob Lepp

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