BL21 – 0100 0001 – The Evil Which is the “VPN” – Virtual Private Networks


As mentioned previously I was able to prove who the person is who comes to my web site using a VPN to cover her path. Then she was trying to show police my post, and he wrote down that a message “VPN is detected” was displayed and he could not see the alleged breach.

A VPN costs money. For that cost, you get convinced you are invisible on the Internet. Why? Because they cannot make money otherwise. They must lie to you that using a VPN connection is worth money and so they do.

The fact is, VPN’s are the scourge of the internet, being responsible for “DoS” or “denial of service attacks” which weaponize hundreds of thousands of infected PC’s to simply try to visit a specific site, thus making that site “dead” as it tries to reply to hundreds of thousands of requests per SECOND.

So, VPN’s enable all sorts of internet fraud. You are putting on a mask. If you wore this “mask”, not the virus masks, you could be arrested for mask-u-raiding (pun intended) to commit a crime.

The experts say:

“Use cases for a VPN

There are lots of legitimate reasons to use VPNs, including perfectly valid concerns around censorship, privacy, and security. Still, to name some examples, you might want to block VPNs or treat them differently if:

1. You are a game server (especially one that can only ban players by easily changable IPs)

2. You run a commercial application with a very high fraud risk, i.e. ecommerce

3. You are trying to filter some types of DDoS or spam

4, You are required to do so for legal reasons”

So, the defence is to simply track every new VPN as it is created and using their fixed, known GPS and IP addresses and you block them from denying service from your blog.

“Because this list indiscriminately lists datacenters, it’s unlikely to be useful to oppressive governments or ISPs.

How to use

Feed the vpn-ipv4.txt file and/or the vpn-ipv6.txt file to your firewall or application.

For extra effectiveness, consider supplementing this list with blocklists for recently abusive IPs, as these invariably include many VPNs, and lists of open proxies/tor nodes. You should be able to find everything you need in that regard at At the very least, consider using firehol_level1firehol_level2firehol_abusers_1d, and firehol_proxies with this list, depending on your needs.

Before implementing, consider that this list probably includes your own server’s IP range, that of your DNS server, the server you get your software updates from, and the servers common search engines live on. Take a moment to make sure you don’t accidentally use it to block network traffic you need. In a web application, you might want these IPs to GET, but not POST. In a firewall, you might want to block access to a specific port, but allow these IPs otherwise.

The list is good, not perfect

Q. Now, why would I do this?

A. I am ordered by the courts to do so, and that is why I am spending way too much money these days. The court ordered me to not communicate with 3 women, or at least they used to. So I keep doing that just in case a cop catches me.

So, putting it together, once IO learned from police that my accuser hides behind a potentially-larcenous VPN, it bacame imperative, according to the court, to NOT let her back in. Because if she reads my words HERE from now on, I am communicating to her according to the law.

Now, I would ask her lawyer to stop her from doing that and I will, but in the meantime she forces me to play cat and mouse, wasting not only HER tome but also mine. All she need do is visit normally and she would not lose a second.

She is a trained paralegal and so she knows she must gather documentary evidence of every alleged breach. She knows if she uses her office computer that eventually she will be identified as the being the most frequent visitor, and I would have her IP Address history to tell the court just how fanatical she is.

She claimed to police that the simple act of seeing her name on a law suit pin a tiny photo in my blog causes her great fear. And I would say “Well, if it makes her afraid of me (the only reason the court can impose a bail term like this, then WHY does she spend so much money and TIME just to read her name and get scared? Why does a person do that?

I hate horror movies. Do I search out horror movics? No.

I hate the idea of a Hitler… do I search out books he wrote or his poems. NO.

So, why does she insist on coming to my bog MORE TIMES THAN I DO?

You will have to ask her, I cannot. But I will ask her lawyer provided by her law practice insurance…. they will be interested to know of this interesting aberration. It is a small step from USING a VPN to read my words to enlisting paralegals around the world to deny me service using a VPN attack.

Here are just a few she has purchased in just the past 6 days:

8:48:36 am Jan. 21: Chicago, Illinois, United States IP Address:Nexeon Technologies (

Phoenix, Arizona, United States IP Address:Quickweb Hosting Solutions ( 

Phoenix, Arizona, United States IP Address:Quickweb Hosting Solutions ( 

Phoenix, Arizona, United States IP Address:Quickweb Hosting Solutions ( 

Auckland, New Zealand IP Address:Gsl Networks Pty (

United Kingdom IP Address:Hydra Communications Ltd (

Dublin, Ireland IP Address:M247 Ltd (

23:14:26 Jan 15 Tokyo, Japan IP Address:M247 Ltd ( and over 400

and over 400 more.

SO, if YOU are her lawyer, please tell her to stop communicating with me.

VPN’s claim to hide you from the rest of the Internet – They Lie!

The Important People KNOW who is using a VPN

Author: Bob Lepp

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