BL21 – 0001 1001 – Liette #004 “I do not recall the exact words.”


Liette # 004 – “I do not recall….”

In this episode, 3 lawyers get it together!

Who: Barry Stork, lawyer

When: March 2, 2020

Where: By phone call from the Prospect Street Police Station, police interview by DS Heather Bentham, the fifth (5th) detective she assigned to my case just that morning. Time was a-wasting…. her 4 officers had already spent a couple of hours on me, so to relieve the pressure on them, she took on all the outcalls. And she knew she had wasted 19 days of me in prison because all 3 lawyers “forgot” to call her right away.

Why: DS Bentham called Barry Stork herself, because she wanted to check out whether #3’s Liettes would fly in court, so she asked him for free legal advice in that regard. He refused, as the LSO Charter requires, and said this instead:

What: Barry swore he heard not a single EXACT word!

Bit, at least he DID place me “in the court room”, pretty much right where Justice Dawe told me I had to be to speak to #3 for any reason at all. Which they allege I did.

But, ask yourself… “Self! If that were to be true, how did he KNOW I was speaking to #3 and not just to him alone?”

If instead, he had heard “Barry, you seem like such a nice guy.” then I spoke to him. But if he heard “You look mahhhhvellous today!” he would KNOW I was NOT speaking to him.

So, how did he KNOW I “directed” a comment to #3 if he was right BESIDE her and he heard nothing, exactly. What kind of “directing” did I do? A nod? A wave? Did I point a finger? Shine a spotlight? Wave a flag? Grab a bullhorn? Wolf whistle?

Why did he not testify to an “approximate” word or three?

Of course he heard, but if he admits that the next question is “Why did you not go directly to police that day instead of waiting 19 days until #3 called you?”

In fact, all 3 “friends” should have independently gone to police in their YRP office across the hall from the courts, right? They all are trained lawyers, expert observers, and master of the lingual arts. How could they POSSIBLY not have gone to police DIRECTLY after hearing such an egregious affront to the administration of justice?

Why were they not cunning enough, lingually-speaking of course, to instantly see what a despicable person I was being RIGHT there, in a court room of all places? Why did they think it was OK for me to speak to #3 in a court room.

No, I mean BESIDES the fact J. Dawe ORDERED me to do all my speaking to #3 in EXACTLY the place I was that day? Is there a chance one of them actually read my probation order of December 4, 2019, now struck?

Mr. Painter had by himself gotten off, admittedly prematurely half-cocked, before and celebrated by emailing police to arrest me for getting too close to his client at her offices. But lingual cunning is his specialty. Lawyers LIVE on understanding the precise meanings of words. Why did he not complain February 14, 2020? Why wait 18 days to alert police, and thus give me almost 3 weeks more freedom? Is he losing his edge?

By saying he did not “recall” exact words, Mr. Stork is being a very PD person, he retains “plausible deniability” at the same time, so he can testify to “inexact” words on the stand after he hears what #3 testified to. Crown Elder: “Could you have heard: “#3, you are impeccably dressed today as always.” Stork: “Yes, that’s about exactly right!”

But Mr. Painter was not always a lawyer, he was once an expert in point of sails, so he follows the beat (pun alert!) of a different sailor, he chose a slightly different tack (groan). He said he saw nothing except the left side of my head , and he never DID see either Barry or #3, mostly because he will testify he was heads down cleaning up his paperwork. But mostly it’s because it’s not as if I warned him “heads up” or first asked him to pay attention or anything. According to him, I suddenly, just in an instant, turned my head sideways and mumbled something Barry could not possibly have heard, exactly. In fact, if as he said… he was heads down.. how did he figure out later I turned my head to my right?

Has he got peripheral vision?

Did he really get just an “holistic impression” of me instead? How can he get “a general holistic impression of an atheist”? Is that not, generally, considered to be a contradiction in terms?

Lawyers get this extra training in school.

So that went pretty fast, eh? I will do more of this style.

Note: You can search later on the “Liettes category” to see the accumulation.

Here is “A Face That Launched a THOUSAND LIETTES!

Did you find her? The one who started it all?

Of course not. Her name is not Liette.

It’s #3.


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