BL21 – 0100 0101- To save a million trees…


Everyone buys Kleenex. A fixed size rectangle of soft paper from dead trees.

now imagine how many women use an entire Kleenex to blot their lipstick. Lots, right?

why not manufacture Kleenex so it can be dispersed as the smallest piece possible like Costco paper towels. Just tear off enough for lips, or an eye dab, a couple of lengths for a runny nose.

it is much cheaper to dispense a roll rather than cut, fold and box up Kleenex. Instead of throwing out a cardboard box holding the individual sheets, just give away a holder for the roll of tissue squares.

then just install a new roll with a tiny core of recycled cardboard.

I found a picture of an appropriate holder.

Cheap as well. The roll looks cute like the side of his dog house…

hold it, this looks familiar..

never mind!

Author: Bob Lepp

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