BL21 – 0010 0101 – Liette #008 “He breached calling me “the paralegal who sells makeup.”


Police: “Accordingly, #3 contends this amounts to four breaches of the Probation Order.”

Liette # 007 – “He breached calling me “the paralegal who sells makeup”

In this episode, not only can I not type or say her name, I can’t describe her in any way.

Who: #3, lawyer

When: March 2, 2020

Where: An interview in the Prospect Street Police Station, Det. Fournier

Why: She has her own fantasies about what my bail terms are.

Lawyers get this extra training in school.

Punchline: The letter contained an offer to settle my suit for $1. She swore she got a copy of it. She did not read the offer to settle, she just read the list of judges I approved of.

So that went pretty fast, eh? I will do more of this style.

Note: You can search later on the “Liettes category” to see the accumulation.

Here is “A Face That Launched a THOUSAND LIETTES!

Did you find her? The one who started it all?

Of course not. Her name is not Liette.

It’s #3.

Author: Bob Lepp

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