BL21 – 0001 1101 – Francesco Crucitti, Pope’s Personal Surgeon, Dies at 67


OK, I know religions ALL have a tough time explaining why their gods do evil things at times. Usually, priests just heap on a bit more guilt for masturbating or eating burgers on Fridays.

But, when a god takes the life of the doctor who keeps your religious leader alive… how does Papa explain that to the faithful?

“He was overbilling?”

“Refused to do Zoom diagnoses?”

“Caught him reading the torah?”

“Watched soccer on Sundays instead of making an appointment to see me.”

“I got not one Christmas card since I left Argentina behind.”

“He ordered the wrong brand of MRI machine for my summer palace.”

“He would NOT give me an Rx for CBD oil.”

“Can you believe it? He was not even a subscriber to the monthly “Opus To-Dei” magazine.

Now playing everywhere forever

Loyal Readers Note: Snoopy has not yet selected a religion he can trust.

Better than being catatonic

Author: Bob Lepp

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