BL21 – 0011 0100 – November 30, 2020 “Cowfartgate” revealed in FOI from York Regional Police


I’ll start with the punchline: 2 Police officers “PC Flowers #2585” and “PC Skelly #2526” entered without a warrant AND without an invitation.

E-202101171011247004 is the OIPRD complaint number.

This link to YouTube starts as I invite the Town, BUT NOT POLICE, to go check my meter, otherwise they were going to shut off my water.

They actually gave me the incident report, complete with all of its duplicity.

Lindsay Hayworth – Sent by Allan Downey and friends, plus YRP officer
They were NOT invited in, just the Aurora guys

Bob the Cop: “I have read your conditions, you’re not supposed to be blogging.” – outright duplicity.

You can read it as easily as I can.

Aurora sent the cops at the suggestion of Allan Downey. Mr. Hayworth is hardly a regular reader of my blog. I checked. In fact, some friend of Downey’s HAD to tell Allan as well. 1₂ is a regular reader. She rolled over one morning and told him about Fartgate. He went in to work at Aurora and ordered Lindsay and friend to pretend they read it and call police.

Both Aurora and police KNEW they had no rights to entry to see my meter. They actually wrote that in the GO# above (General Occurrence Number).

Bob and

THEN, in writing, they admit their plan was to trick me instead of telling me the truth. This is so typical of police. No wonder the public never trusts them.

NOW, in addition, the report is carefully edited to:

  1. Make it appear they tricked me
  2. Make it appear I was not cooperative
  3. STATE the obvious duplicity that I did NOT know my bail terms.
  4. Remove or obscure badge numbers of the two officers, one male and one female.
Bubble Gum Farms.

Now, why would police not just tell the truth instead?

A. Because they are always “building a case” by misleading the public.

  1. They did NOT trick me. Ever since the Van Deckers were pursued for 4 years by 1₂, I have STUDIED the law around entry Onto private property AND IT IS etched on my retinas. They can’t. So, since cops like to feel in power at every moment, I said to Lindsay “Come on in.” knowing the two cops would simply follow as if invited. They fell for it, of course, so for the lawsuit, I have yet another documented example of police abuse. They came ONTO my property KNOWING they had no right to be in my basement unasked and they did it anyway THROUGH PRE-MEDITATED trickery.
  2. I asked Lindsay to go back to work and phone me as Aurora should do for EVERY citizen. There is no reason short of a fire when 2 Aurora employees should show up unannounced on private property. Lindsay should have phoned me. I would have shown him the Fartgate post. The one with exploding cow udders. He would have gotten the absurdity and saved a call for my arrest. But, that us behind us now. I have the video proof police KNEW they broke the law following Lindsay in the door. Money in the bank.
  3. My bail terms were modified by Superior Court Justices Dawe and Fuerst who ordered the Crown to issue new terms after the most serious false charges were withdrawn, my appeal, the J, Haprur sentencing and after the release order review over J.P. Premji. I no longer had internet restrictions or “mentioning” restrictions. My only problem was that the court refused to PUBLISH the new terms so they could retain plausible deniability and arrest me at will. Now, with this video, the justice at my April 26-28 trial will see that police and CPIC manipulate the law to their own benefit.

On Oct-6-2020, at 8:04 PM, Bob Lepp <> wrote:

cc: Benjamin Lee, Benjamin Lee, Charles Painter, Charles Painter, Keith Geurts,

email from Lepp

cc: “Bentham, Heather #627”

Please read the attached PDF.
My 3 year probation order of December 4, 2019 falls.
I no longer have any “Not to mention” clauses.
As you would except, I plan to resume  blogging JUST as I did in June 2017 when I was first falsely accused by 1₂

So, fully 55 days BEFORE they illegally entered my home, Detective Sergeant Heather Bentham KNEW my bail terms had changed.

So, what she did was make sure CPIC did NOT get updated by telling Dep. Chief Andre Crawford to tell his CPIC input person to “forget” my new terms completely. It could not have been a mistake after all those MONTHS in error.

Me to Bentham/Westgate: “May I have your help advising police of the successful appeal and the cancelled probation order?”

They use CPIC to decide what probation orders are active and I do not trust them to modify it.

cc: Suit counsel, Charles Painter, DS Bentham

I went on and on of course in that October 6, 2020 email:

Without prejudice

October 6, 2020

To: Peter Westgate, Crown

cc: Suit counsel, Charles Painter, DS Bentham

Re: BLC20-183 – My Appeal of J. Rose was successful, the December 4, 2019 breach conviction and 3 years of probation order fall, re-trial

Dear Mr Westgate.

J. Rose conviction December 2, 3, 4 2019 reversed– The conviction on a breach is reversed and a new trial ordered. The 3 year probation order falls.

J. Henschel December 6, 2019, My breach appeal was dismissed, I will now move to the Court of Appeal for Ontario and will request leave to appeal through you soon.

J. Harpur‘s sentencing did NOT impose a “not to mention” clause at all.

The Release Order of JP Premji in March 2020, had Term #6 “Not to mention” struck by J. Dawe.

I believe I now have no restrictions on “Not to mention” any person name or any company.

I would appreciate knowing if that is your assessment, but I know you will refuse to answer because it sounds like legal advice. 19 of my 27 charges were based on the “Not to mention” clause. I think we should get it clear to all parties what the net result is.

My last 2 charges in March 2020 are breaches. Neither of these 2 remaining charge can be proven because no recognizance restricted anything I do in a court room or court office on court documents buyyou accepted charges anyway. Read the two charges again please. The alleged acts are not crimes and not covered by any recognizance.

*** May I have your help advising police of the successful appeal and the cancelled probation order? 

They use CPIC to decide what probation orders are active and I do not trust them to modify it.

I copied DS Bentham on this but she has not been acknowledging receipt in any wau.

This will be the first time since July 14, 2017 when I have NOT had a “Not to mention” clause in my bail recognizances. J. Dawe and J. Harpur BOTH ruled the clause was not legal.

I, of course, will blog the facts as I always have. I only state what I have proof of. That said, if police still want to protect ex-cop POI-A they will just arrest me over snd over again and there is nothing I can do to stop them.

It must be noted that not even one charge of 3 by POI-A OR 19 by POI-C was successful. Not even one. Every time these two women came to you, they wasted your time. They made everything up. 

Out of 27 charges, just one criminal charge by POI-B was determined guilty and my appeal may be accepted and ready to go today, I cannot say as no one replies. All the rest were AOJA charges now de-emphasized by bill C-75. 

When will the Crown retry me on the breach heard by J. Rose? When will I know? Will you still refuse Crown Pre-trial Meetings t review my evidence?

May I now ask for:

A fresh new recognizance of bail for any and all outstanding charges. I believe having a nice clean copy will help me.

Confirmation that my wife Jutta Lepp is now removed as a surety? Can she now move out? Is she no longer liable to a $15,000 surety?

Thanks if you can,

Bob Lepp

Email BLC20-183 October 6, 2020

May I have your help ….They use CPIC.I do not trust them to modify it.

And, surprise, they REFUSED to update CPIC.

Why Barry Stork lets the cops keep making these admissions of guilt in my lawsuit is beyond me.

  1. On November 30, 2020 in my VIDEO… officers Flowers and Skelly ADMIT they have just accessed the out of date CPIC database from their cruiser parked at my house. They stress this as being a fact because they KNOW I emailed Bentham 8 WEEKS AGO asking for an update to be made to CPIC.
  2. They threatened me with investigation for using a “Google search”, and in fact for ANY use of the internet. They would go on to claim a possible arrest based on the OLD CPIC ORDERS.
  3. DS Bentham KNEW months earlier my orders had changed and was asked to update CPIC and failed to do so.
  4. Even my Probation Officer, whose JOB it is to know my orders, could NOT get an updated copy
  5. And Bentham knew all this on November 30 because I blogged it all.

So, Charles Painter keeps telling me I should get legal advice. I think with these kinds of witnesses I need no legal advice, I just need my camera and microphone. And my blog.

So, now that I have announced I need my blog, watch police and the Crown try to eliminate me blogging again.

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