BL21 – 0100 1010 – How smart must one be today to elude police online?


A conversion chart for the 3 person naming schemes I’ve tried so far:

I conceal the identities of 3 women

There is no need for any one to know who they are.

and the latest is….
(Print it out and pencil in your guesses for the names.)

I chose 3 random numbers which are still in sequence, first, second, third.

I’ve been watching a lot about the Senate attacks.

I get it that Republicans call it “necessary, constitutional, honorable, patriotic” and Democrats characterize it as “impeachable, insurrection initiated, organized and led by President Trump”.

(Hint: See my posts on 50:50 stupidity in any random group of people. Look at the person nearest you,… one of you is an idiot.)

But did you notice how many held their cameras up, even above their heads, to get the best video for their Instagram?

The majority seemed interested in how they could increase their “follower counts”. Which is odd, because EVERYONE knows videos should be taken in landscape mode, sideways. But all these (mainly) guys are in portrait mode.

The world of millenniasl is being trained to seek “followers” and “likes”… but NO ONE is teaching them which way to hold the camera. That’s where an I.T,. nerd like myself can help. I “get” technology. I have dealt with constant improvements in technology for over 50- years. I can keep up.

Millenials cannot keep up.

They feel no compulsion to do things properly, they just want ever increasing volumes of adoration, not quality.

My usual TV source of humour is Fox News. Today they had on an owner of some fringe YouTube clone wannabe that he thinks is unique. His idea was to let anyone and anything be posted as a video and HE would insert ALL the ads into EVERY one and sell them for 1 cent per view… some portion goes TO THE CAMERA PERSON…

So, he depends on the morals and greed of clients who will try to get the most attractive videos so as many people as possible will pay them a penny to watch.

The main video when you arrive? One showing a cart of Golden Retrieve puppies in a cart. Or a cat.

But, off to the side is the true payload, the duplicitous articles and videos simply encouraging anarchy.

Anyway, he is suing Google, owner of Youtube, for NOT returning his site name on as many searches as get desires. He claims Google search is the ONLY thing that brings him money. And THEN he sues the hand that feeds.

Is he suing BING as well? Or ….

Meet the Top 10 Search Engines in the World in 2021

  • The Best Search Engine in The World: Google.
  • Search Engine #2. Bing.
  • Search Engine #3. Baidu.
  • Search Engine #4.Yahoo!
  • Search Engine #5. Yandex.
  • Search Engine #6. Ask.
  • Search Engine #7. DuckDuckGo.
  • Search Engine #8. Naver.

How many search engines are there ?140+ Search Engines and Directories.

Is he suing DuckDuckGO or Baidu? NO!

No, he knows he will soon be shut down as well by his ISP, so he executes a pre-emptive strike on Google so later he can blame Google and Deep State for ganging up and getting him kicked off the internet, at least in the USA.

He sues only Google because that gives him a reason to be interviewed on Fox News to support THEIR agenda.

The payload, that second set of videos is, of course, mostly all from Fox News shows. He created a right wing version of Youtube for those who “insurrect”, and now wants Google to recommend its content over that curated on Youtube.

The smallminded folks at YouTube and Facebook and Amazon now wish to NOT support insurrectionists. This millennial THINKS that every commercial enterprise has some constitutional requirement to support HIS views. He will now SUE Google, biting the hand that feeds.

He does not know that Google will descend on HIS web site and analyze it until EVERY American KNOWS how many insurrectionists want MONEY to view their larcenous videos.

Pretty soon, this guy will sue Fox News for NOT giving free 24/7/365 FREE access to their cable channel at home to his “patriots”.

Fox News makes money selling their feed to cable providers. They target conservatives, a polite word for redneck, insurrectionist racists.

He just does NOT understand how business works. Where did he go to school? No one taught him that to stay in business, you have to make money. He wants Google to direct people to HIS left wing nutjobs rather than to curated content in Youtube.

He wants Google to give HIM some of their ad revenue. Voluntarily.

Like most people in this world you and he did not KNOW that the ONLY revenue Google gets is from selling ads in the many free products they provide. He forgot Gmail is free, Google Maps is free. Google Photos is free, Google Drive is free, Google translate is free… everything is free.

See them all here:


Please, educate your millennials…. there is no free ride.

There’s only free “participant” ribbons at school and baseball.

Even the seemingly frustrating choice of assigning 1-5 stars does not offer ZERO stars.. because millennial run Google and they do not want some poor pizza shop owner to feel badly. So one is the minimum.

BUT, we adapted, we KNOW 1 is really zero, 2 is really 1, and 5 is 100%.

Millenials think that every thought they have ever had has value. AT least worth a ribbon or a star.

So why are we surprised millennials are all egotistical whiners?


We raised them, now we have to live with the stink.

And why do half or more of all Americans not know all this?

Now you KNOW the answer, I started off wth that. Look at the nearest person…..

So, how smart does one have to be to elude police online?

Not very, because police cannot even capture a precise copy of a blog posting for court. They use a handheld video camera.

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