BL21 – 0001 1011 – Liette #006 “He typed my name to a court scheduler!”


Liette # 006 – “He breached by typing my name on a letter he gave to the court schedulers.”

In this episode, a lawyer interprets my bail terms to include never again typing the defendant’s names on a court filing.

Who: #3, lawyer

When: March 2, 2020

Where: A video interview in the Prospect Street Police Station, Det. Rosenthal.

Why: She theorized that her OPINION of my bail terms counted for something, and the cop listened without laughing.

What: Justice Rose, December 4, 2019, on my FIRST sentencing on any allegation, meted out the MAXIMUM 3-year probation. And because he had not yet done so himself, he took from Crown Elder a “draft sentencing bail term”. Mr. Elder had been using the identical 85 words for months, so he had lots of copies of it. He gave a fresh copy to J. Rose and J, Rose dutifully passed it to his clerk so she could retype it onto HIS sentencing order. Emboldened, Elder then requested and was gifted a DNA sample from me.

First sentencing. AOJ breach, blogged photo of a court filing, my $7 mill lawsuit, MAXIMUM length probationary term. DNA databank deposit. 3 victim impact statements from people removed from my bail terms a month back. Very common, very fair.

Lawyers get this extra training in school.

Punchline: Appeals Justice Dawe threw out everything Justice Rose said and did that entire trial, and then the Crown lost all their appetite to spend THREE MORE DAYS at trial.

So that went pretty fast, eh? I will do more of this style.

Note: You can search later on the “Liettes category” to see the accumulation.

Here is “A Face That Launched a THOUSAND LIETTES!

Did you find her? The one who started it all?

Of course not. Her name is not Liette.

It’s #3.

Author: Bob Lepp

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