BL21 – 0010 0111 – Aurora’s Mayor Misled The Courts, Media Misled Public


SLAPP suit for Hogg/Johnson replaced by Criminal Charges for Lepp

Backgrounder: In the beginning, the gods granted Aurora politicians with costly lawyers and Libel Suits to financially silence bloggers. Ontario legislated after they found Bloggers were silenced with fake law suits and they came up with the Protection of Personal Participation Act (PPPA) and section 137.1 in the Courts of Justice Act.

SLAPP stands for Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation. Suing someone JUST to cost them outrageous legal fees, and having those costs in turn convince the defendant just to shut up and go away.

Aurora, under mayor Phyllis Morris, was the VERY FIRST town in Canada to be convicted of suing its own taxpayers with their own money JUST to shut up bloggers Bill Hogg and Dick Johnson. That is a SLAPP lawsuit.

Mayor Dawe was then ordered to apologize to us all, and promise he would educate council and staff and never do it again…. until July 14, 2017 when he called in police to arrest me that same day to stop me talking about ineffective Bylaws, a lack of dog parks, taking over operation of Aurora Soccer Dome, Terry Redvers’ tax exemption cash grab and Mike De Rond misleading the Finance Minister about business taxes, and Dawe’s election expenses.

Mayor Dawe heads up meeting: police to interview #1 and then arrest me

Read all about it on!

the legal tab was in excess of $55,000. is owned by Metroland which IS The Toronto Star. (Full disclosure: I sued the Star and their reporter Bob Aaron for defamatory libel)

The paper told the public that “Town Council sued Hogg and Johnson”. This is wrong, Mayor Morris sued them PERSONALLY!

MORRIS case defendants awarded more money

– 2010 –

 Phyllis Morris, the former mayor of Aurora, claims that, in the last mayoral race in 2010, she was defamed by the defendants, including the anonymous defendants. She seeks the identities of these anonymous defendants in order to sue them for defamation. Phyllis Morris (“Morris”) brings this motion for an order requiring Richard Johnson, William Hogg, Elizabeth Bishenden [page313] (together the “individual defendants”), their lawyer, Jordan Goldblatt (“Goldblatt”), and Automattic Inc., host of the website, to provide the plaintiff with all identity information in their possession sufficient to identify the anonymous defendants, “John Doe”, “James Doe” and “Jane Doe”, in order to proceed with this action against them.

– 2013-

Chris Simon. Aurora BannerThursday, January 17, 2013

More money to cover costs has been awarded to the defendants in a legal case involving former Aurora mayor Phyllis Morris

Ontario Superior Court of Justice master Thomas Hawkins awarded $8,000 in additional costs to Richard Johnson and Bill Hogg Jan. 7, stemming from Mrs. Morris’ $6-million lawsuit against them, which was discontinued in October 2011.

In October 2012, the superior court awarded $21,275 in legal costs to Mr. Johnson and Mr. Hogg, which related to Mrs. Morris ending the lawsuit.
However, the award did not deal with the costs of a motion brought forward by Mr. Johnson and Mr. Hogg to recover costs.
Late last year, both sides filed written submissions related to those costs. 
Mr. Johnson and Mr. Hogg submitted a claim for costs of more than $24,000, an amount Mr. Hawkins deemed “disproportionate”.
Mr. Johnson and Mr. Hogg were the two remaining named defendants to seek costs, as Elizabeth Bishenden, who was originally named in the suit, had previously settled with Mrs. Morris.
Mrs. Morris has 30 days from the time of the ruling, to pay the additional costs.
“Costs are usually expected to be claimed and awarded if a matter is discontinued and does not proceed to trial,” Morris’ lawyer, Ken Clark, said, noting the amount awarded is similar to the amount offered to them several months ago to settle.

The lawsuit was launched by town council and started with Ms Bishenden and Mr. Hogg being served notices of action Oct. 8, 2010 and Mr. Johnson receiving notice two days later.

The action was initially covered with municipal funds, but the flow of public money was cut off shortly after Mrs. Morris lost the 2010 election and the new council took office.

By that point, however, the legal tab was in excess of $55,000.
— with files from Sean Pearce

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The Law Suit WAS NOT started by Town Council, it was started by Morris.

What the paper did was make it appear the suit STARTED legally.

It was started by Phyllis Morris in her own name as a private citizen.

Aurora Council then paid her personal lawyer, but that was not obvious from the name of the Plaintiff, it was NOT “Town of Aurora” like I sued. They got caught.

When Aurora council got caught paying her lawyer, they stopped paying her lawyer.

Today, I am silenced by the criminal courts.

Aurora was advised it could avoid REPEAT SLAPP CONVICTIONS by falsely accusing me of crimes, again usage an Aurora employee to go to police masquerading as a private citizen.

My FIRST, the very FIRST, was:


Then, every person they used as a front to arrest me… was added until my bail said, effectively:

DO NOT EVEN DREAM ABOUT SPEAKING OR WRITING THE NAMES WOMAN #1, #2 and #3 anywhere on any man made or artificial material”

THEN, they added:

“and forget the dog walking company name as well.”

So, ANY CRIMINAL ARREST is better than suing. Saves time AND money.

Because on ANY arrest/jailing for even the most minor offence, police can enforce ANY recognizance THEY want because YOU do not want to stay in jail.

Arresting someone saves so MUCH money

Who needs an expensive lawsuit to strike fear unto bloggers, if York Regional Police and the Region of York and the Atty. General of Ontario will do a better job and accomplish the same thing for free?

Why pay lawyers to sue me if police will arrest and muzzle me for free?

🎵 Snoop’s Beginning to look a lot like CHRIS-MUZZLING!

🎶 EEEEEverywhere he goes! 🎶

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