BL21 – 0011 0000 – I got the most AMAZING email message today!


“Sven here… from VideoProc (Digiarty Software)”

– we blog all about the world of video and audio editing. 

Just a quick email regarding your piece here:

I actually recently wrote a piece on how to record your screen and was thinking it would make a great fit for your piece. So I was wondering, would you be interested in linking to it at all? 🙂  I wouldn’t ask unless I was sure it would add real value to your piece. I spent tons of time thoroughly researching the topic.  You can check it out here:
If you were interested, I could even give your piece a shoutout on my Facebook page (with more than 10K fans) and Twitter page (with almost 9K followers). I think this is something my audience would really appreciate seeing too 🙂

I’d love to hear your feedback!
Stay Home, Stay Safe!


Email received January 13, 202111:57 am,

Now how perfect is this?

I actually recently wrote a piece on how to record your screen

Just when I am trying to tell the Ontario Court system it has no technical capabilities to prosecute a “technology case”, along comes and he has put together a fabulous article on how to record what is on your screen RIGHT NOW in all kinds of computers and software.

So, Ontario! Read Sven’s article NOW so you KNOW how to accurately gather evidence for court.

My thanks goes to Sven and at:

PS: Digiarty Declines Product Idea

After being offered the product idea to drop some screen capture software on a complainant’s computer so she can just click one button and record a CERTIFIED video with meta data to prove what she saw on my website.

After all, she was just “sketching” my blog posts with her copy/pasted routines, what she gave police is NOT my blog post at all.

You want not accept even a Michelangleo as “evidence” of anything, it has to be a photo AND NOT HAVE BEEN EDITED. The Mona Lisa is an “edited” photo of her. She was much shorter in real life.

Snoopy takes advantage of extra lift at the tips of the ducks’ wings to get back to the Front!


Does this shot look Photoshopped at all?

Even more interesting is Sven’s choice of “nom de plume”. His emails are from Chengdu in Sichuan province of China. Maybe he is on a work exchange with Sweden it something.

And his GPS coordinates are:

Latitude30°40’00” N
Longitude104°04’00” E
Did you know your location is sent with every email?
Maybe that’s why 11₂ use Twitter to send my blog posts to Det, James Ward

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