BL21 – 0100 1100 – The Weak Ahead!


A conversion chart for the 3 person naming schemes I’ve tried so far:

I conceal the identities of 3 women

There is no need for any one to know who they are.

and the latest is….
(Print it out and pencil in your guesses for the names.)

I chose 3 random numbers which are still in sequence, first, second, third.

Let me see… what do I have to do this week?

  1. For each character in the “cast”, post a complete list of their illegalities.
  2. File for contempt of Crown Elder
  3. Prepare for March appeal of J. Harpur’s convictions, stressing failures and illegalities by the Crown at trial.
  4. Write a pun a day for the Facebook punsters group in the hopes of being expected… errr. accepted to pun.

The “Weak”??

Those who use VPN’s to cyberstalk me.

Note: Weak stocks and weak people end up the same… big losers.

See: The Weak Ahead in Australia

Author: Bob Lepp

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