BL21 – 0010 0100 – Aurora hires back terminated #1, refuses my volunteerism


Terminated Bylaws Manager hired back

When Aurora’s lawyer Charles Painter charged me with contempt, I was asked to apologize by offering to do stuff to “punish” myself. They call it “purging your contempt.”

My Volunteered Hours and Professional Expertise declined

The court suggested I use the copy provided to me of the Appellate case law (Click on >) “Boily v. Carleton Condominium Corporation 145“, 2014, ONCA 574 of August 6, 2014. It was suggested this case should guide me in doing what I can to purge my contempt. I read it all. I offered something for every suggestion. A LOT of soemthing.

I offered:

  1. I volunteer to do 50 hours of community service at the dog park from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm, or from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
  2. I have been asked to make a voluntary donation to charity. I simply do not have liquid income.
  3. But, I can provide valuable marketing services to the Town to enhance and promote life here.
  4. I believe I should be allowed to work off any financial obligation. will pay in hours of labour rather than dollars of cash.

I have 49 years of professional technical skills in many areas of great value to all fellow Aurorans.

Lawyer Painter said Aurora was not interested. He just wanted costs.

SO, woman #1 is PAID TO GO AWAY by BOTH Aurora and Erin, she drops a quick email to Aurora and she is hired back to develop Aurora computer systems.

“Woman #1: “I have talents in organization and online techy stuff.”

Well, she certainly has the that often troublesome and complex technical terminology nailed.

Aurora: “Your’re Hired!”

No competition, no ads, used obvious inside influence of admitted boyfriend Allan Downey and prior employment, Being terminated in two towns “without cause” with 8 months did not alarm Aurora, nor cause them to make sure she could be insured.

She was given rights to decide to spend tax money on Weebly and given access to Aurora computer software, despite being terminated without reason.

THEN, she offers to fake the number of hours she actually worked and is being paid for, for Aurora to use falsely in government grants. And she did that in WRITING.

How can she claim no one will give her work when Aurora just DID! She claimed Aurora fired her because I told them to. She claimed Erin fired her because I told them to. Her Erin boss did not know my name at trial.

The first thing she does is force Aurora to buy “Weebly” because she does not know how to create a website herself. Now Aurora is locked into needless annual fees of $160 for Weebly.

Aurora did NOT need a separate website at high cost, the info could easily be within

In fact, this “extra costs site” simply links BACK to

She could not even replace the “W” icon meaning Weebly from the tab.

And, yes, the text overlapped by the headings below is her “talents: on display.

Anyway, I also pay taxes in Aurora, she does not.

Author: Bob Lepp

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