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A conversion chart for the 3 person naming schemes I’ve tried so far:

I need your help

I am finding that about half the people I know, BOTH of them, think COVID-19 is a scam. They won’t say WHOSE scam, except to infer drug companies and Home Depot because both are cleaning up! (Yes, “brooms and mops aisle” pun)

Usually one side reverts to calling the other side “stupid” and stomps off, never to be herd (yup, another one) from again.

I think what has happened to me is that all the smart people already died of COVID and I’m left with stupid. An aisle (mops) of tranquility in a raging sea.

Now, I am not speaking of the courts, like the Crown, the Judiciary. They have a better stupid filter in their HR Department. At least half are very clever people.

But, the rest of the world is balanced half and half.

Anyway, a cousin-in-law and a “longest, oldest friend”… one in Europe and one in Canada, “drank the Koolaid” and I do not know how to handle it. They refuse the vaccines.

So. I say to them each “I love you and I will miss you!”

There is nothing else one can do. “Stupid” is for life and eventually Darwin will real (yes, pun, not typo) you in.

Or we could all get real and we could do it now while there is time.

Be sure everyone you know is pestered to get a shot. If you don’t, what half does that decision put YOU in?

What will you drink?

Or will you just pull the covers over your head?

Author: Bob Lepp

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