BL21 – 0001 0100 – The New “Covoidable” – Avoid COVID-19 *AND* get all the puddy tat you want!


Note: This post originally promised as much “pussy” as you wanted. It has been pointed out that the polite use of the bi-polar term “pussy” is now NOT endorsed by the President of the USA. Well, it MAY be, but since we can no longer see his Tweets, we cannot ask him for confirmation. So, in the interests of society, I am now using the CLEAR term “puddy tat” because everyone remembers Sylvester but no one will remember Trump.

OK, dig deep. I need some money to develop a prototype of the “Covoidable”, a personal device worn to assure that you stay 6 feet apart!

BUT! I am willing to let you make some money as well when we take it to market.

See my project on Gofundme.

Click =>

Objective: Keep the lawyer happy that I am making money again!

Cats LOVE lasers, so you will be surrounded by as many pussies as you can handle…. OR MORE!

Author: Bob Lepp

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