BL21 – 0010 1000 – Mystery Solved! VPN viewer is woman #3


Whenever you hear someone is using a VPN, a Virtual Private Netwrork, they are paying money to hide their identity and location so they can use the Internet without being found out. WIthout being detected.

Or, so they think. It’s just another IP address that stands out as much as a sore thumb, because the list of ALL IP addresses used by ALL VPN suppliers is fixed and known and documented for the public. So, you download a file of all of them and insert them in your IP blocking file.

Pedophiles, human trafficking, drugs, organized crime…. all the undesirable elements want to see and do whatever they want without being caught. I do not like the idea of such scum reading mes bon mots.

Right here in Aurora, a person is constantly changing which VPN provider they use to read my blog and not be seen by me.

They failed to keep themselves secret. Instead, they called police in to their home on multiple occasions, asking them to arrest me for blogging their names. I’ll do a separate post on those.

Now, recall that recocognizances of bail have a very narrow reason for existing. They can only be used:

  1. Getting me to come back to court
  2. To protect someone physically endangered by me

Justice Dawe already ordered he had read all of the worst evidence against me and he ordered I had not emailed anyone with any words which would have upset or scared them. My emails were blessed by the Superior Court and it has now become case law.

Instead, DS Bentham had the bail terms worded to shut me up. Not to protect her lady friends and one company run by a lady friend.

Ordering me to NOT communicate to my elected Councillors is NOT a legal bail term. Council was never endangered and they have nothing to do with getting back to court.

Every few months I get all teh new reports police created about me since my last request. I like to see who raised a complaint without getting me arrested.

As expected, #2 and #3 are forever calling police with another false complaint. Police then drive to HER offices to take a report. They look at her computer trying to see what she claims to see.

September 11, 2020, she claimed to police she could read her name in a blog post. Cops arrived, they took notes. On this date, they wrote “Police could not read the tiny words. The computer got a message “It is suspected you are using a VPN…..”

#3 is the only person using a VPN, and so now I know she comes in at all hours of the day, many times. She spends her day coming to see what I am blogging about.

Then, having seen what she claims is her name, she calls police. Since May 2018 she has provided all the complaints by herself for 19 of my 26 charges. 5 of 7 arrests were caused by her alone.

Now I have reports of two calls she caused last year, in August and September, where police wasted time listening to her and did nothing. Wasted time.

And I have the cow fart investigation report of November 30, 2020.

All 4 new calls were needless because the police and #3b did NOT have my latest bail terms. They only had Elder’s 85 word rubberstamp. Spoke they kept calling police, claiming I breached the obsolete terms.

What they REFUSE to give me is report 2020-77377 for which I was sent to prison. That one they refuse because 2 of the 3 charges by #3 and Stork and Painter are not settled. Odd.

Hide ‘n’ Seek paralegal style

Author: Bob Lepp

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