BL21 – 0101 0111 – What’s The Same?


The TMZ app has a great feature, the “Find 3 Differences In These Two Photos”.

They change 3 things in tricky ways to see if your aging brain can still SEE what is in front of your eyes. Some are very tough and you miss them. Some are very easy and you miss them. Great fun!

So, I’m starting a new feature called “What’s The Same?” and instead of images with differences, you have to figure out what scientific explanation makes the best answer. Simple really. We can all look at two “ideas”… think about them… then choose the physics which links the items in an obvious way.


What’s the same about a Caterpillar Grader and a dinner tray?

Now, since this is the very first one, I’ll give you some hints at how to start.

Figure out the similarities in their structures, and what forces might make both items react the same way.

Then, having figured out what physical best feature is the same, think about using the item in real life. Actually visualize the item in action at full tilt, slowed down, medium speed… consider every phase of operation of each item and see what comes up.



And I won’t do this every time, because it takes the fun out of it, I’ll give you a photo of each item. Surely that will give you a hint.

Yeah, I know, why did I spoil it for the smart people?

Because now you can perhaps feel challenged. I am only thinking of YOU!

What prnciple of physics makes both items a perfect success for their breed?

Author: Bob Lepp

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