BL21 – 0101 0011 – When is a VPN a VPNot?

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I am not a VPN user, so I asked a 12 year old to explain it to me. She says:

You take some Bitcoin and buy a VPN and they give you a little program to start, a way to “OPEN” the secure, encrypted, tunnel to the Internet and when you pop OUT of your VPN to see a web site, no one can tell who you are or even WHERE you are from. They cannot see the unique IP Address on your phone or desktop that Rogers assigns you.

It seems you have to click on this VPN “opener” thing,y and later close it as necessary. There is nothing to warn you which mode you are in, VPN or plain old Aurora Rogers cable mode.

Seems on January 26 at 8:42:40pm that my most favourite admirer forgot to click that little VPOPENER button and she came raging at my web site bare naked. Woth her real IP hanging out behind.

Yes, I can now look up her real IP! And there it was! A Rogers cell phone, an Apple iPhone, # of points: 320X568, which makes her using a: iPhone SE or 5, 5S or 5C

So, money is tight, gotta keep the old phone a few more years.

And she uses CHROME, so a bit of a techie who wants Chrome addons and cloud shared links, etc.

Why knot?… it could happen!

And now I just wait for that same IP address in an email from her. WAIT! I have a bunch of THOSE!

I will check them all and get back to you.

At last, my most committed follower will soon be unmasked.

Author: Bob Lepp

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