BL21 – 0100 1110 – THIS is STUPID!


I dare you to click this==>> Rodney Baker

“Both individuals received two fines, one for failing to self-isolate and a second for failing to follow their signed declaration, adding up to $1,150 each.”

‘Nuff said!

Almost ’nuff.


I blogged a photo of a letter which had in it a name in a tiny font of a woman who hired a lawyer to send the harassing letter to my wife to end our marruage….

$50,000 spent, $100,000 “owed”, 4.5 days in prison, 3 months house arrest, lost my dog, lost my wife, police at my door regularly, Crowns tell me I am mentally ill, on probation officer #3 and I don’t even know his name, and ANOTHER promise of a free shrink to check me out like several judges wanted to do.


BOTH paid an $1,150 dollar fine. He resigned his $10,000,000 job. She may never “act” again.

I guess we’re even, I sued for just $7,000,000.

Author: Bob Lepp

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