BL21 – 0100 1011 – Good Morning, Vietnam!


A conversion chart for the 3 person naming schemes I’ve tried so far:

I conceal the identities of 3 women

There is no need for any one to know who they are.

and the latest is….
(Print it out and pencil in your guesses for the names.)

I chose 3 random numbers which are still in sequence, first, second, third.

Cyberstalker Returns!

20 minutes ago one person who loves my website once again PAID for a VPN to continue cyberstalking my words….

… via Vietnam! for Visit #447 and 975 post views

China, Russia, Vietnam… she uses them all.

Imagine using Vietnamese technology on a baby boomer! Oh. the inhumanity I feel right now!

And she went straight to the Cast of Characters page., for which I am grateful because I had forgotten to edit the numbering to the current scheme.

A summary so you can keep them all straight, if that is possible

My Solution?

Today, I will write to all the defense counsel in my suit and I’ll just leave it to them to advise their clients if they should worry about anything happening to me..

Author: Bob Lepp

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