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Every dog owner KNOWS their pets stalk them. Constantly.

I ask because, of course, I am being stalked.

Every day the same person uses three or more VPNs, “anonymizers to hide their acts” to secretly gain access to my blog posts. There is no reason for this person to try to hide their identity unless they exhibit a men’s rea confirming they’re doing something wrong.

I suspect just one person. I know it is ONLY one person.

I cannot name the person here, because if I did, I would be guilty of breaching a recognizance. It requires I not communicate directly or indirectly with the person who last had me arrested.

But, if you’ve been reading my blog for any period of time, you DO know who that person is. It’s just I cannot direct any comments toward her.

As an example I cannot even say “Please, everyone who uses a VPN, stop trolling me!”

Because if I did that I would be arrested. So I will not.

I was able to determine from an officer’s notebook who this person is. I think I can describe how to determine who the person is without actually communicating to them. The person with the VPN is one of those people who have called police to have me arrested for breaching recognizance.

This was proven when the officer wrote a note for court saying that he could not even read the post which had been identified to him as offending my baiul, when it said “possible VPN detected” or similar. So, the person he was talking to was my digital stalker.

Since I know there is only one consistent user of a VPN, it follows that I have detected who is reading and copying my blog posts, I think we all know who the stocker is.

Now, at this point, I cannot even say “Stalker! Go away!” because that would be communicating to a person I know I am not supposed to. Instead, I will now say “Everyone except those named in my bail terms, go read my blog posts!”

Q. Did I just reach my bail by communicating to that known person because she was one of the many people I just communicated with?

A. I must admit, I’m not sure, but I will find out when Detective Sergeant Bentham, phones me.

Anyway, the reason I bring this all up is to muse out loud about whether I can stop someone who:

  • digitally stalks me, then,
  • by studying and COPYING every single detail of everything I post, only
  • finds things for which she can arrest me.

I know this person can go to police, and she can say whatever she wants and I will be arrested.

But is there some way for me to have some kind of court order that stops this person from stalking me? I know she is copying my materials directly from my website for her own personal purposes, to advance her causes real and perceived, and I know she is aware that is not a legal thing to do.

I know this because police recorded her accusations that I have been stealing images and words directly from some of her many websites.

She argues that police should arrets me for copying HTML from her sites. If she thinks I can be arrested for copying her website, why can she not be arrested for taking copies of mine?

Especially when she provides those exact copies to POLICE as evidence against me. Why is it OK for her, but not OK for me?

Then, why can a person repeatedly go to police claiming that I make her fearful if I type or display her name in my blog post, and yet, several times a day, she comes and studies my blog, LOOKING for her name… prepared to experience that fear again, and again, and AGAIN.

Q. Is this the act of a rational person?

A. You tell me.

Is this the mark of a rational legal system? Should someone, a legal professional, an LSO licensee, be able to get me arrested 5 times saying it bothers her to see her name in my words or in my lawsuit filing documents in my blog?

Let’s change her identity and accusations to some other person, about some other crime. Let’s say she complained, instead, that every time she accused me of having a small penis, that I hit her with my fist in the face. So, she goes to police, and has me arrested for physical assault. Then! What if one night she rolls over in bed and says “Bob, my god you got some tiny prick right there!” and I nail ‘er right between the eyes, have I committed a crime if she baited me?

Or has this woman SIMPLY exercised poor judgment in who she sleeps with?

Because, you see, these breach crimes I have been accused of have put the administration of justice as the victim. The victim is NOT the human complainant who gave rise to the breach. She is the only possible person affected in the entire world by my words in my blog.

Q. Can we afford this? Should our legal system spend so much money on trials, inquiries and appearances so that one person gets the benefit of not seeing her name on a legal document in my blog?

Q. Is that the very best use of taxpayers money?

In fact, if you look at all the money ONTARIO has spent on the delicate feelings of just these three women, I believe no one could justify spending $250,000 as they have. But that’s just one man’s opinion. I would have to convince an awful lot more people of the waste.

If I were to be a good whistle blower, to convince only those people abusing the law, I would have to communicate to them. An act which the justice system says that I am not permitted to do.

So, let me summarize:

  • Three unknown women cost taxpayers over $250,000, and
  • They are doing it by falsely claiming that they become afraid when they see me write their names in my blog, and
  • There’s not a single thing I can do to stop them from reading my blog
  • What the legal system has done is to muzzle me, while it presents a megaphone to each of my three accusers,
  • Actually, it is seven court case accusers if you include Charles Painter and Barry Stork, POI-D and Ines Donato.

Now here’s a thought I KNOW you have never had…How do I know what YOU have never thought about?

Here Is A Thought YOU have never had!

Well, the Law Society of ONTARIO and all of its licensee “friends” have actually taken explicit steps to further imperil my freedom. Through Premier Ford, they ordered that I cannot go outside unless it is to get food or do work.

For me, work is NOT going to the courthouse. But all licensees of the Law Society of Ontario DO work in court houses, and therefore they can still “go to work” and continue their matters inside the courthouse.

But, if I go to the Small Claims counter today at 50 Eagle St., I would be arrested for violating the curfew.

But if any of three people who arrested me March 2, 2020 here to go to Small Claims today they could advance their case against me.

This obvious bias against self represented people is unacceptable. All people should be allowed to go to the court at any time they choose to advance their matters legally.

This imbalance should not be allowed to continue.

Ford ordered: (See this pdf of the complete order…)

What is considered an essential trip?

The Ontario government admitted they can’t determine what is essential for every person in the province, but provided a list of categories people should consider before leaving their home, which include food, health-care services (including medication), exercise, or work when someone’s job can’t be done at home.

Court is mentioned twice, obliquely….

Can people leave home to exercise? Can I go to my local playground or basketball court?

Yes, exercise is considered an essential reason for leaving your home. What that means will be unique to each individual Ontarian, the government said. “Some may wish to go for a walk around the block, while others may wish to go to a local basketball court with their household to shoot some hoops.”

Can you go fishing for the day?

While the government has not provided specific guidance on fishing, it says that exercise is considered an essential reason for leaving your home.

“What that means will be unique to each individual Ontarian,” a government official said in an email.

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