BL21 – 0100 0011 – I Am Wearing Out Probation Officers! FREE Mental Assessment awaits!


A full court docket means a full probation office.

The avalanche of Administration of Justice charges, unchecked by Bill C-75 decriminalization of them, means Probation Officers are overwhelmed again.

It happened in the past

I just now had my monthly phone in call to my Probation Officer. My second officer since January 2020. Average lifespan? 6 months.

By February 22, I will have my third P.O.

On the bright side, they hired a staff psychiatrist.

You may recall they used a 3rd party contractor/metal assessor with a concealed phone number to call me. I refuse to answer spam calls, and he was not clever enough to text, email or write a letter, fax or use a pay phone.

So, maybe the new hire is because of me. Or coincidence. It always seemed odd that every Crown told every justice that I needed a mental health assessment. Crown David Moull even called for that when he saw my entire family in the gallery. Just came out and say I was insane thinking that would shock my family.

It did, and the divorce agreement is being finalized. Moull was part of it. Bad enough Jeff Brown petrified my wife while I was away, but now the Crown thinks I am insane… she had to leave me based on that expert opinion.

‘I’ll be supervising you…’

After all, a Crown Attorney MUST/HAS to know an insane person when they see one, because they are NOT permitted to prosecute one.

So, any minute I may get a call to get a FREE examination by an expert.

Life is SO good to me!

Author: Bob Lepp

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