BL21 – 0010 1001 – Solved! How to make me Arrest-Proof


Let Me Block Their 3 IP Addresses

You read here that when someone is using a VPN, a Virtual Private Network to read my blog, they are paying money to hide their identity and location so they can use the Internet without being found out. Without being detected.

I can block them all. But I can save #3 money and time and and just block her real Aurora IP address. Same for #1 and #2.

All 3 claim when they see their names on my blog, they become afraid for their safety.

So, today, I wil email the Crown and Probation and Police an offer. If they provide any trusted person with the 3 IP Addresses of all 3 women, I will give that person a password to my blog so they can insert them into my blocking list.

A Safety Offer

That way, none of them can read ANY of my posts and they will never feel scared of me.

It’s perfect. That’s why I know right now they will refuse.

BUT, I will have provided the physical safety that victims deserve.

Stand by.

Author: Bob Lepp

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