BL21 – 0001 1100 -What a week!


Insurrection! Arrests! Investigations!

And it is NOT anything to do with me. So let me thank the police.

Dear Detective Sergeant Heather Bentham,

I do not write often enough to thank you for your professionalism. That was rammed home Wednesday when I watched live TV of the armed assault on the US Congress.

It is now 5 days later, and police have YET to get anyone before a trial justice or in a real prison. You, OTOH, would have had them all rounded up by now.

I know this because your record achieved in my 6th arrest in under 24 hours from crime to payment for crime. The USA could use a few more like you.

On December 5, 2019 in the evening, my wife received a threatening letter from Kramer Simaan Dhillon’s best lawyer, Ms. Gwendolyn Adrian. She took it on herself to give my wife a “heads up” that when she drained all MY pensions, she was coming after my wife’s money.

I took a photo of the letter that instant, and I included that ENTIRE UNREDACTED photo in my post. I was seeing red at the time, that some lawyer would completely violate her ethics and contact my wife threatening her bank accounts.

BTW, Ms Adrian seems confused by the banking system. She must not be married because couples have what are called “joint accounts”. They each deposit their incomes and each can draw out cash, and that works fairly well. She was aghast that Ottawa direct deposited my CPP and OAS into our account, where she could only illegally garnish one halfg when she wanted it all.

I simply did not read every word. I got the gist, photographed it, and blogged it.

But, you, DS Bentham, YOU took just hours to have me in jail inside the courthouse where I was appearing before J. Harpur for his decision in my trial (Appeal set for March 5, 2021). Such was your commitment, you had me arrested iNSIDE that courtroom, and hustled DIRECTLY to the basement cells. You had ordered me sent to Lindsay prison.

You had the foresight to not let me loose in the halls or the parking lot, and your guys had me frisked, and inside a jail cell within 3 minutes of my appearance adjournment.

Leaving the heart attack aside for a moment, only you had the judgement and insight to check that threatening letter to see that it named an ex police officer named the same as your current deputy chief, Andre Crawford, and you jumped into TBL (“Thin Blue Line”) mode and you defended his honour.

Now, why did I miss it and you saw it?

I was seeing red. A real visual phenomenon.

In a study examining humankind’s ancient association of the colour red with anger, aggression and danger, researchers found that, when shown images that were neither fully red nor fully blue, people with hostile personalities were much more likely to see red.

“Scientists said that the connection may be linked to our evolution from ancestral hunter-gatherer times to link red with danger and threats.”

I know my personality is not everyone’s preference. It certainly is not my wife’s anymore.

And the FIRST time you sent PC Jeff Brown to my home to scare my wife, in June 2017, I was so mad when I got home, I was seeing so much red, that I could barely compose myself to get my wife to stop crying. That was the day she decided to divorce me, rather than live with a “serial harasser”, as Tina Duncan is documented in multiple police reports to this day in her multiple police reports to arrest me for measuring the amount of trespass of the first fence post at the front. I was happy when she admittedin the stand that I was right and she was wrong to have mislead the courts in her lawsuit.

So what was in Gwendolyn Adrian’s letter that I did not see?

A person’s name. 2 words. #1 is much easier to type. The name of a woman who has had me falsely arrested twice, and sued me much too late for $1 million.

But, you saw her name and you had me investigated, charged, arrested and in jail in less than 14 hours. High 5 to the TBL!

The USA could use some of that this week. After 6 days, the best they have done is CONSIDER speaking to Trump about his lawyer ordering the DC crowd to go execute “Trial by Combat!”.

Rudy, the ex-Nation’s Mayor: “Over the next 10 days, we get to see the machines that are crooked, the ballots that are fraudulent. And if we’re wrong, we will be made fools of. But if we’re right, and a lot of them will go to jail. So — let’s have trial by combat” — Giuliani

Now, for a renowned lawyer, that is a pretty ballsy move. What he was saying was “Don’t bother with buying legal advice from our friends, or even seeing a free Legal Aid lawyer even.”

Isn’t it odd that lawyers refer to each other as “friends”? or “My friends”, OUR friends, or “friends of mine”?

Rudy 101: “Just go to battle and decide issues the old fashioned way.”

Now, I know he is a real lawyer, and he has plenty of “friends” who are lawyers, but to violate their “code” and NOT take money for his advice is pretty amazing.

Not amazing enough to be arrested, but amazing in any event.

You would have had him in jail in minutes. He’s older than me, more frail, not as agile.

Then, you would have gone after the big prize, Trump himself. It would not have taken you long to get your hands all orange.

It’s their loss, of course, but I’d love to see you in action again.

Which reminds me, thanks for not arresting me for a while. I am closing in on 12 months without arrest # 8 being announced. And for that I am grateful.

Thank you, DS Bentham!

PS: Why do the records at Lindsay Prison for the weekend of December 6-9, 2019 show me as being in their prison instead of showing you had me moved to the cardio ward at Southlake Hospital Newmarket chained by both legs and both arms to a bed? I had 2 officers assigned 24/7 that eweekend, and paid $50 an hour each to make sure I did not leave the care of doctors trying to get my heart pressure back to normal? That was $7,200 MORE pay for your officers hired by the Crown.

Why did my family not get a phone call from any of them? They all sat and played on their personal cell phones. Why did my family have to go driving around looking for me, while YOUR family was paid a buck a minute to use Twitter?

Why did you not advise my Surety that I had been arrested, and warn her she would likely have to pay up?

Why do court records show your officers performed a “telephone arraignment” for me in hospital?

Why did your officers refuse to let me urinate, except in my clothes?

Why did your officers threaten my son with physical ejection from the hospital when he came to try to find me?

Why did your officers refuse my counsel to visit me until after 26 hours elapsed?

Why did SHE not get a call I was ABOUT to be arrested?

Why did she not get a call when I WAS arrested?

Apart from that, I think the USA deserves your talents.

Say Hi! to Rudy for me!

World’s first honest lawyer

Author: Bob Lepp

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