BL21 – 0011 0111 – Liette #009 “He breached 7 times in one blog post.”


10₂ and 11₂ went to police on March 2, 2020, and 11₂ claimed I committed 4 breaches in a blog post wherein I talked about people such as “the paralegal who sells cosmetics” and “the dog park lady”. 10₂ claimed 3 more in the same post.

Their Liette(s) was that I was not allowed to use nicknames or pseudonyms for any of the 3 women. This not true.

When you start out to muzzle or illegally silence this who disagree with you, and when you choose to use the courts to do it, you begin a very difficult task. You know that what you want is the absolute silence of another person about YOU, but the other person need not write your name to make comments about you. He can and will write anything BUT the EXACT words the judge ordered, and there is nothing you can do.

But this day, 10₂ trued to convince police that nicknames were banned. They were not.

Copied from Popular-Baby at :₂

Anagrams of the first name 1₂ An anagram is a word that contains the same letters of another word. Here is the list of first names which are an anagram of 1₂ : Amedin, Daimen, Damein, Damien, Damiën, Demani, Demian, Demián, Edinam, Madièn, Madine, Maiden, Median, Medina, Medína, Meidan, Mendia, Nadiem, Nadime, Ndiame, Nedima 

I could have used any of those names. Or rhyming slang. Or her badge number. Or her telephone extension number.

Charlies Brown had to put up with a nickname as well…. but, that was OK with him since it was Peppermint Patty.

And now they are just 1₂, 10₂ and 11₂

Author: Bob Lepp

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